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Comedienne Andy Dick Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Another Man [VIDEO]

Donald Trump and the RNC Refund +$135 Million in Donations Over 2021 Donation Scam

Via The New York Times:

“The aggressive fund-raising tactics that former President Donald J. Trump deployed late in last year’s presidential campaign have continued to spur an avalanche of refunds into 2021, with Mr. Trump, the Republican Party and their shared accounts returning $12.8 million to donors in the first six months of the year, newly released federal records show.

The refunds were some of the biggest outlays that Mr. Trump made in 2021 as he has built up his $102 million political war chest — and amounted to roughly 20 percent of the $56 million he and his committees raised online so far this year. Trailing in the polls and facing a cash crunch last September,

Mr. Trump’s political operation began opting online donors into automatic recurring contributions by prechecking a box on its digital donation forms to take a withdrawal every week. Donors would have to notice the box and uncheck it to opt out of the donation. A second prechecked box took out another donation, known as a “money bomb.”

In the last year alone Trump and the RNC have been forced to refund over $135 million in donations received via the scam.

A sheep and his fleece are soon parted.

Republican's 2020 Anti-LGBT Platform Pushed by the Family Research Council and Eagle Forum

FRC Hate Group Pres. Tony Perkins Has Meltdown Over DNC Platform: “Gays win; Christians lose.”

Tony Perkins


Little Tony is very upset.  And no one has a single fuck to give

Common sense isn’t the only thing that fell by the wayside in the DNC platform — so did religious liberty. America’s first freedom didn’t make the cut in what everyone agrees is the most radical document of the party’s history. In order to make room for its outrageous LGBT agenda, the DNC is admitting what they’ve implied since Chai Feldblum: religious liberty is incompatible with sexual liberalism.

The president’s former head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In the effort to find balance between special rights and religious liberty, Feldblum had an interesting solution: “Gays win; Christians lose.” I have a hard time, she famously said, “coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.”

Now, after years of phony soundbites about coexistence and compromise, the president’s party openly agrees. And while they can’t take an eraser to the Constitution, they have taken it to their guiding document, scrubbing it of the First Amendment’s most basic protections.

During this week’s events, liberals weren’t even feigning attempts at middle ground in their latest push for genderless bathrooms, special treatment for transgenders, gay sex-ed curriculum, gay history, and more. Instead, the mask came off, and Americans finally saw the ideology for what it is: fiercely and proudly intolerant.

During one session, when scenarios about Christian bakers, florists, and business owners came up, the ACLU refused to offer even a fig leaf of conscience protections. “Does someone’s religion trump my freedom,” an attendee asked? According to World magazine’s Jamie Dean, the group’s James Esseks replied, “My answer to that question is no.” Then, providing a glimpse into the battles already being fought, he bragged, “We’re working on keeping those laws from happening in the first place.”

When Congressman Jared Polis (D-Colo.), who identifies as gay, suggested there may be room to accommodate men and women of faith, it was treated like blaspheme. A spokesman for the pro-LGBT Gill Foundation quickly interjected: “I want to be careful that we don’t say there is a kind of balance between equality and religious freedom.”

Now that liberals have gotten what they wanted out of same-sex marriage, there’s no point in hiding the rest of the agenda — which, unfortunately, too many Americans never saw coming. – Tony Per-KKK-ins

Tony our tears… They’re so salty and delicious.



FRC "Christian" Leader Tony Perkins: COVID's Bright Side Is Children Won't Learn Critical Race Theory or “Explicit LGBT Curriculum” In Schools

FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: The RNC Had A Pro-Gay Speaker. Why Won’t The DNC Have An Anti-Gay One?

“Last night, I could hardly walk 20 feet on the convention floor without being stopped by a reporter. They all asked the same question: Was I outraged that Peter Thiel, an openly gay businessman, was speaking at the RNC Convention after me? My answer — no. While I may disagree with someone’s choices, this is a political party (unlike the Democrats’) that allows people with differing views to take part.

That said, the stated principles of the Republican Party clearly reflect the view of the majority of Republican voters, which is that natural marriage and sexuality are sacred. While most of the press were looking for an opportunity to divide conservatives and create controversy, Thiel’s speech highlighted a significant contrast between the GOP and Democratic parties. Does anyone honestly believe that the Democratic National Convention would allow a proponent of natural marriage to speak on next week’s program? Of course not. As I explained last week, the GOP Platform Committee allowed these minorities’ views about homosexuality to be introduced and debated, and the result was that the elected delegates from the states soundly rejected them.

To suggest that the Republican Party shouldn’t allow people to participate because we disagree with them is unreasonable. If we’d invite them to our churches, which we absolutely should, why not a political party? Of course, the purpose of inviting them to join us in our churches is to introduce them life-transforming truth of the gospel. Likewise, we should use the opportunities within the confines of the GOP to have a conversation about those same truths. This means we have frank conversations; we challenge views where necessary. For example, Thiel’s claim that “Fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline,” is…well a fake claim. Social science has proven, quite convincingly, that the attack on moral values and faith is real. And it’s the demise of those faith and family bedrocks that’s helping to drive our nation’s economic decline. We cannot tax, spend, and borrow enough to substitute for marriage.

