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Liberty Counsel Hate Group LIES That Marriage Bill Will Legalize Pedophilia, Polygamy, Incest, “And Other Perversions”

Anti-LGBT Liberty Counsel Witch-hunt Of Florida Lesbian High School Teacher FAILS Miserably

A Tampa, Florida high school teacher who was accused by an extremist anti-LGBT organization of banning crosses while advocating for gay rights has been cleared of wrongdoing after a school district investigation.

Lora Jane Riedas, who teaches freshman math at Riverview High School and is faculty adviser of Riverview’s Gay Straight Alliance, said she did not allow rosaries, as they are considered gang symbols and not allowed in the school dress code.

The Liberty Counsel, the group that represented Kim Davis, the Kentucky court clerk who made headlines in 2015 after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. The group alleged that Riedas didn’t let students wear crosses and that her efforts to help LGBT students feel comfortable in her classroom had crossed a line into political activism. It made the others feel “marginalized and excluded, and not full members of the classroom community,”

Liberty Counsel founder Mathew Staver says the messaging goes too far. It’s not just a symbol, he says, but the combination.

It’s the rainbow stickers Riedas is accused of placing on student folders. It’s a poster that says “Ally,” a term for people supportive of their LGBT friends.

The original complaint took issue with posters in the classroom that say “Ally” and “Safe Place.” Principal Danielle Shotwell saw nothing wrong with the posters. Riedas said the terms do not refer specifically to gay and transgender students, but to anyone who fears being bullied

“She’s free to do what she wants to do in her own time outside of that classroom,” Staver said. “She’s free to be a sponsor of a student-initiated, student-led club. But she crosses the line when she brings things into the classroom that pushes her ideas onto the students. You talk about being inclusive. But she’s not including people who do not agree with her.”

Superintendent Jeff Eakins said Monday he is pleased to have ordered a thorough investigation. “We, as a district, have a responsibility to our employees to give them due process,” he said.

“This investigation revealed that we are being respectful to all students. We’re being respectful to our employees in giving them due process. We always have to make sure that we are hearing the whole story.”

“I still have no idea what student is even complaining,” Riedas said. “No one asked to be taken out of my class.” instead the Liberty Counsel began building its case.

Staver also said the fight is not over.

“We’ll be following up with another letter to the school,” he said. “We have other students who have come forth in other classes as well. We’ll likely get that letter out tomorrow, Wednesday the latest.

Last month Mat Staver, The Liberty Counsel and Liberty University were added  to a RICO lawsuit over their involvement in the kidnapping of 9 year-old Lisa Miller.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel: DOMA Ruling Will Lead Christians To A Revolution! – Video

Evil Prayers

All I can say about the so-called “Christian” revolution is:  Bring it, bitches!

The majority of the people in this country will shame your asses back to the Dark Ages where you belong.

By the way Mat.  How are those RICO and kidnapping investigations against you and the LC working out ?

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: Gay Hating Military Members, We Got Your Back!

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

“To any member of the armed services who is harassed, demeaned, reprimanded or charged by this Obama Pentagon with obeying Jesus – with endeavoring to ‘recruit or convert’ others to His exclusive saving grace – we at Liberty Counsel are delighted to say, ‘We’ve Got your back!’ Pro bono. Free of charge. How are we able to do this? Through the generous financial and prayer support of more than 1.2 million Liberty Counsel donors and supporters. So please, get this information to every member of the armed forces you know. If you (or they) are being persecuted in any way, at any time for sharing the love of Christ, let us know.” –  Currently under RICO investigation  Liberty Counsel leader  Matt Barber,

1.2 million? In your dreams fat boy.

Maybe the Liberty Counsel loons aren’t aware of the fact that the law against religious recruitment and converting on military bases was passed during Dubya’s administration.

Matt Barber. Failed boxer, failed insurance agent, and  current religious extremist ambulance chasing grifter.

Only in America folks.

Gay Hating Military Solders, We Got Your Back!


Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: NBA’s Jason Collins Gay Superhero of the Deviant Sexual Lifestyle

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

Under Federal RICO investigation Liberty Counsel professional gay hater Matt Barber went after newly out openly gay NBA player Jason Collins in his latest  WWD (Wingnut World Daily) column called Pulling No Punches column (Get it?  Pulling No Punches.  Fat Matt is a failed boxer) in which he calls Jason Collins a ” fading, 34 year-old NBA free agent” and  gay superhero of a “considered-deviant-sexual-lifestyle” and threw in a dash of bestiality just to spice things up.

