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Right Wingers Fall For RYANAIR “Porn On Planes” Joke Advertisement

RYANAIR is an Irish low-cost airline that uses a wicked sense of humor to promote it’s low cost flights.

In the past RYANAIR has said that since its airfare was the lowest anywhere it was considering charging passengers £1 to use the toilet on their flights, made an advertisement for its new Belfast route which showed Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness (an ex-commander in the Provisional IRA) standing alongside Gerry Adams with a speech bubble which said “Ryanair fares are so low even the British Army flew home, and one ad featured a model scantily dressed as a schoolgirl, accompanied by the words “Hottest back to school fares”.

Well this time RYANAIR’s newest joke publicity stunt is for“Porn on Planes” where  customers could download through an inflight app porno movies to watch on tablets and smart phones.

And guess what?  The Wingnuts at Morality in Media – PornHarms.com fell for it and have started a campaign against it.

Can you believe this? How would you feel if you were forced to sit next to someone during a long flight who is engrossed in a porno? If Ryanair implements this plan, it certainly won’t take long for other airlines to follow suit. The harm from pornography is now at pandemic levels! Research shows that it is leading to life-long addictions for both children and adults, increased demand for sex trafficking, violence against women, broken marriages, the exploitation of women and children and so much more. WE MUST MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD ON THIS! WE DO NOT WANT PORN ON AIRPLANES!

I must say that it is interesting that they are against mythical pornography on planes but are quite alright with the TSA groping everyone who flies.