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Ron Howard’s "The Dilemma": Opens To Only 20 Million Dollars In 4 Days. NOW THAT IS GAY!

The Ron Howard-directed film “The Delimma” that has been on the LGBT radar screens and front and center with publicity because of Ron Howards refusal and somewhat muddled homophobic disbelief that people could find Vince Vaugh’s character sayying the line “That’s gay” offensive., is expected to earn only $20.7 million over its four-day opening weekend, coming in at second place against The Green Hornet

This is Vince Vaughn’s worst opening since 2001.

The Dilemma cost $70 million to make and has a craptastic score of 25% at RottenTomatoes.com and includes such reviews as:

“There are more laughs in SCHINDLER’S LIST” – Killer Movie Reviews

“…clumsy, unfunny, disgracefully sexist.” – Tolucan Times

“The only thing missing from this slight comedy of misunderstandings is Mr. Furley – and a scene set in the Regal Beagle – What Would You Watch

“The January movie burial ground claims another victim. RIP.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

Now that really is GAY………..REVENGE!

Winona Ryder on the Word "Gay" in The Delimma: "All my gay friends use that word so (protesters will) have to go and give them a hard time too."

Winona “I’m just happy to be in a movie again” Ryder was shocked and stunned by the outcry over a ‘gay’ joke in new film “The Dilemma”, insisting she would not “be part” of a movie she thought was “offensive”.

It’s just crazy because I’m very sensitive to that issue and if I thought something was offensive I wouldn’t want to be part of it. … Plus all my gay friends use that word all the time so (protesters will) have to go and give them a hard time too. The line has, however, been pulled from the movie’s trailer following complaints.

Director Ron Howard opted to keep the scene in the final cut of the film, where Vince Vaugh’s character says “Electric cars are gay” and Ryder is glad the director refused to bow to the group’s pressure as she can’t understand the fuss surrounding the line.

Poor washed-up, crazy as bat shit Winona. Doesn’t she have a Klepto’s Anonymous meeting she should be attending or something?

But I tell you what I’d REALLY like to know is how openly-closeted lesbian Queen Latifah is going to deal with this homophobic stupidity?  Oh thats right, she is.  She’s IGNORING IT. 

Who Knew That Opie Taylor Could Be A Douche? Director Ron Howard: ‘Gay’ Joke Will Remain In "The Dilemma’

We’ve had Vince Vaughn defend the “electric cars are gay” joke his character utters in the trailer for the upcoming Universal Studios release, The Delimma.  We’ve had Queen Latifah sit quietly in her closet counting her money and not commenting, and now we have little Opie Taylor himnself, director Ron Howard defending the joke and guess what? He’s decided to leave it in the final cut of the movie, which will be released in January.

Ron Howard talks to the LA Times:

“So why was the joke in the movie? Our lead character of Ronny Valentine has a mouth that sometimes gets him into trouble and he definitely flirts with the line of what’s okay to say. He tries to do what’s right but sometimes falls short. Who can’t relate to that? I am drawn to films that have a variety of characters with different points of view who clash, conflict and learn to live with each other. THE DILEMMA is a story full of flawed characters whose lives are complicated by the things they say to and hide from each other. Ronny is far from perfect and he does and says some outrageous things along the way.”

He adds: “I believe in sensitivity but not censorship. I feel that our film is taking additional heat as an emblem for many movies and TV shows that preceded it that have even more provocative characterizations and language. It is a slight moment in THE DILEMMA meant to demonstrate an aspect of our lead character’s personality, and we never expected it to represent our intentions or the point of view of the movie or those of us who made it.

GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios issued a response immediately after hearing Howard’s decision to keep the joke in the film.

At a time when so many in our country are speaking out against the bullying of gay youth, Universal was right to acknowledge the offensive nature of this ‘joke’ when it removed it from trailers. Unfortunately, by leaving it in the movie, they are now contributing to the problem. The conversations started as a result of the community’s response to this slur will help schools, media and parents understand the impact of the word ‘gay’ being used as a pejorative. Hopefully in the future, Universal and Ron Howard will recognize the power of their words and use their films to bring people together rather than drive us apart.”

My response to Ron Howard? 


Fuck you Opie!