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Grover Norquist Says Obama Won Re-election By Making Romney Look Like A ‘Poopy Head’ – VIDEO

Grover Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform and the Don Corleone of the Republican Party, spoke with CBS This Morning about the approaching “fiscal cliff” of his own making and in the height of GOP intelligence stated that President Obama  “was elected on the basis that he was not Romney and that Romney was a poopy-head”

Well I guess if there’s anyone who knows anything about shithead, its Grover Norquist!

Vote With A Chainsaw Against Romney’s Republican Zombies! – RepublicanZombieDefense.com

Coming  just days after director Joss Whedon released a wildly popular viral video comically endoring  Mitt Romney for President of the Zombie Apocolypse comes the humor-tinged gay Democrat activist website RepublicanZombieDefense.com brought to you by Luke Montgomery the activist behind the gay rights websites FCKH8.com and LegalizeLove.com

Montgomery and his crew spent $20,000 on special effects for this political bloodbath “Get Out the Vote” ad on the heels of Halloween portraying Romney supporters as brain-dead zombies. The comically bloody and graphic video is set on the White House lawn and features Obama supporters beheading, exploding, and maiming politically conservative zombies with machine guns, grenades, garden shears, and chainsaws.

My type of political ad!

“The metaphor of Republicans as zombies is unfortunately very appropriate,” said Montgomery. “Their heartless opposition to health care, gay marriage, and climate change science is a political infection that if not fought back, will be deadly to the lives of millions of Americans. We made this video to show people the horror of Romney’s brain-dead zombies taking over the White House on November 6th. We hope our video showing Obama supporters ‘voting with a chainsaw’ will remind voters to get out and vote for real this Tuesday. But we do encourage them to leave the hand grenades, baseball bats, machine guns, garden scheers and chainsaws shown in the video at home.”

Romney Uses Hurricane Sandy To Politicize Self In Ohio, Refuse To Answer Questions About FEMA

While President Obama cancelled his Ohio campaign stops to stay in Washington, DC to co-ordinate Federal disaster relief efforts for those on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy.  After initially cancelling his rallies in Ohio Romney did indeed do a “relief event” in Kettering, Ohio which while a Romney spokesman said ot had nothing to so with a campaign stop  the same spokesman did  later confirm that the Romney’s campaign had purchased some of the supplies.

Also Romney’s candidate’s trademark campaign video was broadcast on large screens set up for the supporters and posters and Pro-Romney/Anti-Obama merchandise was available.

Romney stood behind a table full of relief supplies and shook hands with attendees one at a time, taking bags and repeatedly ignoring and refusing to answer questions from reporters about how he would handle this emergency since Romney has said he wanted to disband FEMA and leave the clean-up and recovery of emergency situations such as Hurricane Sandy up to the individual states affected.

Hurricane Sandy BLOWS and Mitt Romney SUCKS! – Romney Opposed To Federal Disaster Relief – Video

As Hurricane Sandy is about to batter the Eastern Seaboard  here’s a reminder of the Christian Xitan Kolob Mormon love and compassion that Mitt Romney shows to others when he declares in a 2011 debate that he is opposed to Federal Disaster Relief.

Back2Stonewall.com hopes that everyone on the Eastern Seaboard affected by Hurricane Sandy hopefully has a safe and uneventful next few days.

PLEASE take care of yourselves.

In Their Own Words – Two Gay Men Kicked Out Of Iowa Mitt Romney Rally

Two young gay Iowa men were the only people out of thousands in attendence to immediately leave or face arrest at a recent Mitt Romney appearance in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Friday.

The two men believe they were kicked out ahead of the event because Romney’s team quickly pegged them as gay and flamboyant.

One of the men involved tells what happened below.

Hi. I’m Adam. And this is my friend Chase. (picture above) I’m an Independent who supports Barack Obama for President. Chase is an Independent who has long supported Mitt Romney for President of the United States since 2007. Today, the two of us decided to attend the Mitt Romney rally at Landmark Aviation in Cedar Rapids.

We parked in a lot 4 miles away from the event site where all those attending were then shuttled to the actual site. Upon arriving to the site, we got in a line and were greeted with friendly smiles… We then had our tickets swiped, went through security, and then both went to the restrooms before heading in to the building to stand and await the speech. I was the first to exit the restroom and stood to wait for Chase. As soon as he exited we began to head to the plane hangar where the event was taking place.

