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Brent Corrigan Lashes Out At James Franco’s Real Life Porn Drama King Cobra: “It’s Heinous and Unsanctioned”

Brent Corrigan Lashes Out At James Franco's Real Life Porn Drama"King Cobra": "It's Heinous and Unsanctioned"

James Franco’s upcoming movie “King Cobra” is billed as a “deliciously dark, twisted plunge into the behind-the-scenes world of the pornography industry,” but not everyone, especially one of the real-life people portrayed in the movie is excited about an upcoming film about the notorious murder of porn producer Bryan Kocis.

The movie, based on actual events  of the January 2007 Dallas Township slaying in which two of Kocis’ rivals in the gay porn industry nearly decapitated him before killing him and torching his house.

James Franco play Joseph Kerekes, an escort and fledgling porn website producer along with his lover and business partner Harlow Raymond Cuadra (Keegan Allen) they begin a quest to steal Kocis’ (Played by Christian Slater and renamed Stephen in the film) star performer, the youthful-looking Sean Lockhart, known by the stage name Brent Corrigan and then things get out of hand.

Kocis’ family was not pleased when they recently learned Hollywood had taken an interest in exploiting their son’s gruesome death.

“He was the victim. … We’re the ones that suffer from it,” Kocis’ mother Joyce Kocis said. “It’s 9½years. It’s just ridiculous.”

Lockhart (Corrigan) is also not happy with the film and has stated that though he was asked to be part of the film, he had no desire to help the filmmakers recreate a “bastardized” version of the truth.

“It’s made. And it’s not about me. It’s Hollywood’s attempt at bastardizing my early years in porn, one man’s murder, blah blah,” Lockhart wrote on his Twitter account under his stage name. “I’ve said it many times before, I’m not about telling someone else’s idea of how events in my life unfolded. … It doesn’t matter what A-list celebrity is involved. The screenplay and content didn’t jive (sic). I passed it up.”

There is no report of how much Franco paid Lockhart/Corrigan for the use of his name.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Lockhart/Corrigan is playing to release an autobiography, detailing his own take on what happened.