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“Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell Creates Video Game of Shooters Killing LGBT People

That human piece of garbage Christopher Cantwell aka the “Crying Nazi” has created a video game in which players are active shooters kill LGBT people in a Pulse-like nightclub.

Cantwell’s game, Angry Goy II, is an update to the previous version that had players shoving Jewish people into ovens. This version allows users to target various minority groups – including the LGBT community.

In the “game” players break into a nightclub, called “LGBTQ+ Agenda HQ” and have to shoot as many gay, lesbian and trans people as possible. All the gay men are given large erect penises. Posters outside the nightclub advertise “CHILDREN WELCOME.”

“All White men should hunt down and mercilessly kill as many trannies,  faggots, niggers, kikes, and cucks as they possibly can, in the new hit game Angry Goy 2!” said Cantwell in a posting to Gab, a far right social network filled with white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Oh, and the name of the game is Angry Goy 2: “You Win”

Cantwell’s website Radical Agenda – https://radicalagenda.com/ag/ is hosted by GKG.net (Email: abuse@gkg.net) but his pages source codes pingback to GoDaddy.com.


Republican Judge Strikes Down Louisiana Governor’s Executive Order Protecting LGBT State Workers


Judge Todd Hernandez, a Republican, ruled Wednesday that Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ anti-discrimination order is unconstitutional. The order prohibited discrimination in government and state contracts based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Hernandez ruled that Edwards’ order attempts to create new law, which is a power given only to the legislative branch. To read the judge’s ruling for yourself, scroll down. 
The decision delivered a victory to anti-LGBT Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry, who filed the lawsuit challenging the LGBT-rights order.

The governor said he will appeal. 

“We are disappointed in the court’s ruling today. However, we fully intend to appeal this issue, which is how the parties knew that this matter would ultimately be resolved,” Edwards said. “In his ruling, the judge declared that Louisiana law recognizes the governor as the constitutionally superior officer to the attorney general, but did not agree that the executive order is within the authority of the governor to implement. With great respect for the role of the Louisiana legislature, we continue to believe that discrimination is not a Louisiana value and that we are best served as a state when employment decisions are based solely on an individual’s qualifications and job performance. We respect the trial court’s decision and will abide by it while we vigorously pursue an appeal.”

Landry who has has blocked dozens of legal services contracts that contain the anti-discrimination stated::

I applaud Judge Hernandez for basing his ruling on the law, not politics,” said General Landry. “My challenge has always been about upholding the checks and balances on executive authority as established in our State Constitution.” 

“In the last eight years, outgoing President Barack Obama has used a phone and a pen to advance an unpopular agenda that he could not get Congress to support,” continued General Landry. “Repeatedly, courts have struck down his actions noting the President cannot simply sidestep the people’s elected Representatives in Congress. Now, John Bel Edwards is using the same Washington-style politics and games here in Louisiana.”

Edwards issued the order, which provided exemptions for religiously affiliated organizations, in April.

The Republican party of Louisianan endorsed Hernandez in his 2014 re-election bid and Hernandez describes himself as  a family man, a volunteer youth coach, and is a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.


House GOP Votes To Cut $40 Billion From Food Stamps After Spending $823 Billion On WAR


Heartless House Republicans and Tea Party members yesterday voted to cut nearly $4 billion a year from food stamps allowing states to put broad new work requirements in place for many food stamp recipients and to test applicants for drugs.

The vote was 217 to 210, largely along party lines.

Republican leaders, under pressure from Tea Party-backed conservatives, said the bill was needed because the food stamp program, which costs nearly $80 billion a year, had grown out of control.

But while Washington Republicans and Tea Party politicians try to take food out of the mouth of America’s poor they are turning a blind eye to bloated and corrupted items such as the Farm  Bill and the current cost to the United States for its recent never-ending wars.

Historically, the food stamp program has been part of the Farm Bill, a huge piece of legislation that had routinely been passed every five years, authorizing financing for the nation’s farm and nutrition programs. Separating Food Stamps from the Farm Bill saved it from cuts which would have affected some Washington GOP politicians  including Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, Michele Bachmann of Minnesota,  and South Dakota Republican Kristi Noem who receive millions of dollars a year in subsidies despite their enormous net worth’s.

And lets not forget that direct federal spending on the war through 2012 will reach $823 billion, surpassing the $738 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars the U.S. spent on the Vietnam War, the Congressional Research Service estimated in a March 29 report. Only World War II had a higher direct cost, $4.1 trillion, in current dollars. Much of that money going into the pockets of the the GOP backed war machine which in turn kicks back and supports the Republican and Tea Party.

