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EQCA Rates "Forced Out Of The Closet" Roy Ashburn With HIGH Marks Forgetting His Years of Destructive Closet Case Homophobia

Equality California the organization that hides its donor information and gives a 46% raise to its Director Geoff Kors who did a horrible job with Prop 8 in the same year as its donations have dropped over 58%.  Has just ranked “forced out of the closet” Roy Ashburn a very respectable score on their legislative list – 86. That’s much higher than his ranking last year, when it was zero. The California State Senator claims that it was his coming out that changed how he does his job these days.

Ashburn, who had “a long history of opposing gay rights, was arrested in Sacramento last year for driving under the influence with an unidentified male passenger.after he left Faces, a gay club in the Sacramento, thus forcing him out of the closet and trying to cover his rabid homophobic past.

So after years of being a hateful Washington politico closet case and voting against EVERY LGBT Rights piece of legislation that came before him.  Ashburn deliberately went into politics with the aim of representing a group of people who do not want any measure of LBGT equality. He spent years doing their bidding entirely by choice. Does all that get wiped away because he was yanked out of the closet when he got popped for a DUI with some that he’d just picked up at the bar?

Considering how much harm and distraught he brought through his tenure I have a hard time forgiving. It makes you wonder how many gays were harmed or died due to his legislative ignorance. Forgiving Ashburn so easily, like forgiving Ken Mehlman at all is akin to forgiving Hitler for the Holocaust.

The Openly Gay Mayor Of West Sacramento Knew That Anti-Gay Closeted State Sen. Roy Ashburn Was Gay And He Said NOTHING!

Christopher Cabaldon, the openly gay mayor of West Sacramento told KOVR he has spotted Senator Ashburn at gay hot spots a number of times. It seems the fact that Ashburn hypocrasy that he’s out cruising foir dick and has consistently voted against gay rights legislation including no on recognizing out of state same-sex marriages, no on creating a state recognized Harvey Milk Day, and no on expanding anti-discrimination laws obviously didn’t bother Mayor Cabaldon enough to actually fucking say something to someone.  And if Cabaldon knew, then many other queers in Sacramento and the State of California knew. It’s unfuckingbelieveable to me that Assburn who spent his days trampling on gay rights walked through, partied and fucked his way through the gay community at night and not one person said a word!


when you know somebody is actively working day and night to thwart the rights of your FAMILY, of your PEOPLE, you fucking say something. You say it loudly and you say it many times.

As for you Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, I am sending your office a link to this post and I invite you to explain why you never said a word about Ashburn.