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WOOF! Come Stare At Tyson Beckford & Rob Evans While It Rains

evans15 It has been a hectic week for everyone. I don’t know if it’s because of Mercury being in retrograde, or the full moon or all the gloomy whether but everyone has been so tense. So I decided to listen to some music and relax and a Toni Braxton song came on and I began fantasizing about one of her videos. You know the one where she’s talking about love while channeling Barbara Streisand. And her love interest was Tyson Beckford. One of the HOTTEST MALE MODELS EVER.

This man just screams pure, hot, steamy sex. I mean what else do I need to say here? Let’s continue to some of this best work



This of course from that infamous music video.  Sigh

beckford2This is sorta what he looked like in the dream I had last week when Beckford, along with Chris Pine and Colin Farrell were all a part of my quartet that completely seduced the audience and it. was. AMAZING. I bet the words just linger off his lips. And let’s not forget that Beckford was the host of the tv show that started the incredibly hot Ronnie Kroell and his career so we have to show this man some respect.



And to think this smoldering good looks that just seduce you to thinks you’ll say you regret the next morning *but in fact you were wanting to do those things all along. Plus Beckford helped influence this guy’s career



Rob Evans. Another insanely hot international model that has that smolder down to an artform and just makes certain things..harder for us.


Sporty and maybe a little dangerous. The good kind. He just probably makes it all seem bad. And can we talk about these please?!



And this one





Makes crappy days like this more bearable. And hotter.


WOOF! Ronnie Kroell: Model, Actor, Activist, HOT

Have you heard of Ronnie Kroell? He wants to be you friend (how could you turn down an offer like that?). This up and coming model, actor, and LGBT activist gained fame as a contestant on Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel. Winning the judges over with those soft, sweet eyes and firm chiseled body, Ronnie went on to be a fan favorite of the two season show.

Being featured in magazines such as Instinct, Ronnie found recognition and esteem in the modeling business after his reality tv career, even doing a very…revealing spread in Playgirl. Ronnie has also began to expand his brand, appearing as Beau in the popular LGBT dramedy Eating Out.

But as Ronnie’s career continued to flourish, he also wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Proving that he’s more than a pretty face, Kroell has been involved with the It Gets Better Project, as well as GLAAD, ACLU, and The Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Currently, Ronnie is promoting the film project called the Friend Film that focuses on those affected by bullying to help promote education, prevention, and acceptance, You can find out more about the film on his twitter and official Friend Film website to find out how you can become involved. I did.


He has it all. And he is so sweet to everyone. I mean look at those eyes (and abs)!

I mean to give you a clue about what I’m talking about in his Playgirl spread..You know what, rather than talk about it, I’ll just leave this here..,,

Trailer: Ronnie Kroell Stars In “Into The Lions Den”, A Gay Thriller

Ronnie Kroell best known for being on Bravo’s reality series Make Me a Supermodel and letting it all hang out in Playgirl stars in Breaking Glass Pictures gay thriller “Into the Lion’s Den”, which will be released on DVD December 6th, 2011.

Bored with the West Hollywood gay scene, best friends Michael (Ronnie Kroell), Johnny (Jessie Archer) and Ted have embarked on a cross-country road trip from LA to New York City. Though their friendship hits a few speed bumps along the way, the trio decides to have one last hurrah during their last night on the road. That’s when fate brings them to The Lion’s Den, a secluded backwoods bar where not everything is as it seems. As the three out-of-towners toast the end of their journey, someone at the bar is watching them, and setting a deadly trap. Now, as closing time draws near, a night of unspeakable horrors is about to begin…

“Into the Lion’s Den” premiered at the Reel Affirmations LGBT Film Festival and was an Official Selection at the Reeling 30 Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Ronnie Kroell"s Naked Playgirl Pictures Have Been Revoved Due To A Threatening Email From Daniel (Douchebag) Nardicio

Ronnie Kroell’s pictuires have been removed due to this site recieving a threatening email from Playgirl spokesperson Daniel (Douchebag) Nardicio

From: daniel nardicio (danielnardicio@gmail.com)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe
Mark as junk
Sent: Tue 6/08/10 10:12 PM

take down your link to the Ronnie Kroell pics NOW- tomorrow AM our lawyers start going after you for copyright infringement



I am humbled that you felt so threatened that my posting of any pics would cut into Playgirls revenues.  But all you had to do was ask in a professional and courteous manner. (And use some capital letters, maybe) But since you come off like a gay Joe Francis from “Girls Gone Wild” I just want to let you know that  perhaps people wouldn’t post Ronnie’s pics if people hadn’t been rooked into buying subscriptions for the much-hyped Levi Johnston photo shoot, which ended up being extremely lame, and even in the much anticipated Kroell shoot in which  Ronnie is not erect, as you Daniel Nardicio said he’d be. At best, there’s only a shot of him with a semi hardon.

So now that the pictures are no longer available please feel to go back to promoting your sex parties, but before you do a bit of advice.  Get a better photographer and after the bait and switch with Johnston , you REALLY should have tried to avoid dangling another baited line with Ronnie.

Oh, and fuck you.