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Longtime San Diego LGBT Activist/Blogger Mike Tidmus Passes Away: In Memorium

Mike Tidmus was witty, cantankerous,  a apatheist [a person who is apathetic towards belief and disbelief in gods], a militant anti-theist, and a gay man who who was a long-term AIDS survivor and an early leader in LGBT civil right internationally and in the United States.

Mike was always front and center when it came to injustice against LGBT people – whether it was antigay Reggae singer Buju Banton or anything to do with Prop 8 or the Religious Right.

Mike battled HIV-AIDS for nearly 25 years  He was so disappointed with the poor HIV-AIDS care in San Diego he worked pasionately to try and improve it.

At 11:00am on Sunday, Jan. 15, Mike lost his battle.  Mike’s brother Linsey updated Mike Tidmus’ Facebook page with the news: “My name is Lindsay Tidmus, Mike’s brother. It is with a heavy heart that I inform his Facebook friends of Mike’s passing. He left us this morning after a battle with cancer.”

Mike was 60 years old.

Mike was a great man and a great champion of the LGBT community.  We were blessed to have and know him for the warrior he was.

Some stout hearts wear no armor, carry no swords…
But they soldier on with spines of steel, and hearts of lions.
Rest at peace, dear fellow.
Job well done…

San Diego, CA – Straight Man Dressed As Freddy Mercury For Halloween Attacked For Being "Gay". SDPD Will Not Investigate It As A Hate Crime.

A Straight man and his friend were attacked on Halloween night  in the parking lot of a San Diego South Park-area 7-Eleven store because one was dressed as the late gay Freddy Mercury of the rock group “Queen”.  Both men were attacked after being called a number of homosexual slurs. But police investigators said they do not believe the attack was a hate crime because the victim and his friend who was also attacked are not gay. However, the men who were attacked are instating that it be treated as such.

 “[even though] Neither of us are gay, this was a hate crime.”

Attorney Gretchen Von Helms said, “It does not matter if the victim is gay or not because they were attacked because they were perceived as being gay, so what that does [is] it puts the community at risk — the community of, say, gay males who would be in fear that they would be attacked for being who they are.”

The California Penal Code defines a hate crime as a criminal act because of an actual or perceived characteristic of the victim.

That same night just a few blocks away a gay man was also attacked and  beaten while walking his dogs. and in that case also the SDPD is having “issues” labeling it a hate crime/

You can watch the Video Report at the 10News.com website.

San Diego Man Beaten, Kicked and Called "Fucking Faggot" But Police "Aren’t Sure" It’s A Hate Crime

Jacob Harshbarger,of San Diego’s North Park, was attacked and beaten in an alley behind his home early Sunday morning while walking his dogs.  ,” Harshbarger was attacked after one of the men read it and began calling him a “fucking faggot.” The beat, which included kicking him to the ground that left him with a concussion, black eye, and 13 stitches in his lips, while screaming ay him “homo” and “come over here and kick the fairy

San Diego police officer, J. Hebdon, isn’t sure this is a hate crime or a matter of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

 Like what? Walking your dogs near your house and being gay?

San Diego Radio Station Jack FM 100. Mocks Uganda "Kill The Gays" Bill And Calls Gay Sex "DISGUSTING" – (Listen to Audio)

The San Diego morning show shock jocks on DSC at radio station Jack FM 100.7  went on a maocking marathon this morning of Uganda “kill the gays” bill supporter Pastor Martin Ssempa and his presentations at churches where he shows gay porn and describes anal sex in order to ratchet up anger, violence, and hate toward gay people.

But at one point they crossed the line and went into the BAD ZONE when they started one of the shock jocks Dave Rickards wasn’t laughing at Ssempa’s ridiculousness but agreeing with Ssempa at how disgusting gay anal sex is. The mockery begins at 56:18 in the third podcast down (8/23 7am). And continues at the beginning of the second one (8/23 8am).

Jack FM San Diego is a supposed male-oriented format and they probably thought it wasn’t a problem to do this given their intended demo. But what about the problems it might cause for those who miss the sarcasm and think of it as reality.  Yes, they are shock jocks, but there does come a point at a joke where one should stop before it becomes boring or offensive

Interestingly Rickards been very open in his opposition to Prop 8 and has talked about it as recently as last week when the Walker decision came down. The woman “Ruth” on the show is an out lesbian and talks about her life openly all the time.

It’s easy to laugh when you don’t have to think about these things. But personally, I’d rather think of these things and remind myself of just how serious this shit really is. Sure, they’re a couple of shock-jocks from San Diego, not like big wigs from Uganda are getting their talking points from these people, right? It’s like when people act racist to try to prove how un-racist they really are… It’s just NOT FUNNY.  Especially in the recent anti-gay climate.

Phone numbers, if you’re interested in calling the station
Call In Line (studio):
(888) 570-1007

12 Gay Activist From The San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME) Arrested During Protest Trying To Obtain Marriage Licenses

A total of 12 gay activist from the goup San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME) were arrested this morning during a a sit-in at the San Diego County Clerk’s office after two gay couples tried and failed to obtain marriage licenses in protest of the Ninth Circut Courts STAY upholding Prop 8 until it’s appeal.

Tony and Tyler Dylan-Hyde and at least one other couple came to the county clerk’s office this morning at 8 a.m. asking to receive their marriage license. ‘We believe that county officials and the Attorney General have the authority and the obligation to allow marriage licenses to proceed based on both federal court findings and that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional and the governor’s filings in Prop. 8 cases,’ Tyler Dylan-Hyde said. ‘We are asking you to do what’s right.’ Three heterosexual couples had approached for their scheduled appointments this morning. The group refused to move and allow the couples access to the office. Deputies repeatedly asked the protesters to move before removing the initial three participants of the sit-in in plastic handcuffs  Then County Clerk David Butler then asked the sit-in group to move and allow the public access to the office around 9 a.m. The group refused, saying they were protecting their civil rights. Shouting, ‘We shall not be moved. No equality. No business as usual,  It was then that the additional arrests took place.

“It’s something at first that you kind of assume is going to be the case,” said Michael Anderson, a 28-year-old who planned to get his marriage license today with his partner of 9 years Brian Baumgardner. “But after awhile, you get tired of waiting.”

Well Done S.A.M.E.! Never give up — never give in!

Republican Gay Organization (Shudder) GOPROUD Hosts Reception At Gay Boycotted Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA

The Gay Republican Group, ASSHOLES GOPROUD hosted a reception today for Tammy Bruce, the lesbian conservative radio show host who believes marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman at none other than the Gay and Union boycotted Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, (You remember, Manchester Grand Hyatt owner Doug Manchester donated over $125,000  to pass Prop 8.  So we REALLY hate him.)

So not only are these moronic and traitorous gay assholes hostong the reception and staying there.  They are GLOATIING ABOUT IT!

ASSHOLES GOPROUD’s Chairman Christopher Barron, tweeted earlie today.

Now I know churches can excommunicate disobedient members…Is there anything we can do to kick these swine out of the gay fold? 

Oh wait, I feel I must apologize to pigs everywhere. I realize that you’re clean, intelligent animals and I’m sorry for comparing you to gay republicans.