Once again the Republican Party and the newly formed Tea Party attack the poor viciously for pennies while pocketing millions, and perhaps billions of dollars.

This has got to stop.



Catholic League President Bill Donohue: The Gays Blame Everyone Else For AIDS But Themselves

Bill Donohue fucking evil

“The most common effect of amorality,  they said, is narcissism. Narcissism is the only word that adequately  explains the reaction of gays to AIDS: it was everyone’s fault but  theirs. If anyone has any doubt about this, he should watch How to  Survive a Plague.  The documentary, which is up for an  Oscar, is the work of David France, a talented gay writer. Mayor Ed  Koch, ever honest, accuses ACT-UP of using ‘fascist tactics.’ Fascism  was certainly on display when gays, led by ACT-UP, rushed St. Patrick’s  Cathedral in December 1989: they disrupted Mass, spat the Eucharist on  the floor, stopped people from going to Communion, etc. The film shows  some of this. Gay activists in the 1980s and early 1990s were convinced that everyone  from President Reagan to the Food and Drug Administration were impeding  progress for a cure to their self-inflicted disease. Though the movie was made to garner admiration, it accomplishes nothing of the sort. But it does elicit pity.” –  Catholic League President and douchebag Bill Donohue.

But there’s absolutely NOTHING narcissistic about grabbing a microphone and making public statements about things of which you know nothing, just so you can hear your own shrill, whiny voice.  Is there, Bill?

As harsh as this sounds I can only hope that when this disgusting pig of a man’s time comes, his end is as slow, painful and agonizing as the death of one of our fallen who died of AIDS in the 80s. And I truly hope that no one, NO ONE, shows him any pity, compassion or helps him in any way. Only then will he know the true meaning of “narcissism,” as he calls it.

New York State GOP Hits New LOW With Anti-Gay Political Mailer

Against one of thier own. no less.

Upset that New York Republican Sen. Mark Grisanti voted for the state’s marriage equality bill in 2011  “The Committee To Save The Eric County Republican Party” created the below mailer as Grisanti faces a primary challenge from the Tea Party endorsed Kevin Stocker on Thursday.

Mailer source: Politico

Anti-Gay Terrorist Randy Thomasson and Save California Attack Harvey Milk – Disturbing Video

Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com is an Christian anti-gay terrorist.

That’s right,  I went there.


Let’s look at the definition of the word “terrorist” at WordNet Daily:

Noun 1. terrorist – a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities
Adj. 1. terrorist – characteristic of someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon); “terrorist activity”; “terrorist state”

The above definition sure sounds like Thomasson’s Save California, and other groups like his  (*cough* FRC, NOM, AFA *cough*) who employs fear and terror using blatant lies, propaganda and words that can lead to physical violence against the LGBT community.

Osama Bin Thomasson’s latest terror victim is the late great Harvey Milk who Thommason and his group Save California is trying to paint as a radical LGBT activist, pedophile and is also claiming that Harvey gave he gave AIDS to his boyfriend before he was senselessly assasinated by Dan White,  someone who hated gays as much as Thommason and who, if were alive today probably would be a member of Thomasson’s group.

In a recent “interview” with Thomasson at the extreme Christian conservative “news” site World Net Daily continued his attack on Milk, upset becaus YouTube recently yanked a heinously anti-gay Milk propaganda video.

“YouTube’s committee yanked it,” Thomasson said. “They did the bidding of the homosexual activists and apparently don’t do their research and all of these are true facts.”

“People around the world – they’re getting a one-sided and biased, incorrect picture of Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk is being called a hero and a role model. Actually, he was a sexual predator,” Thomasson said.

“It doesn’t show all of the young boyfriends Harvey Milk had. It made him look like he had only one steady, older boyfriend. It doesn’t talk about all of the boyfriends who went and killed themselves because they got AIDS and so forth,” Thomasson said.

Speaking of research someone should tell Thomasson that AIDS was not even discovered until 4 years after Harvey Milks assasination.  But he probably knows that anyway and it doesn;t matter to him because his lies are his weapons.  (Hmmm much like Satans!)

Thomasson once said that Harvey Milk Day will unleash a “tsunami of perversity” in public schools.  But I say there is nothing more perverse than hate-mongering, fear spreading liars and propaganda peddlers like Thomasson and his ilk.

Simply put the man is nothing more than terrorist scum.

