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Ted Cruz: "Gun Laws Don't Work" (Especially after the almost half a million dollars I've gotten from the NRA and others.)

GOP Senator Ted Cruz: “Gun Laws Don’t Work” (Especially after the almost half a million dollars I’ve gotten from the NRA and others.)


In the wake of the Texas elementary school shooting, where 19 kids and 2 adults were killed, there is renewed scrutiny on the hundreds of thousands of dollars Republican lawmakers have received in campaign contributions from groups supporting gun rights. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) received the most money from gun rights supporters. On Tuesday, he received major backlash for responding to the shooting by saying that gun control will not help and that “we need to devote far more law enforcement resources to stopping violent criminals.” Reality check: Experts say that there is a lack of evidence that suggests that increased police presence in schools actually improves safety and instead could “significantly disrupt learning environments.”

According to the AXIOS’ chart above Cruz clocks in at an estimated $442,000.00 in gun rights donations but further investigation by this website shows that Cruz in 2018 alone raked in over $311,150.00 from the NRA, other PACs and individual gun rights backers giving more than $200. So in reality the actual amount is much, much higher when tallied.

Rick Perry SLAMS Texas A&M Over Election Of Gay Student Body President

Rick Perry SLAMS Rick Perry Texas A&M Over Election Of Gay Student Body President


The Houston Chronicle reports:

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, a former Texas governor and Texas A&M University Aggies Yell Leader, said Wednesday the election of the first openly gay president of the institution’s student body was “stolen” and that the student who had the most votes was disqualified through a process that “made a mockery of due process and transparency.”

In an extraordinary submission to the Houston Chronicle’s Editorial Board, the energy secretary also suggested that Bobby Brooks’ victory was engineered by the Student Government Association in a quest for diversity on the traditionally conservative campus.

Brooks was declared the winner in the campus election by the SGA even though he came in second in the vote count to Robert McIntosh, who is white and was disqualified by student election officials. McIntosh was disqualified on charges that he did not provide receipts for glow sticks used in a campaign video. He also faced charges of voter intimidation, which were later dismissed on appeal.

The student body’s Judicial Court, Perry said, “admitted that the charges were minor and technical, but incredibly, chose to uphold the disqualification.” “The desire of the electorate is overturned, and thousands of student votes are disqualified, because of free glow sticks that appeared for eleven seconds of a months-long campaign,” Perry wrote. “Apparently glow sticks merit the same punishment as voter intimidation.”

Perry: “Made a mockery of due process and transparency.”

Gee, don’t you just hate when that happens in an election.



Video – Wannabe Hate Star "Porno Pete" LaBarbera Babbles At Chicago Gay Hate Rally

Okay lets face it. 

As compared to “Moo-gie” Gallagher – Srivastav, Tony “KKK Contacts” Perkins, and Bryan “Insanity doesn’t run in my family it fucking gallops” Fischer, Peter LaBarbera is a small time hate mongers who’s yet to sit at the professional adult haters table but is trying really hard to get out of that highchair

“Porno Pete” who likes to wear leather chaps and go undercover at S&M conventions (no shit) makes a decent living off of preaching hate in the Chicago, Illinois area is looking for more “Right Wing Welfare” and since the haters in Illinois finally realized that “gay marriage” was already against the law in Illinois and there was no reason to give Porno Pete any money,  NOW LaBarbera has stopped hiding behind his flimsy “Its all about one man/one woman redefining marriage” bullshit  into a plain old OBVIOUS anti-gay hate campaign as he tries to rally the feeble minded christomaniac lemmings of Middle America against loving gay couples from even getting what few benefits they could  through Civil Unions when Illinois begin recognizing them tomorrow, June 1st.  (Because I guess a civil union is between one man and one woman right LaBatshit?)

LaBarbera, is now heading a campaign to support support a referendum for an Illinois constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and its equivalent. Because as “Porno Pere” puts it “There’s a battle between gay rights and religious freedom,”

I must have been absent in Sunday School the Sunday that taught that its alright for religious people to lie, hate, and hurt others because their “freedom” depends on weather someone can visit someone in the hospital, or be recognized in legal papers.

LaBarbera may not be as big as the rest of the Hate Pack (Well he’s certainly not as big as Moo-gie) but he is just as despicable,  shifty, greedy, hateful and evil.   And needs to be exposed for the charlatan hie is.

VIDEO – Gay Hate Mongers In Love – MN Bradlee Dean Interviews AFA’s Bryan Fischer: "HITLER WAS A GAY PROSTITUTE"

Gay hating, bat shit crazy . Bradlee Dean, who also heads a “Christian” heavy metal band that has has performed at fundraisers for Rep. Michele Bachmann and has publicly called for the execution of homosexuals invited Hate Group spokesman of the American Family Association on his radio show to push the Scott Lively agenda of his book, The Pink Swastika that says Hitler was a gay prostitute who surrounded himself with “vicious homosexuals”

What is sickening is the amount of lies and false witnessing these so called Christomaniacs are spewing — there is NO historical proof that the Nazis were gay of course,  quite the opposite — what there is is made up HYSTERICAL proof from the likes of these idiots — and the idiots that follow and believe them.