So I guess you’ve heard. Fading, 34 year-old NBA free agent Jason Collins has  been declared a hero for publicly announcing that he digs dudes. Well, it’s  about time! Used to be all a guy had to do was die at Omaha Beach or some other  such nonsense. The Imperialist USA is finally seeing some major progress.

Merriam-Webster’s defines courage as “mental or moral strength to venture,  persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” Think of it. Just as his  middling basketball career was coming to a close and he was preparing to fade  into relative obscurity – joining millions of others in the Obama unemployment  lines – Jason Collins stood tall and said, “No! I will not take the easy road!”

This selfless giant of a man put everything on the line and valiantly  announced to the world (Optional: may or may not insert theme to “Battle Hymn of  the Republic” here) – announced to the world: “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m  black. And I’m gay.”

With everything to lose and nothing to gain, Jason Collins, in one single,  selfless act, has rushed forward to jump on that “homophobic” grenade of  persecution each of his LGBT brethren, sistren and whatever-else-tren face  daily. For every oppressed dude-digging-dude, chick-digging-chick or  cross-dressing whatchahoozie, Jason Collins has “taken one for the home  team.”

But, lest you worry about Jason Collins’ incredible act of courage going  otherwise unlauded by this president and his mainstream media, I shall hasten to  comfort you. For Mr. Obama also heaped spoonfuls of sparkly-sweet sugar upon  Jason’s hate-tattered brow at a frenzied news conference. CBS News describes it  thusly: “President Obama told reporters he ‘couldn’t be prouder’ of NBA player  Jason Collins, who one day earlier announced he was gay. Mr. Obama said Collins  is ‘a role model’ to be able to say, ‘I’m still 7-foot-tall and can bang with  Shaq, and deliver a hard foul.’”

Um, right, exactly. If we can’t be proud of sodomy, what can we be proud  of?

Seriously, I’d encourage the next pro athlete engaged in some other  hitherto-considered-deviant-sexual-lifestyle to ride the wave.

Who knows, in today’s ever-”progressive” culture, I could see President Obama  awarding the Medal of Honor to the first polo player courageous enough to admit  having a thing for his horse.”

I guess failed boxer, failed insurance agent,  and now professional homophobe Matt Barber thinks “out christian” NBA star Dwight Howard who has fathered 5 children out-of-wedlock with 5 different women is the bastion of morality.

As for the horse Fat Matt would know a lot about that.  Insanity doesn’t run in his family.  It fucking gallops.


OMFG! – Liberty Counsel To Make GLEEK Movie Musical About Religious Liberty Starring Erik Estrada

Liberty Counsel Musical

Seriously, I kid you not.

Mat Staver and Matt Barber’s anti-gay Liberty Counsel which is  currently under investigation and dealing with a civil RICO lawsuit [PDF] for the role they played in helping ex-gay Lisa Miller kidnap her daughter from her ex-lesbian partner and leave the country is working on a feature film to be released next year called Uncommon, starring Erik Estrada.  Uncommon will help spread propaganda and educate teens, parents, and school officials on religious liberty in the public schools and their right to be total teen douchebag bigots.


From the Uncommon website:

The film will address the questions about religious liberty of students in public schools. Estrada, who is currently touring for his most recent, faith-based film, Finding Faith, stated his reason for getting involved: “For too long the confusion about prayer at graduation or a Christian-themed musical to be performed in a public school has left Christians uncertain and silent. It’s time we found our voice.”

Both a film and a musical, Uncommon will challenge teens to live dynamically by faith even during unjustified conflict. The film is about high school students who run into conflict with those who think public schools should be religion-free zones. The film will feature scenes with drama, music, and dance.

And get this.  Theres an OPEN AUDITION  on March 22-23, 2013 @ Liberty Christian Academy and  they are looking for “over the top talented teens and college-age boys and girls to sing and perform dance routines in the film. Huge personalities are a plus!” (They’re talking about uber-Christian kids right?)

Anyway it all seems legit and completely HYSTERICAL!

Starring Erik Estrada……. I’M DYING HERE!


Liberty Counsel Loons Staver and Barber: Jesus Is In The Closet And That Leads To Gay Marriage!

Mat Staver and Matt “Bam Bam” Barber of the RICO indicted Liberty Counsel somehow try to connect the “War on Christmas” to same-sex marriage with insane results.

“Baby jesus is in the closet!”

You just can’t make this stuff up kids!

Jesus Christ! – Catholic Church Refuses To Confirm Teen After Pro-Gay Marriage Facebook Post

A Catholic priest at the Assumption Church in Barnesville, MN found a pro same-sex marriage post on the teenagers Facebook page and is now refusing to allow 17-year-old Lennon Cihak to be confirmed with the rest of his class.

