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Boeing, UPS, and Other Corps Give Over $40 Million to the Sedition Caucus

After the January 6th insurrection terrorist attacks, more than two thirds of Americans’ corporations announced they would no longer support members of Congress who refused to certify Trump’s loss are once again giving to the Sedition Caucus again.

Corporate and industry group political action committees have donated more than $44 million directly to the campaigns and leadership PACs of the 147 members of the Sedition Caucus. Koch Industries ($626,500), American Crystal Sugar ($530,000), Home Depot ($525,000), Boeing ($488,000), and UPS ($479,500) have contributed the most money to members of the Sedition Caucus through their corporate PACs. In the days after January 6.

AT&T donated to election objector Jim Banks’ leadership PAC just a month after pledging to cut off donations to seditionists. The company offered the flimsy excuse that the leadership PAC promised not to use AT&T’s donations to support the Sedition Caucus.

American Crystal Sugar said explicitly that they would support the Sedition Caucus to protect their business interests and Home Depot refrained from giving for nearly a year until December 2021. The company has since opened the floodgates of contributions, quickly becoming the third biggest corporate donor to the Sedition Caucus.