Randy Thomasson and Save California’s Harvey Milk Propaganda Video – Warning: Very Upsetting

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu Once Ran Abusive Boarding School In MA, Lived With 17 Year Old Male Student

Investigative reporters from ABC15 – TV in Phoenix, AZ have uncovered that Arizona Sheriff Paul Babue who is currently under investigation for abusing his power and threatening his Mexican ex-lover with deportation was in the late 90’s was involved with the running of The DeSisto School, a Massachusetts boarding school with a history of physical and sexual abuse, such as forcing students to wear sheets, sit facing walls for hours, undergo strip searches and take group showers and  also had a sexual relationship with the male student. 

The student who was 17 at the time and of legal age in Massachusetts.  Babue at that time would have been in his early 30’s.

ABC15 adds:

Several students we spoke with say they also knew a secret about Babeu. It was a secret that Babeau’s older sister said she discovered one day after visiting his home. Lucy Babeu told the ABC15 Investigators she confronted her brother after finding a student from DeSisto school living with Babeu.

“I said what is this student from Desisto doing here? He says, ‘Lucy, he’s my boyfriend. I love him’.”

Lucy Babeu told us her brother was having a relationship with the male student.

“I said Paul get a hold of yourself here,” said Lucy. “You were his teacher! You were his Executive Director! You can’t do this.”

ABC15 is not identifying the former student. He has not responded to our interview requests. At the time, he was 17 which is the legal age of consent in Massachusetts.

“He was of age. He would be what we considered a high school senior,” said Nielsen

Babeu left the school in 2001. In 2004 the Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services ordered DeSisto administrators to suspend their admissions process. In a letter, commonwealth officials charged the school had “an environment that endangers the life, health, and safety of children enrolled.”

FOX New’s Dr Keith Ablow (It Out Your Ass): Gingrich’s Adultery Will Make Him A Great President!

Many of you might remember the infamous “Dr” Keith Ablow a pyschiatrist who regurally appears on FOX News and who said that Chaz Bono’s presence on Dancing With The Stars was”toxic,” the psychiatrist wrote an editorial for Fox News which read in apart:

Chaz Bono should not be applauded for asserting she is a man (and goes about trying to look like one) any more than a woman who believes she will be happier without arms, has them removed and then continues to assert that she was right all along—her self-concept was that of a double amputee.
Well Ablow – It Out Your Ass is rearing his ugly bald head again and waving his University of QUACKdonia diploma saying that Newt Gingrich’s adultry and sexual infidelities make him more qualified for the presidency than ANYONE!

“I want to be coldly analytical, not moralize, here. I want to tell you what Mr. Gingrich’s behavior could mean for the country, not for the future of his current marriage. So, here’s what one interested in making America stronger can reasonably conclude—psychologically—from Mr. Gingrich’s behavior during his three marriages:

1) Three women have met Mr. Gingrich and been so moved by his emotional energy and intellect that they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with him.

2) Two of these women felt this way even though Mr. Gingrich was already married.

3 ) One of them felt this way even though Mr. Gingrich was already married for the second time, was not exactly her equal in the looks department and had a wife (Marianne) who wanted to make his life without her as painful as possible.

Conclusion: When three women want to sign on for life with a man who is now running for president, I worry more about whether we’ll be clamoring for a third Gingrich term, not whether we’ll want to let him go after one.

Two women—Mr. Gingrich’s first two wives—have sat down with him while he delivered to them incredibly painful truths: that he no longer loved them as he did before, that he had fallen in love with other women and that he needed to follow his heart, despite the great price he would pay financially and the risk he would be taking with his reputation.

Conclusion: I can only hope Mr. Gingrich will be as direct and unsparing with the Congress, the American people and our allies. If this nation must now move with conviction in the direction of its heart, Newt Gingrich is obviously no stranger to that journey.

… So, as far as I can tell, judging from the psychological data, we have only one real risk to America from his marital history if Newt Gingrich were to become president: We would need to worry that another nation, perhaps a little younger than ours, would be so taken by Mr. Gingrich that it would seduce him into marrying it and becoming its president. And I think that is exceedingly unlikely

What a crock of santorum quackery to justify Newt! 

“Three women have met Mr. Gingrich and been so moved by his emotional energy and intellect that they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with him.”

 Yeah, that’s it. It has nothing to do with money and power.

The man is simply a narcissist and an a$$hole, (Both Ablow and Gingrich) and not in a good way.

The Conservative mindset is depraved. Their entire agenda is to turn madness and hypocricy into reason and credibility. They celebrate venality and Gingrich is the king of that. Prolife means prowar, less government means controlling marriage, adoption and reproduction… They become absolutely giddy at the thoughts of unleashing their destructive perversions on the world

And quite simply folks, if we don’t stop these evil deluded assholes now.  

The end is fucking nigh.