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Romney Names HomoCon and Roy Cohn Award Winner National Security Spokesman

On Thursday afternoon the Romney campaign announced that Romney had hired  Richard Grenell, as his national Security and foreign policy spokesperson.  Grenell is best known for being the former spokesperson for the anti-gay U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton who sided with anti-gay regimes in denying observer status to LGBT groups

Grenell brings foreign policy chops and more than a decade of political experience to the aggressive but relatively young Romney staff. His is one in a series of hires as the presumptive Republican nominee rapidly expands his small staff as it moves into the general election against President Obama.
Sources from inside the UN however during  describe Grenell in an much more unflattering light than the Post.

Via Mike Roger’s BlogActive:

But several sources in the UN press corps who spoke on condition of anonymity describe the [Grenell] as “rude,” “arrogant,” and a “bully,” neither popular nor a particularly good source. “He’s unbearable,” says one journalist. “Very pushy and very demanding,” says another. Grenell is said to complain incessantly, hectoring correspondents and their bosses and trying to “mold” wire stories to fit his message. He yells at anyone whose slant doesn’t follow his, says one source. “He yells at people whenever he is uncomfortable, particularly foreigners,” said another

In 2006 Richard Grenell recieved the Roy Cohn Award named after the most despicible anti gay homosexuals in United States history

Ken Mehlman’s Anti-Gay Past – A Partial History

2004 Mehlman Mailer



In 2004 then RNC President Ken Mehlman directly told Ohio’s anti-gay bigoted Republicans and Ohio’s anti-gay hate group the Citizens for Community Values (Which is the Midwest affiliate group of both Focus on the Family and The Family Research Council) to get a marriage ban on the ballot.

Mehlman was interviewed after he spoke to the Summit County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day dinner March 19 at Quaker Station. “I’m here to say thank you,” Mehlman told the gathering, “because Summit County increased its votes for George W. Bush from 2000 to 2004 more than any other county.” Mehlman managed the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign and, according to the campaign’s Ohio co-chair, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, directed Ohio anti-gay activists to mount the campaign to put the Issue 1 marriage ban amendment on the ballot. Internet bloggers have pointed out that if Mehlman, 38, unmarried and never with female companionship, is gay, he is a hypocrite


2005 – Ken Mehlman Fully Supports The Marriage Protection Amendment

GOP Sen. Wayne Allard (CO) introduced the Marriage Protection Amendment (a verbatim restating of the earlier failed Federal Management Amendment) with 21 Senate GOP co-sponsors. Later that year the bill was approved for review by the full Senate Judiciary Committee. Newly appointed RNC chair Ken Mehlman gave the bill his full support to reporters at an Ohio GOP fundraiser that March.

During his Akron remarks, Mehlman put forth political and policy statements often viewed as anti-gay. “Republicans are for government that stands on the side of marriage,” he said, “and on the side of strong families.” After the dinner, he was asked by a reporter about the GOP’s support for the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment, introduced in the House last week by Rep. Dan Lundgren of California. Mehlman made it clear that he supports the amendment. “I don’t think it’s anti-gay,” said Mehlman. “I don’t think the intent is to be anti-anything.”


2006 – Mehkman Approves Race Bate Ad Against Harold Ford



2006 – Mehlman Campaigns for Mehlman Campaigns For Anti-Gay 2006 GOP Rep. Mark Kennedy (Introduced by CRAZY BITCH Michelle Bachman no less)
2006 – Bill Maher OUTS Ken Mehlmn on CNN’s Larry King Live – CNN edits the tape before it’s West Coast viewing and Mehlman resigns the next day saying that his resignation was planned for months.
During the time Ken Mehlman was George W Bush’s campaign manager and afterwards during his time as chairman of the Republican National Committee, 21 states passed laws that banned same-sex marriage. Some of these laws made same-sex marriage unconstitutional, some made both civil unions and same-sex marriages unconstitutional. All of these anti-gay referendum took place from 2004-2006 and all of them were pushed by the GOP under Ken Mehlman
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
There can never be any total penance for Mehlman after what has done and in my opinion he deserves NOTHING from our community but rancor and contempt. Mehlman pushed through his policies helped make LGBT people second class citizens in over 21 states and then pushed for a federal amendment as well.
There is nothing that Ken Mehlman can ever say or  do or say that will totally reverse his actions and change the immeasurable harm he has done to millions of gay and lesbians lives.
And we need to remember what he has done to us. And it needs to be duly noted in history.