The decision by the Rev. Gary LaMoine (218-354-7320 )to deny the religious rite of passage for Lennon Cihak in mid-October shocked his mother, who said her son has gone to church every week and volunteered around the community in preparation for his confirmation this year. “You kind of know the Catholic beliefs, but I never thought they would deny somebody confirmation because you weren’t 100 percent. I guess that’s what shocks me,” Shana Cihak said. Lennon said fellow students in his confirmation class “liked” the photo on Facebook, but they were still allowed to be confirmed. “I just thought it was wrong to single him out,” Shana said. Her husband, Doug Cihak, agreed. “(LaMoine) was talking about ‘God doesn’t believe in this.’ Well, God created Lennon,” said Doug, adding that he was baptized and raised in the same church. But now the family is not allowed to participate in Communion there, Doug said, and he’s worried as to how far the sanctions will go, expressing concern about being able to be buried alongside his parents.

Every time I think the Roman Catholic Church has sunk to a new lower level of arrogance, they surprise me with yet another record low-level.  The Vatican is looking more and more like the Mafia daily

When a church no longer serves its members but expects its members to serve it, it has failed.

And I would like to know why a Catholic Priest was looking at a 17 year old boys Facebook page in the first place?

Actually nevermind.  I have an idea why.

Washington State Catholic Diocese Orders Special Service Collections To Fight Same Sex Marriage

The Reverend Joseph J. Tyson of the Diocese of Yakima has ordered that catholic churches within his district make a special collection to be donated to Preserve Marriage Washington to fight against same-sex marriage in Washington state.

Labor Day Weekend marks the beginning of Preserve Marriage Month, the official start to our educational program to inform parishioners about Catholic teaching on marriage and Referendum 74 (R‐74), which would redefine marriage. R‐74 will appear on the ballot in November. “With the other bishops of our state I will issue a statement reinforcing that marriage between one man and one woman is central to Catholic teaching.” I am asking you to announce a special parishioner financial appeal at each Mass on the weekend of August 25/26 or September 1/2 – whichever one you choose – to promote the September 8/9 in‐pew collection for the Preserve Marriage Washington campaign. This important appeal will benefit the campaign to reject R‐74.

This “fund drive” by the Diocese of Yakima clearly violates the directives/laws that prohibit churches from engaging in political activities.  The law allows a 501(c)(3) to engage in “insubstantial” lobbying regarding a particular cause, but  I would say that this pass-the-collection-plate action clearly violates the law and this Diocese should be investigated immediately and lose their 501(c)(3)

I say tax the souless bastards.

*Hat Tip to the hairy, hunky and hung Joe Jervis at Joe My God

U.S. Office of Personnel Management Refuses To Remove Anti-Gay Hate Groups From Federal Charity Program

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has declined a request to remove two extremist anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council and the American Family Association from a federal employee charitable giving program known as the Combined Federal Campaign by senior federal employee Gary Cunningham and other federal employees.

The CFC bills itself on its website as the world’s largest charitable giving program. In 2010 federal workers donated more than $281.5 million to charitable organizations in the U.S. and abroad. In the 50 years since the CFC was created, federal employees have donated more than $7 billion to thousands of national and local charitable groups.

Cunningham, joined by several other federal workers, made the request for removing the Family Research Council and the American Family Association from the CFC on grounds that the organizations were listed as hate groups.

The OPM, which is headed by John Berry, an out gay man, responded by stating “The ideology of a charity is not considered. No federal tax dollars are provided to any charity through the CFC. Donors can select which CFC charities they wish to contribute to and exclude charities they do not want to support.”

OPM spokesperson Brittney Manchester added “OPM does not consider a charitable organization’s political activity or viewpoint when making eligibility determinations. Giving to charities through the CFC is a matter of personal choice for federal employees, who have the option to ensure that their contributions go only to the specific charities they designate.”

And even though Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, wrote in a commentary in the Washington Post on Tuesday that the designation of the Family Research Council as a hate group is justified. Griffin said FRC’s long history of “claiming the mantle of ‘deeply held religious beliefs’” to propagate “lies that denigrate an entire group of people” supports the designation as a hate group. A source familiar with HRC said HRC would not support expelling FRC and other groups from the CFC “because of the implications that it could have for pro-LGBT organizations in an unfriendly (GOP) administration.” (Because after all  a civil rights group and  hate groups have so much in common.)

Other anti-LGBT hate groups that receive donations through Combined Federal Campaign include Pat Robertson’s 700 Club; the Alliance Defense Fund; and Focus on the Family.