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Anti-Gay Tea Party MN Congressional Rep Chip Cravaak Collects Over $92K In Disability From His Union Job

Anti-Gay Minnesota Congressman Chip Cravaak is a truthful portrait of a REAL Tea Party member.

Cravaak who pushed his way s into office during the 2010 midterm election on the Tea Party platform and has voted for the Paul Ryan plan to kill Medicare and had bashed unions during his election campaign enjoys all the benefits of BEING A UNION MEMBER 

Turns out Cravaak worked as a pilot for Northwest Air,  and being a pilot means that you are automatically a union member, thus receiving the benefits of union negotiated salaries, vacations and ultimately, disability payments. And according to financial records released by Cravaak himself, the Tea Party Representative received $92,273 from disability payments in 2010 alone.

So while Cravaak was busy bashing “big government” and unions, he was also busy cashing disability checks made possible by the Unions he so despises.

Cravaak also receives government run health care as a military veteran, meaning he can walk into any government owned medical facility to receive medical care and the taxpayer picks up the tab. He enjoys what he and the Tea Party call “socialized medicine” even as he votes to strip senior citizens of their own government health care

What a shining example of the GOP, the Tea Party, and being a massive asshole and hyporite.