Most of us think of marriage as a cultural and religious institution — but it’s also an economic one. And what happens to the family has big implications for federal and state spending. Each year, as Georgia State University found a few years ago, the government has to fork over $112 billion dollars in welfare, anti-poverty programs, criminal justice bills, and education initiatives just to keep broken families afloat. In one decade, that means the decline of marriage is taking $1 trillion dollars out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Unlike the Left, we aren’t afraid to have the conversations — and even the debates — about our positions because we stand on the side of truth. We must simply refuse to be silent, because silence is no longer an option.” – Family Research Council Hate Group President Tony Per-KKK-ins 


Trump/Pence 2016 Trashes Old Logo Introduces New One With Less Anal Penetration.

Trump pence

After days of intense ridicule Donald Trump’s website has introduced a new logo ditching the sexually suggestive flag which featured a T penetrating a P in the old logo for plain generic names in red and blue against an all white background.

But never fear. With the Republican National Convention beginning tomorrow in Cleveland, there will be material galore to make fun of for the next week.




Maryland RNC Trump Delegate Indicted On Child Pornography and Weapons Charges.

Maryland RNC Trump Delegate Indicted On Child Pornography and Weapons Charges


Caleb Andrew Bailey, a Maryland delegate selected by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for the Republican National Convention was indicted on Wednesday on federal weapons and child pornography charges.

Mother Jones reports:

Caleb Andrew Bailey, 30, of Waldorf, Maryland, illegally mailed a cache of ammunition and explosives through the US Postal Service and illegally possessed a machine gun and child pornography. The indictment also further alleges that Bailey “attempted to use and did use a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct to produce child pornography.”

Joe Cluster, the executive director for the Maryland Republican Party, confirmed to Mother Jones that Bailey was approved by the Trump campaign as a delegate to the GOP convention from Maryland’s 5th Congressional District. Bailey could not immediately be reached for comment.

Bailey who’s father is the former vice chair of the Maryland GOP faces a sentence of up to 40 years in prison.

Is anyone REALLY surprised?


HRC’s Chad “Rosa Park” Griffin To Ass Kiss Pro-Gay Republican Donors Today At Dr. Evil’s Super Secret Hideout



Gay Inc


Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is due to speak at at confidential and off-the-record American Unity Conference of high-dollar Republican  pro-gay (and anti-everything else human)) donors today in Washington, D.C.

The American Unity Fund and the American Unity PAC, are related groups that seek to elect pro-LGBT Republican candidates  (Isn’t that what the Victory Fund does now? )  and both organizations are funded by philanthropist and billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer who “virtually invented vulture funds”: a form of speculation that’s one of the worst contributors to Third World poverty, is also in bed with the Koch brothers, is anti-union, anti-immigration, and also anti-woman’s choice.   Singer – whose son Andrew is gay – is also scheduled to deliver remarks this morning to kick off the event.

Also appearing will be Ken “My political career is over and I am out now”  Mehlman former Chairman of the Republican National Committee who from 2005 to 2007  supported and fought for the anti-gay social positions of the Republican Party, including opposition to same-sex marriage and helped craft numerous anti-gay statewide campaigns and set the groundwork that has destroyed MILLIONS of lives and greatly hurt our fight for equality while being in the closet and doing his job with no regret.

Remember kids there is no “I”  for INTEGRITY in HRC!

RNC’s Dave Agema Completely Obsessed With GOP’s Anti-Gay Platform

AgemaIf the recent comments by Dave Agema aren’t enough (Gays Want to Marry for Healthcare, We All Have AIDS), a little research into his website quickly shows some really disturbing information.

This evening I decided I was going to email the committeeman and let him know my personal feelings on his recent statements at a holiday lunch in Berrien County when I stumbled (actually basically slapped in the face) by a huge link on his website. It reads,

The Case for Traditional Marriage:
   “Information is NOT the enemy…
it is the TOOL for making proper decisions!”

So I decided to review the information that is apparently “not the enemy”. I pulled up a webpage with about 20-25  different links. My assumption is that each of these articles somehow make his “point” as to why homosexuality is such a danger to society. I decided to take a look into some of these articles, to try and see how this man’s brain works.

The collection of articles ranged from the predictable sources (Family Research Council) to some surprising sites such as the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA).

A great passage from an article he uses to prove his point is the the Family Research Council’s website. It reads as follows:

Homosexual activists attempt to portray their lifestyle as normal and healthy, and insist that homosexual relationships are the equivalent in every way to their heterosexual counterparts. Hollywood and the media relentlessly propagate the image of the fit, healthy, and well-adjusted homosexual. The reality is quite opposite to this caricature which was recently conceded by the homosexual newspaper New York Blade News:

Reports at a national conference about sexually transmitted diseases indicate that gay men are in the highest risk group for several of the most serious diseases. . . . Scientists believe that the increased number of sexually tranmitted diseases (STD) cases is the result of an increase in risky sexual practices by a growing number of gay men who believe HIV is no longer a life-threatening illness.[1]Instability and promiscuity typically characterize homosexual relationships. These two factors increase the incidence of serious and incurable stds. In addition, some homosexual behaviors put practitioners at higher risk for a variety of ailments, as catalogued by the following research data:

It goes on to list several things they think link the LGBT community to HIV/AIDS and why practitioners of LGBT patients should be careful.

