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Self-loathing "Ex-Gays" To Lobby Congress Against The Equality Act

Self-loathing “Ex-Gays” To Lobby Congress Against The Equality Act

Via a press release from the very un-christian, Christian Newswire::

“Formers” (those who no longer identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning) representing every state in the Union have selected 15 Former LGBTQ people to travel to Washington, D.C. October 28 – November 1 to address concerns about LGBTQ-focused legislation such as bill H.R. 5, which passed in the House in May.

Although dubbed “The Equality Act,” Formers understand the bill is an unnecessary concession to the false idea that members of the gay community are marginalized. In fact, LGBTQ-identifying people have always had options in how they participate in broader culture. Nothing constrains them from participating in culture on a normal level.

Unlike with the African American community, who have centuries of culturally driven abuse and forced destabilization, those who identify as LGBTQ have been empowered in our modern society as scientists, literary giants, and even politicians when they have chosen not to prioritize their sexual mores.

America does not need anti-discrimination laws or bans against treatment for those seeking to live out their faith biblically; we need a renewed belief in the dignity and beauty of all of humanity in its diversity. America CAN model for the world what it looks like to value one another despite our differences without government intrusion or enforcement.

For Formers, bills like H.R. 5 block our rights to follow our own convictions. It enforces the false belief that one cannot change and that one has no choice but to embrace LGBTQ identity and behaviors.

So 15 Former LGBTQ people will travel to Washington, D.C. October 28 – November 1.

We’ll be sure to check GRINDR and SCRUFF for their arrival.

Gay Republican HomoCONS Petition Mitch McConnell to Block The Equality Act

Gay Republican HomoCONS Petition Mitch McConnell to Block The Equality Act

Former Log Cabin Republicans president Gregory Angelo, Chadwick “Media Whore” Moore and a gaggle of other self-serving and self-loathing gay quislings have launched apetition to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell which demands that he refuse to allow a vote on the Equality Act. 

“We, the undersigned members of the gay community, formally ask that Leader McConnell never bring the Equality Act up for a vote in the United States Senate. While discrimination against LGBT Americans is wrong, and while legislation protecting against discrimination may yet be possible in the future, the Equality Act is so flawed and problematic that it should not be considered by the United States Senate.”

Fox News Takes Advantage Of The Mentally Ill, GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia Pimps Support for Romney

Jimmy “Frosty Bangs” LaSalvia, co-founder GOFuckYourself GOProud (Inc.) dragged her rough-looking ass over to Fox Studios this morning to have a sit down with  Gretchen Carlson on FOX & Friends  to talk about his  lack of surprise that no questions about LGBT rights at the Presidential Debates and to pimp his self loathing Homo-CON group and to further prove their disrespect of the LGBT Community at large and LGBT Equality by pushing further their support for anti-gay Mitt Romney.

This is obviously Fox News’ interpretation of “courting” the gay vote. And LaSalvia is such a media whore and KAPO he goes right along with it..

What a pathetic old queen.

Oh and bitch.  MOISTURIZE!

The MUST NOT Have Invitation of the 2012 GOP Convention – GOProud’s HomoCON Party!

HomoCON 2012 – Sponsored by GoFuckYourself GOProud

“”After a day of hearing how evil we are, how we are destroying families, how we should be killed – come for a fun-filled evening with a dozen of our friends with HomoCon celebrity guest the kid from the A List: Texas who filed false gay bashing reports!”

Fucking pathetic.

A roomful of drunk self loathing, Auntie Tom queens who couldn’t get laid if they were carpet.

What a shindig!

GOProud Supports Herman Cain – Chris Barron Wants To Pull A Cain Train

Well I’d like to say this is shocking news but its really not when you tjhink about it..

Even though Herman Cain believes that homosexuality is a choice, is a staunch opponent of gay marriage and would reinstate ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’.  Chris R. Barron and the self loathing , greedy, “money first, equality second” Auntie Toms at  GOFuckYourself GOProud just love him to death!

GOProud is a true cancer to the LGBT Community.

Video – GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia Hits New LOW. Uses His Bashing To Attack Hate Crimes Laws On FOX News

Earlier in the week Jimmy LaSalvia of GOFuckyourself  GOProud spoke out about the “supposed” hate crime that was made upon him last Saturday night when he was riding his bike behind the Capitol in SE DC when he was pushed to the ground by a gang of youths.

LaSalvia waited almost 72 hours before releasing the story and statements to the Washington Blade and other news sources about his “bashing” and in dramatic fashion.

“I was on my bike when I approached them,” LaSalvia told the Blade in an e-mail. “Just as I got up to them, the assailant lunged off the sidewalk toward me on the street and delivered a punch across my chest. The momentum of my bicycling driving me into his fist and arm caused a shocking pain like I’ve never felt before,” he said.

“Just as I began to realize what was happening, I heard it. The words are still ringing in my ears as I write this today – ‘F____ faggot!’. It was clear to me in that moment that my sexual orientation had motivated this attack.”

