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Netflix To Produce Wachowskis’ New Sci-Fi Series, Sense8 – Will Include LGBT Characters

Sense8 creators

After a very long wait details about Lana and Andy Wachowski’s  original Sci-Fi series project with Netflix have finally been revealed.

Titled Sense8, the series will run a 10-episode story arch that follows eight people who are linked by a violent vision. Although the characters are located all over the world, they share images of both the benevolent Jonas and the villainous Mr. Whispers.

Sense8 will begin filming in June, with shooting locations including theUnited Kingdom, Seoul, Mumbai, Nairobi, and Berlin to Mexico City, San Francisco, and Chicago.  The Wachowski’s have also released that two of the main characters of the series will include a “closeted telenovela hunk” and a transgender blogger.

Other episodes will focus on a thief from Germany, an Icelandic party girl, a Korean executive, and an African bus driver.

Veteran science fiction writer J. Michael Straczynski, who was responsible for 1990s  sci-fi tv cult series Babylon 5 a will serve as Sense8′s show runner

Source: TVLine.com.

LGBT Book Review: TRIsocialization a novel by Alex M. Bright

TRIsocialization a novel by Alex M. Bright – Reviewed by Nathan DeMay

I once had a well-meaning employee tell me that the nice thing about my being gay was that I couldn’t reproduce. I’m confident that I can reproduce-all the necessary parts are still in working order-but of course what he meant was I didn’t have to worry about having children.  In order to have kids, my partner and I would have to make a very conscious choice to adopt, use a surrogate or find another solution.

But what if we didn’t have a choice? What if the human race itself was dependent on every able-bodied man and woman procreating? What if the government actively monitored our sex lives, for the ostensibly “greater good?”

These questions are given life in Alex M. Bright’s novel TRIsocialization.

TRIsocialization traces, by way of the lives of two generations of New Yorkers, the genesis of increasingly intrusive government programs meant to save the human population while accommodating the diversity of human sexual orientation.

In the future imagined in TRIsocialization, citizens are encouraged to form relationships with more than two people, and to have as many children (girls are especially prized) as possible.  It’s the anti-marriage equality crowd’s worst nightmare; not realized because of a libertine society but because of a mysterious pandemic.

TRIsocialization’s characters are diverse-sexually, racially, politically and professionally.  You will love them, befriend them and desperately want them to triumph despite the conflicting factions intruding on their lives.

“Dylon shut his eyes tight, then turned his gaze toward the jury. He began, as though reciting a long-rehearsed speech:

“I’ve been charged with murdering two people by burning down the house they slept in. It’s not true. Why would I murder two people I was in love with? I went to bed that night with both of them–” there were scattered gasps from both the jury and the gallery, “– yeah, both of them. We’re gay– they were– but we’re not supposed to love each other, right? I have nothing against women. Neither did Brad or Aaron–” Dylon choked, struggling to find the words, and his voice, through tears. Their names. He had spoken their names. “Sorry. I– like I said, we have nothing against women. Or the government. Or anybody else. We just wanted to be left alone, and be happy in our little family. I went to sleep with them that night, same as almost every night, and I woke up in a ditch. I have no idea what happened, but I can guess.” He turned directly toward one of the camera eyes. “Most of you can guess. I didn’t kill them. I loved them.”

It all happened in an instant. Dylon turned to face Wren for a brief moment, a look of apology in his in eyes. Then his hand was in his pocket, and a sharp piece of plastic glinted like lightning. In front of the court, and the entire live Network feed, Dylon dragged the edge across his throat. Wren heard herself screaming.”

TRIsocialization is an excellent read by one of this countries newest and talented upcoming writers can be purchased HERE:

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