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Gay/Bisexual Men In Kenya Being Human Trafficked As Sex Workers To United Arab Emirates

Identity, a gay magazine in Kenya, is reprting that gay Kenyan men are being trafficked into the Gulf as sex slaves for the wealthy in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

According to the magazine, due to Kenya’s soaring unemployment rate gay and bisexual men are easily being lured from university campuses – particularly from Kenyatta University – with promises of high-paying jobs and then transported to labor as sex workers for men in the United Arab Emirates.

One victim was promised a job in Qatar but who ended up suffering humiliating and violent sadistic sexual abuse. He managed to escape but told the magazine that he had traveled to the Gulf state with five others and they were then separated at the airport.

Qatar specifically, has no laws against human trafficking, which has made cracking down on the practice nearly impossible.

Qatar is a transit and destination country for men and women subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced labor and, to a much lesser extent, forced prostitution,” the US State Department stated in a recent report.

Kenya does have anti-trafficking legislation but because homosexuality is illegal in both the Arab states as well as Kenya the men are unable to report abuse to police.