Two officers and one suited man (secret service) then approached us and said with a smile, “You need to leave.” My first thought was that we were getting in the way of an important Congressman coming through, or even the candidate himself… so we walked a bit to the side. He then repeated that we needed to head to the exit and leave. They began to grow tighter around us. I said, “Excuse me?” He repeated again, “You need to leave.” Chase than said, “I’m confused, I’m a supporter of Mitt Romney… we have tickets?” … Another officer chimed in, “You need to leave.”

I then asked, “Why?” … “What is the reason?” The officer then said, “You either need to leave now or we will be forced to arrest you.” … “BUT WHY?” … “Head to the front now.”

… No one else was asked to leave. Just us.

We left. Got back on a bus alone. And drove back to Iowa City.

I’m in a state of utter confusion. I’ve been to so many Republican rallies in the last 5 years. I’ve always been courteous. I’ve never heckled. Besides some speeding tickets, I’m a law abiding citizen. I’ve greeted Mitt Romney in Muscatine and had my picture taken with him as well as with Santorum, Perry, Bachmann, Ron Paul, John McCain, etc. I attended a Santorum rally in which anyone could ask a question… I did… it had to do with gay marriage… he answered it live on CNN. I met him afterwards where he instantly recognized who I was and thanked me for coming to the event.

Mr. Romney- I may not support you… but my friend HAS and DID for the last 5 years… yet, we weren’t allowed to attend? Why? Answer me that. WHY? Was it because we are gay or looked too flamboyant for your rally? What is it? Its not a surprise to me that you would treat someone this way… but it certainly came as a surprise to one of your ardent supporters. He now sees who you truly are. The guy who likes to take away rights and silence minorities.

I’m baffled. I’m embarrassed. I’m sad. Can anyone enlighten me?

Please SHARE this. This may be minuscule to you… but it shows a story to a bigger picture of who this man really is.

I just want to know WHY?

Well I hope that Chase has learned his lesson about being a Romney supporter.

But what do YOU think?

Video – Only The Insanity Of Bryan J Fischer on CNN Could Make HomoCon Gay Republicans Look Good

In a nutshell:

Insane anti-gay hate groups spokesman Bryan J. Fischer of the American Family Association debates GOP HomoCon and Auntie Tom  R. Clark (Big Daddy) Cooper of the Log Cabin Republicans (who’d sell out the LGBT Community for a tax cut) about Mitt Romney’s choice of the LOATHSOME Roy Cohn Award winning gay GOP Richard Grenell as Romney’s homeland security spokesman.

Fischer comes off his usual gay hating insane “evangelical” self.  (BIG surprise there.)

But the most dangerous part of this clip is that it makes R. Clark Cooper and the Log Cabin Republicans look good.

Responsible journalism at its best CNN!

Romney “Glitterbomber” Charged With “Missle Throwing”, Faces 6 Months In Jail


Reuters is reporting that Peter Smith, the University of Colorado Boulder student who attempted to glitterbomb Mitt Romney on Wednesday which and was stopped by the Secret Service has been officially charged with with creating a disturbance, throwing a missile and an unlawful act on school property.  Smith, can face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Smith has said that he was protesting  Romney not only for his stance on same-sex marriage but his “general political philosophy” and added that agents questioned him about the act of glittering: “They just mentioned this act was an issue that they’ve been trying to deal with more and more.”

Look, if you’re want to make a point and protest and are willing to face jail time at least go back to the “Anita Bryant Fruit Pie Special”.  It has LGBT historic meaning and nothing says homophobic clown like a pie in the face.

Glitterbombing is sooooooooooooo Martha Stewart on roids

I never get tired of this video!

Mitt Romney Unveils Plan For Some Lesbian & Gay Americans To Become 3rd Class Citizens!

Oh Mitten’s,  you Mormon moron.  The hits just keep on coming don’t they.

In an interview with the Boston Herald Mitt Romney has unveiled his super duper nifty GOP plan for marriage which will not only have gays and lesbians as second class citizens in the marriage department, but also in some come cases third class citizens as well!

[Romney] expressed support for a constitutional amendment that could create a complex three-tier system of marriage — maintaining marriage rights for straight couples, allowing gays who have already married to remain married, but barring future same-sex marriages. “I think it would keep intact those marriages which had occurred under the law but maintain future plans based on marriage being between a man and a woman,” Romney said.

You know all in all its really disturbing that a Mormon cultists whose magic underwear is too tight and thrice-married philanderers even get the time of day by the Christofascist and Teahadist GOPer base because they spout such utter anti-gay bullshit.

Some days I really wish the Mayan Apoclypse will come to pass in a year…