Iowa GOP Leader Paul McKinley To The 4 Remaing Iowa Judges: Let the People Vote On Gay Marriage Or You Are OUT!

Reelected Senate Republican Leader (and scumbag) Paul McKinley (pictured left) is threatening to take out the remaining four judges who approved marriage equality unless Iowans are allowed to vote on an amendment banning same-sex marriage.

McKinley made the threat while being interviewed on Radio One Iowa:

“That is an issue that the people overwhelmingly said, ‘We want to have a say in this. It should not be overreaching government or judges. I believe the (justices) would still be in office had Mike Gronstal allowed that vote over the past two years. It would not even have been an issue…You can lay that squarely at the feet of the Democrats. And I don’t know if they want to be responsible for a redo of this in two years on a (judicial) retention vote or not, but I would think that many of their members who have professed that they think people should have a vote will be given the opportunity to do the right thing.”

While Democrats will still retain a 26-24 edge in the Iowa Senate, Republicans are taking the Iowa House and House Republican Leader Kraig (K-raig? How WHITE TRASH is that?) Paulsen intends to bring a marriage amendment to the floor despite Iowa Senate Democrat Majority Leader Gronstal recently vowing to block any attempts to bring a marriage amendment to a vote.

People need to remind asshats like McKinley and and Paulsen that letting people vote away other peoples’ rights is not democracy. It’s anarchy.

Texas Pastor George Randall "Randy" Arrested For Trolling Craigslist As An Underage Boy To Blackmail Men Into Having Sex With Him

Pastor George Randall “Randy” Scott, of the Bethel Temple Assembly Of God Church in Bryan, Texas, was arrested Saturday in Houston after returning from a trip to Sweden with his wife.for pretending to be a teenager and troll Craigslist as a 17 year old boy to find men to blackmail to have sex with him. 
According to court documents the incident occurred on November 24, 2009 after the victim and Scott exchanged about 12 e-mails over 2 days.

Eventually the victim agreed to let Randy Scott come to his house but,

“When the person showed up, it was an older man. The man told him that he was the stepfather of the person the victim had been emailing. The subject said that he is protective of his stepson and has set up his stepson’s email to forward him all of the emails that they have been exchanging. The victim said that the man told him that he is going to call the Police unless the victim pleasured him sexually,” court documents stated.

Of course the bible thumping hypocrite “christians” at Bethel Temple Assembly Of God Church are offering their prayers and support for the Scott family

Don’t Feel Left Out. Mel Gibson Hates Us "Fags" Too!

Oh Mel, Mel, Mel. you kiss your mother with that mouth?

“They take it up the ass. [laughs, stands up, bends over, points to anus] This is only for taking a shit.” —to Spanish newspaper El Pais when asked what he thinks of gays, in 1991.

“With this look, who’s going to think I’m gay? I don’t lend myself to that type of confusion. Do I look like a homosexual? Do I talk like them? Do I move like them?” —from the El Pais interview.

“I’ll apologize when hell freezes over. They can fuck off.” — to Playboy in 1995, about whether he’d issue an apology to gays and lesbians, as GLAAD recommended.

Bi-polar much?

UNBELIEVEABLE! – Fort Worth Police Prosecuting The Injured Victims Of The Rainbow Lounge Gay Bar Raid

In the early morning hours of June 28, 2009 on the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, at the Rainbow Lounge, a newly opened gay bar in Fort Worth, Texas.a raid was carried out by members of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and the Fort Worth Police Department.  Several customers were arrested for public intoxication and one customer received a severe head and brain injury while in custody.

As a result of the fallout for the Rainbow Lounge Raid, the Fort Worth Police Chief named the first ever LGBT liaison, Officer Sara Straten and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission fired 3 individuals and disciplined two others. The agency also completed some previously scheduled changes including increased cultural diversity training.

And now almost 10 months later comes word  rhat those who were injured in the raid, are actually going to be prosecuted by the city!

“Chad Gibson suffered a severe brain injury while in police custody that kept him hospitalized for a week. Officers said he fell and hit his head while handcuffed. He said he was injured when officers slammed him against a wall inside the bar. Gibson is being charged with ‘public intoxication’ and ‘assaulting a state agent.’ George Armstrong suffered severe bruising and muscle strain while being arrested. He is charged with ‘public intoxication.’ Adam Seidel, the attorney for both men, said his clients are not willing to accept a plea bargain and asked that a date be set for the trial. City prosecutor Saleemah Jones declined to comment.”

What a scumbag citry!

Contact the Fort Worth Prosecutor’s Office and The mayor’s office at (817) 392-7629 and let them know that this is a true outrage!