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We Got Trouble Right Here In River City, Ex-Gay Religious Bigot Runs For Covington, KY Mayor

You can go almost anywhere in Kentucky with the exception of bigger cities like Lexington, Louisville, and the likes and swing a stick and find someone who’s anti-gay.

So it’s surprising that Covington, Kentucky which is the  fifth-most-populous city in KY, mostly Democrat, and is one of only 3 cities in the state that  includes sexual orientation and gender identity in its non-discrimination laws is having to deal with a bible thumping anti-gay religious bigot named Dara McDowell who is running to become Mayor of Covington.

McDowell who believes she felt God calling on her to run for Mayor of Covington hopes to focus primarily on economic issues, job creation, and tourism and the dreaded “homosexual agenda”

“I’m concerned about leaving behind a town for my children, for all children, that is pro-homosexual agenda.”  McDowell had said according to the River City News who has been coving this story.

“(Homosexuality) is a choice, I think it’s important to respect choices, but to promote it? I see the undercurrent of that (in Covington).”  McDowell has also said that she would oppose gay pride festivals in the city which has held such an event the past two years. “I see what happens at gay pride parades and I don’t want them in my town,” she said.

Okay now here’s the kicker!

After the River City News posted their original story about McDowell and many people took offense to her anti-gay rhetoric and left messages on  RCN’s Facebook page, McDowell responded on Facebook to the criticism of her positions, posting that she in fact “used to be gay” and  also a drug user.!

Man with a man is a sin. So is woman with woman. But so is lying and gossiping… and calling your brother a “fool”. Everybody sins. I’m a sinner. I used to be gay. I used to have illicit sex (any sex outside of marriage). I’m sure you did too. I used to take drugs. Perhaps you did the same. I’m sure I sinned as soon as a put my feet to floor, today. But when we tell children that it’s “good” to sin… that’s where we are asking God to bring judgement, I think. I absolutely LOVE gay people, gay people are my favorite people to hang out with. I can list the reasons why, but I’ll save it for later. I totally accept you where you are… as I would like you to accept me. I just fear that if we PROMOTE homosexuality as a good thing, such as the lewd sexual behaviors that we have ALL seen in those ridiculous gay pride parades and march it all in front of children and loudly proclaim “this is a good thing!” – I think we are just asking for trouble, not just in the form of judgement from God, but in the form of a confused generation. And I just don’t want to sit here watch it happen. The reason that you are so angry with me is because you are actually angry with yourselves. You know this is wrong. There is something wrong about it. But because you have been indoctrinated and brain washed into thinking it’s okay, you doubt your own heart… and thus you are inwardly angry… It’s okay. I’ve been there. I used to be gay and I HATED people like me… then. But like it or not, I’m here to offer a choice, and perhaps, maybe preferably, a wake up call.

And the scariest part?

McDowell is now the mother of 8 and is a mentor at Covington Independent Public Schools.

Now THOSE are the children that I REALLY worry about.

Ex-Gays are like ex-smokers.  They still want to have some but since they won;t they have to make life miserable for everyone else that still does.

Special thanks to River City News.