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Harry Reid and John McCain Working Togther To Drop DADT Repeal, WSJ Predicts That The DADT Repeal Is All But Doomed

Word is trickling in that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to strip DADT from the Pentagon bill altogether.and is working with none other than DADT Repeal hater Sen. John McCain to do so. And also that Sens. Carl Levin of Michigan and John McCain  the top Democrat and Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, are in talks on stripping the proposed repeal and other controversial provisions from a broader defense bill, leaving the repeal with no legislative vehicle to carry it.

It’s said that Reid is moving forward with a bipartisan attempt to more swiftly pass a military budget bill — at the expense of openly gay troops. And that the two top Senate Armed Services Committee members, the WSJ reports, are working to keep DADT repeal out of the bill.

Harry Reid, fresh from a career-saving election victory, is seems is now celebrating by throwing gay troops under the bus. And working with one of the Senate’s most homophobic officials, a guy who Reid himself said of, in 2008, “I can’t stand John McCain.” And just two months ago, in debating immigration attachments to the defense bill, Reid addressed McCain publicly:

“Any American so courageous and patriotic that he or she wants to serve our country in the military should be able to do so. Senator McCain and anyone else who thinks the DREAM Act is not directly related to our national security should talk to the brave young men and women who want to defend our country but are turned away. Senator McCain should know better than anyone that patriots who step up to serve our grateful nation should be offered a path to citizenship, and that anyone who volunteers to serve should be welcomed regardless of their sexual orientation.”

This news is simply mind boggling.  Not only for the fact that Reid and the Dems are willing to kill DADT.  But that they are doing it for “Bipartisanship” and bending over to the Republicans especially since for the past two tears the republican party has been the definition of “obstructionist” and showed absolutely no bipartisanship at all .

While what the Democrats might be doing is reprehensible by throwing gay troops under the bus.  It is not only their fault.  MUCH of the fault needs to be laid at the feet of the HRC and the NGLTF for NOT doin g their jobs and not forcefully pushing the LGBT agenda these past two years.  I’ve said it before.  Mike Petrelis at the Petrelis Files has said it, and now John Aravosis at AMERICAblog Gay adds his take on it.

If HRC and Obama couldn’t even get one of their top three promises to our community (DADT, DOMA, ENDA) done with supermajorities in both houses of Congress, a president with a 70% approval rating, and a GOP opposition in utter ruin, then what good are they?

We do not have a friend in the White House, nor do we have an advocacy group in HRC. Neither has our community’s best interests at heart. And both are equally responsible for this utter debacle.

We should not forget that HRC and out other Gay Inc. orgs have s totally failed us and sold us out long before now and that THAT is where the real root of our problem lies.

Lady Gaga and House Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid Tweet Each Other About The Repeal Of DADT (Screenshots)

Don;t you find it  interesting that The Log Cabin Republican’s DADT lawsuit, GetEqual and Lady Gaga (Lady FUCKING Gaga!) have done MORE and succeeded in gatting more action on the DADT (Non-Repeal) Repeal in a few months than any of our Gay Inc. groups COMBINED over the past YEAR?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Schedules Senate Vote On DADT For Next Week

A Senior Democratic leadership aide has leaked that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will schedule a vote next week on major defense budget legislation that contains “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal language, regardless of any objection from members of the U.S. Senate  (Most probably because they have been pushed into a corner by combination of the recent ruling by a Federal Court judge that DADT is unconstitutional, major pressure by Americans Gay and Straight and Lady Gaga!)

A senior Democratic leadership aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Reid met with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday to inform the Republican leader that the fiscal year 2011 defense authorization bill will come to the Senate floor the week of Sept. 20. The aide said Senate leadership is anticipating the Senate won’t have unanimous consent to bring the legislation to the floor, so 60 votes will be necessary to end a filibuster and move forward with debate on the bill. “We are going to take it the floor next week to see where the votes are,” the aide said.

As for not having the votes.  I would like to know what the HELL.  Senator Dick Durbin Senate Majority whip has been doing the past 6 months.  And as far as the Democrats constant whining that this is a heavy issue, despite the fact that over 75 percent of America wants DADT repealed perhaps they should get their heads out of their collective asses and realize that they might GAIN political capital by doing it, and also gain a wedge issue to use against the Republicans in the run up to November.

It;s time for Obama, Reid, and the Democrats to man up and actually do SOMETHING if they value thier political careers and this country.

BREAKING NEWS! – Dan Choi Delivers Letter To Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid And Relinquishes West Point Ring (Video)

From Pam’s House Blend comes the breaking news that Lt. Dan Choi who was just days ago “oficially” discharged from the United States Military under the United States disctiminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy for being gay has delivered a letter to Sen Reid about his military service,  DADT and his West Point ring at Rieds “Netroots Nation” appearance today.

July 24, 2010

The Honorable Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader:

Dear Harry:

My West Point ring has always symbolized an irrevocable promise: my commitment to serving America and my duty to defend freedom and justice. Today, with my discharge from the army for telling the truth, the ring takes on a new meaning, serving as a symbol for the enduring pain of broken promises.

America was founded on the principles of inalienable rights, equality, and the promise of justice for all. But today, Americans remain segregated from that promise. Fired from our jobs, discriminated in the military, denied equal access to our own integrity and acknowledgement of our families, we cannot conclude that our country has manifested its own promise, over 230 years later.

You have also made personal promises to me that the senate would repeal military discrimination before the end of 2009. Indeed, you sent a letter to President Obama and Secretary Gates, claiming that was the most you could do to save my career. You promised to lead on repeal of discrimination. I believed your promise because you are the most powerful senator in America. Truly, no one can do more. The false hope of your promise has been made real to me today with another letter: the letter terminating my military service.

But I present this ring to you, symbolizing my promise as a fellow citizen: my service continues.

I promise I will hold you accountable to your obligations to lead in the effort to end discrimination, both in the workplace and in the military. My promise is not merely written on a piece of paper or words alone, but in the hearts of every lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender American fired from their jobs because of broken promises from those who purport to be our friends. History will judge us and conclude that the greatest obstacles to justice were not the loud rants of bigots, but the quiet fears of those unwilling to stand firm in the fulfillment of their commitments. I refuse to allow my friends register themselves in history as obstacles to justice.

I commit to you my renewed pledge and continued service. To you and all those “friends” who manipulate, deceive and exploit our community, I will serve as a reminder of the consequences we all pay when allegiance to political careers takes higher priority than allegiance to America’s promise.

Lt. Dan Choi
US Army, Discharged under DADT

Poingant, bittersweet, and totally maddening that this has to happen.