What I found very interesting is that Agema uses a LGBT advocacy website to try and prove his point.

GLMA (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association) is a website for healthcare professionals trying to advance LGBT equality. He put a link to their page that discusses what gay men should discuss with their healthcare professional. The website discusses and urges open communication between gay men and their healthcare professionals in order to promote safe sex as well overall healthier living habits for their patients.

It is obvious by Dave Agema’s website that he is obsessed with preventing equality. The campaign video on his website even slams the Republican party stating “they aren’t conservative enough”.

A man so obsessed with hurting a large group of people, a man so consumed with preventing people from having equal rights is not something we haven’t seen before. History is very clear in these situations. He will lose. He will fall and the rest of us who fight and stand for what’s right will win.

The next step is for people to join together and let the RNC know that people like Dave Agema has no place in American politics, he needs to be removed.

I have already contacted him through his email and informed him that I am gay yet I am not dying of HIV, my next step is contacting the RNC and letting them know that people like Dave Agema are the ones ruining the American society.

Needless to say, I still don’t understand how this man’s brain works.

Romney GOP Election Workers Caught Lying On Campaign Calls: “Obama’s A Muslim Who Will End Medicaid”

This is happening all over the country. Voter purges, voter ID laws, misleading robo and live calls, and blatant lies.

In the next few weeks, we’ll hear about millions of calls going out telling voters that if they voted for Obama in the primary, they don’t need to vote again; that they should turn up at some non-existent polling place, and that they should turn up on the wrong day.

PLEASE BE AWARE(And tell these callers off and report them!)

The Republican Party has become the most evil party in our nation’s history; they are just like the old Soviet Union’s Communist Party elite.  They will lie, cheat and steal to win an election.

Undermining our voting system should be seen as treasonous, and punished severely and harshly by law . But most of these people get off without any punishment, or with some small fine.

Its reprehensible.

2000+ Protest The Democratic National Convention – Where The Hell Were You Last Week In Tampa?

Over 2000 protesters representing a wide range of groups including LGBT marched through Charlotte N.C. today and past the site of the Democratic National Convention.

Now I love a good protest.  And I agree that the Democratic Party can on a helluva lot better on many issues.  But unfortunately they are the best that we have at the moment.

Do the Democrats need to be protested for not doing all that they can on issues?  Hell yes.

But what I would like to know is where were these groups and protestors last week during the Republican National Convention?  Tampa is only 580 miles south of Charlotte in almost a straight line.

But the obstructionist, and “anti- everything that’s good and right” Republicans were not mass protested at all and they should have really known our anger and frustration with 100 times more protestors.

Perhaps Google Maps was broken.  Or perhaps some protestors just too lazy or scared.

*DNC protestor pics courtesy of Joe My God.

Victoria Jackson Still Loves Gays…But Thinks We Should Be Gay Privately

In are they serious news, Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson, who has become a spectacle of sorts due to extremist religious views, discussed that despite her recent and ultra conservative opinions she still loves her gay friends…but we shouldn’t be out and proud of our sexual oreintation.

Jackson made this proclamation after a longtime friend, Dan Steadman, wrote an article about no longer continuing his friendship with Jackson because of her anti-gay religious right political stance. He wrote about the shift in Jacksson’s political views and how a once endearing, kind, friend became a religious zealout, constantly referring to the extermist conservative GOP views.

“We never officially broke up, but I did ask that I be removed from her Tea Party mailing list. The emails were just getting too bizarre. Fifteen years of friendship slipped away, into the vapors, as they sometimes do.”

SiriusXM OutQ’s Michelangelo Signorile asked Jackson about Steadman’s article at the Republican National Convention this week. Jackson says she didn’t know about it and further elaborated on her opinion about LGBT and our sexuality:

“I didn’t see [the post] but I love my gay friends. My best friends who are gay, I’ve actually never seen them with a boyfriend. It’s like – we’ve never talked about sex. I don’t think people should identify themselves by their sexual life. My identity is in Christ. Some people’s identity is in what country they come from. But I don’t think people should make their identity about their sex life. That should be private. Why are they in the middle of the street in a parade? Why don’t they just have sex in their bedroom alone?”

What the hell? So everyone should be private about their sexuality? So that would mean that there should be no portrayals of sexuality with this asinine opinion. But in order to do so, we’d have to stop with billboards, movies, sitcoms, comedy, radio. etc.,. so that argument completely lacks logic. Sexuality is a part of all of us, and we shouldn’t have to hide it.