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Save California’s Spokesbigot Randy Thomasson: “Homosexuals Are Gay Because They Were Molested!”

Randy Thomasson of the militantly antigay group Save California who last week called on all “Christians” to pull their children out of public schools because of thier failed attempt to get a repeal on the ballot to stop  public school teaching about gay and lesbian contributions to history,  lest they be “infected” by LGT indoctrination.  Now says that the LGT Community should hold a press conference to announce that a “huge amount” of the world’s hundreds of millions of LGT individuals are that way because they were molested(I left out “Bi” because as you see below “Bi” is obviously okay with Randy.  Maybe he’s telling us something.)

“They’re not studying it, if they studied whether it was normal or not they’d have to hold a news conference or tell all the students, you know what, ‘there’s no “gay gene,” we’ve never found it, nobody has found it, Hamer didn’t find it, LeVay didn’t find it, we have noted there are thousands and thousands of former homosexuals and they’ve got families to prove it, they’ve got testimonies to prove it, we’ve seen that a huge amount of those of us in this lifestyle were sexually molested or had very bad relationships with our fathers or our mothers, and we see that this is something that can be changed, certainly with bisexuality.”

I wonder what happened to Randy Thommason to make him just another low-life hate mongering scumbag wrapped in the big lie of religion as a façade for his money making scam?

Personally I think he was born that way.