LaSalvia said that after barely catching himself from falling to the ground, he reached into his backpack for his cell phone, with the thought of calling the police. That action prompted one of the teenagers accompanying the attacker to say, “Does he have a gun?” The attacker and a few of the others with him “puffed up their chests and were clearly ready to continue the attack,” he said. But seconds later, the group fled the scene after he kept his hand inside his backpack, “allowing them to wonder if I was reaching for a gun.”

So of course today Jimmy LaSalvia appeared on on Fox News to use  his gay-bashing to push the GOP and GOFuckyourslef  GOProuds platform AGAINST The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Law and use it as  proof positive that hate crimes laws don’t work.

And whats even more idiotic is the fact LaSalvia doesn’t know that yes, the hate crime laws were set up to hopefully be a deterrent to these crimes, but they mainly put in place to insure investigation and prosecution of such crimes.

And I knew this was coming.  The morning after LaSalvia’ss confrontation Chris Barron was on Twitter saying the same thing  about hate crime laws not working and also pushing people to carry guns.

There are many out there in the LGBT community I have met that say “Jimmy LaSalvia isn’t as bad as Chris Barron” But I beg to differ.  BOTH Barron and LaSalvia are nothing more than self loathing homo scum who will stoop to any level to push their “I’m gay but I care about my wallet so I support the GOP at any cost” agenda even if it causes harm to the LGBT community.

 I wonder if Miss LaSaliva has considered that maybe she wasn’t gay-bashed at all and might have been  GOProud-bashed by a gang of LGBT youths.

Video – Newly "Pro Gay" Ken Mehlman Ridiculed In New York Bar After Same Sex Marriage Passage In NY

Ken Mehlman, the former RNC President who worked with George Bush and is  responsible for the anti-gay rights mess we are currently in was confronted by gay activist Jon Winkleman while celebrating the New York victory on Friday night.

For those of you who missed.  Self loathing homo Mehlman pushed anti-gay measures for years recently when he came bursting out of the closet (although EVERYONE knew, said he was sorry, and is now pro-gay rights. (Sorry because he’s not being paid to be anti-gay rights anymore)

Said Winkleman: “I know he helped with the efforts to pass marriage in NY but he still supports those who do us harm. Also his cynical anti-LGBT campaigns at the RNC fanned the flames of hate and violent hate crimes increased in the districts they focused. LGBT people were hurt…physically, because of Mehlman’s actions. So of course I had to go over and say something.”

Ex-Gay Brainwashing Cult Leader Alan Chambers Bullies Woody From Toy Story Over Google Chrome’s "It Gets Better Commercial"

Just when you thought they couldn’t get lower or more ridiculous comes this news that “ex-gay” screaming queen Alan Chambers (above left)  president of the “Christian” ex-gay reconditioning cult Exodus International.   EI is the  worldwide umbrella group for other ex-gay cults and has more than 100 affiliated ministries or the counselors which uses prayer and denial as the tools to supposedly “change” GLBT people into heterosexuals. This process can involve mind control that alters behavior, but not sexual orientation.

Anyway Miss Chambers is INCENSED over the fact that Disney has allowed the animated character Woody from their Toy Story franchise, which many gay youth have grown up to Google Chrome commercial featuring Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better Project”  to encourages bullied kids both LGBT and Straight not to suicide which aired during last weeks episode of “GLEE” and also aired Sunday Night after the season finale of “The Amazing Race” which has a very gay friendly and gay positive attitude in including gay and lesbian contestants.

Chambers whined to The Christian Post entitled “Woody Endorses Homosexuality”

“Children all over the world, including my two children are fans of ‘Toy Story’ and to see a character like that endorsing something that at this point children have no need to know about, it’s disappointing,” (His children are adopted by the way he has not become “that STR8”)

So Chambers is disappointed that ‘Woody’ and Disney support helping boys and girls so that their parents don’t find they have committed suicide to escape the torment that people like Chambers throws upon them.

Chambers should be reminded that many children feel they have nowhere to turn and no one that will accept and understand them, and with good reason since many have been disowned by those that are supposed to love, them when they find out they are gay.  And these are the same people who preach against abortion and claim that “every life is special and deserves love”.  Every life that is except an LGBT one.

Disney is acting in a more Christian manner, than many of these “so-called Christian’ cults like EI will ever.

Its more than time for the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association to step forward and outlaw Exodus International and other dangerous “conversion therapy” cults and put self loathing disgusting, dangerous, and closeted queens like Chambers out of a job.

Anti-Gay Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) Flaunts His Body For Men’s Health Magazine

Anti-Gay Illionois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock one of the youngest members of Congress who has voted against EVERY LGBT Equality Bill that has passed by him has chosen to show off his gym sculpted abs to a magazine who has a large audience of who hates him most in this months issue of Men’s Health Magazine.hose

Scock, I mean Schock who is not married but denies that he is gay hopes that hopes his good looks and celebrity publicity “is going to stop from clicking the channel and listen to what I have to say.”

Note to Aaron:  Dude you are NOT THAT HOT (okay maybe you are) but you damn ugly on the outside and the only way I’d hit you is with a stick.

I am ooking forward to the day that TMZ does the story of this self-loathing homophobe male himbo being caught in a Restroom on I-75 getting gang banged by a bunch of large hairy truckers and bikers