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Harvey Milk's HOPE Speech (Full Transcript)

It’s Official! Harvey Milk SFO (San Francisco International Airport) Terminal Name Approved

In a unanimous vote the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved the naming of  San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 1 after the city’s first openly gay politician and gay rights hero, the late Harvey Milk.

The legislation went to the full board for approval after the city’s Board of Supervisors budget and finance committee voted last month to recommend it.

“I can’t tell you the depth of what this means not only to the LGBT community but also to its allies,” Assemblyman Tom Ammiano said at the board meeting.

“Rather than turn the community inward, he asked that we turn the community outward and look at other marginalized communities and embrace them and give them empathy, be angry with them and adopt their goals as well,” Ammiano said of Milk.

“He fought for progressive causes and tried to make the world a better place,” said former Supervisor Harry Britt. Britt was appointed to the board in 1979 by then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein to fill Milk’s seat after his assassination. “It was a great surprise as a gay man to see that it was possible,” Britt said of Milk’s accomplishments. “And it means a great deal to me, as it still does to lesbians, gay men and queers of various kinds all around the world, that we’re still honoring him.”

The terminal’s naming has been a long time in the making, as former Supervisor David Campos first attempted it in 2013, however, that idea was abandoned in the face of opposition. Instead, Campos reached a compromise agreement to form a committee to recommend which of SFO’s terminals or other facilities should be renamed.

In 2017, following a vote by the Airport Facilities Naming Advisory Committee in support of the renaming, Supervisor Hillary Ronen introduced new legislation to begin the process of renaming the terminal.

In other SFO news…..

San Francisco International Airport is giving the cold shoulder to a proposal to open up its first sex shop.

The Airport Commission has opted not to lower revenue requirements for its Terminal 3 small business pop-up program, as requested by an Oakland sex shop owner who would like to participate. Instead, the commission has approved a clothier and luggage store to occupy the space.

Nenna Joiner, owner of Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland, previously asked the commission to lower its $250,000 annual revenue threshold to apply for a one-year business pop-up program in the airport.

This is the final year of the pop-up program, which launched in 2013, making it the likely end of the road for Joiner’s efforts to reform it

Joiner still wants to sell vibrators, lubricant and other sex aids at the airport. She’s not giving up on opening her store in some fashion, regardless of the pop-up program, she told the Examiner.

“I’m going to keep on trying,” she said.

Joiner said naming an airport terminal after Milk gives two additional reasons to open up the airport to her business: Milk was gay, yes, but also owned a camera store in the Castro neighborhood.

“Harvey Milk was a small businessman,” Joiner said

San Francisco International Airport Set To Name Terminal In Honor of Harvey Milk

San Francisco International Airport Set To Name Terminal In Honor of Harvey Milk

San Francisco is preparing to rename a terminal at the San Francisco International Airport after slain gay civil rights icon Harvey Milk

The name change was originally introduced in 2013 and was intended to re-name the entire airport after Milk, the first openly gay elected official in a major city, but the proposal met with opposition.

Instead, an airport naming committee was established, which recently recommended naming SFO’s Terminal 1 after Milk, who was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 1977. He served in the post until he was gunned down at City Hall in 1978 along with Mayor George Moscone by former Supervisor Dan White

Today legislation introduced by Supervisor Hillary Ronen and co-sponsored by Supervisor Jeff Sheehy for the airport to make the change. The legislation requires the director of the airport to report to the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor by Dec. 1 “describing the steps the Airport has taken and plans to take” to name the terminal after Milk and publicize it.

“In order to honor one of the nation’s great gay leaders, raise awareness of the history of the LGBT movement, and give hope to young LGBT people in cities everywhere, the Board of Supervisors finds it fitting that a terminal at the San Francisco International Airport be named in honor of Harvey Milk,” the legislation says.

“It’s a long time coming. It’s the gateway to San Francisco, and so recognizing Harvey and making that connection to our community is appropriate. Its beautiful,” said Sheehy during an editorial meeting with the San Francisco Examiner on Monday.

Ronen said given the rise in murders of LGBT people in the country and the current political climate with President Donald Trump, the gesture is more than just symbolic. She said it will help combat hate and bring “material change in people’s lives” when they may arrive and see “there’s a place where they belong.

Ronen said she also plans to amend the legislation to require the director to submit to the Arts Commission a plan for placement of artwork memorializing Milk in the terminal by September or October.