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Was This Principal Fired Because He’s Gay?


In more bigoted news it appears that a dedicated educator and principal has been dismissed from his administrative position at a Oregon elementary school because he’s openly gay. Here’s more:

Many parents believe an Oregon-based elementary school’s principal of 10 years will not be returning next year because he’s gay.

As KATU is reporting, district officials have decided not to renew North Gresham Elementary School Principal Tom Klansnic’s contract, even though Klansnic has been a part of the district for nearly a decade.

Klansnic reportedly divorced his wife about three years ago, shortly before coming out as gay to friends and family. His attorney Judy Snyder told KOIN Local 6 that his relationship with school supervisors changed dramatically after the disclosure.

“He’s been a very successful principal and he’s continued to be a very successful principal even under close scrutiny of the last two years,” Snyder told the news station. “He’s had a great deal of difficulty getting specifics as to what he has failed to do to meet performance expectations.”

She added that her client may sue the school district for discrimination and retaliation.

So far, Gresham Barlow School District officials have declined to comment on the case, according to the Associated Press.

Interestingly, The Oregonian reports that North Gresham Elementary School students are currently in the midst of a weeklong program called “Stand Up Together,” which is aimed at combating bullying.

Klansnic’s case follows that of Mike Moroski, an assistant principal who was allegedly fired from an Ohio Catholic school after he penned a personal blog in support of same-sex marriage on his website.

How ironic that the school that’s allegedly discriminating against Klansnic is having an equality program. Does he have a case based off the administration’s inability to provide satiable evidence of Klansnic’s insufficient performance? People have been sued for a lot less, and if these reports only began to come in after he came out, hemay have a solid case.

If anything this should be showing how vital and important that we as a community step up the dismal efforts made to make ENDA (Employee Non Discrimination Act)  a reality. Equal rights don’t just at marriage equality and it baffles me that more efforts are not being made to legislatures to prevent things of this nature happening. You can still be fired for being gay in 29 states currently with no discernible reprimand. So instead of fancy dinners that recognize people known for their garish anti-gay slurs we should be advocating job safety, right GLAAD?