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Video – White House Punts on DOMA and ENDA All In One Week But Be Proud and Grateful For The DADT Repeal

It seems that Chris Johnson of The Blade has picked up Kerry Elevelds torch in The White House Press room twice this week pressing Robert Gibbs about the possibility of any movement  on repealing DOMA or passing ENDA over the next two years

Gibbs, who bobs and weaves around both questions like does finally state that movement forward will be  “inordinately challenging given the current make-up of Congress.” (No shit!)

Gibbs falls back on the lies that the White House has to defend DOMA and when pushed on whether the president regrets not moving on DOMA when the Democrats controlled the House Gibbs instead referenced the “monumental achievement” of the repeal of DADT and that they are “proud and grateful” for it.

So in other words kids we’re in for a loooong wait if it’s left up to The White House and Congress

Homo Say What? – Press Sec. Robert Gibbs Insists Obama Has Given "Clear Direction" On How Congress Can Repeal DADT.

Press Sec. Robert Gibbs insists Obama has given “clear direction” on how Congress can repeal DADT. This is funny to the federal lawmakers involved in the repeal, because they didn’t receive that memo. Also, neither did voters, as a matter of fact neither have I.