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OPRAH To Feature Inspirational Religious Bigots Rick Warren and Joel Osteen on “Lifeclass”

Oprah Winfrey who has always said that she is a staunch supporter of LGBT rights and equality has just taped one of her newest Lifeclass program, where viewers “get the lessons we can all use to lead our best possible lives,”  featuring the wisdom of two anti-gay pastors Joel Osteen and Rick Warren.

Osteen, a mega-church pastor in Houston, claims he doesn’t hate gays, only views them as sinful. and endorses “ex gay” therapy  and California pastor Warren is proudly against marriage equality. He also campaigned for Prop. 8 and declared support for Chick-fil-A and its anti-gay policies.

What the hell is Oprah thinking?  To use and promote these two religious bigots does not just endorse some of the views which she might find favorable it legitimizes all of their views.

If Oprah really cared she would know better.  You can’t straddle the fence on bigotry and civil rights to appease your audience and get ratings.  Hosting Osteen and Warren is both hurtful and offensive to the LGBT community .

One would think that Oprah of all people would know that.

Saddleback Mega-Church “Pastor” Rick Warren Says Embracing Marriage Equality Would “Weaken” Christianity

Evangelical Southern Baptist and founder of the Mega Saddleback Church, has told told ABC News that gay marriage would “weaken” the church if the church were to embrace it. 

Warren, who was a major influence on Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill also gave the invocation on January 20th, 2008 at President Obama’s inauguration and Obama praised the Mega-church leader in his second book “The Audacity of Hope.

WARREN: And so I believe what Jesus says about the Bible – and he says the Bible is the word of God. Well, if the Bible is the word of God, then I don’t have the right to change it. Policies come and go over the years. And so if I’m unpopular for certain beliefs, well, then I’m unpopular for certain beliefs. And to me, the Bible is very clear that sex is for a man and a woman in marriage only.

Source:  The New Civil Rights

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Back2Stonewall.com Mentioned In The New Book: Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage by Tracy Baim

Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage is a new book by long-time Chicago-based journalist Tracy Baim. 

It is an in-depth look at the career of President Barack Obama and his views about gay-related issues, starting when he ran for Illinois senate in 1996 and ending mid-way through his term as president.

Baim is joined by some of the most respected LGBT journalists, bloggers, and activists from around the US. The book includes articles by Chuck Colbert, Lisa Keen, Karen Ocamb, Bob Roehr and others; essays by Wayne Besen, Sean Cahill, John D’Emilio, Kerry Eleveld, Rod McCullom, the Reverend Irene Monroe, Michelangelo Signorile, Andrew Tobias, and Phill Wilson; and dozens of interviews with Chicago and national gay movement leaders

Back2Stonewall.com is mentioned on page 241 and is now officially a part of LGBT History.

I know it doesn’t seem like much.  But it does make me feel very proud that soemthing I did actually went noticed.

Nick Jonas And the Reverend Rick Warren – A Douchebag Bromance Made In Hell

Those squeaky clean Disney Jonas brothers joined Pastor Rick Warren as “guest worship leaders” at Angels Stadium yesterday for Saddleback Ranch’s Easter service. Warren was a vocal supporter of Proposition 8 in California and has close ties to anti-gay Ugandan pastor and “kill the gays” bill supporter Martin Ssempa, though Warren has spoken out publicly against the bill.

Well, good to know the little no-talents are religio-fascists as well. More reason to hate their little smug ass-faces every time they infect the airwaves.

What makes it all the more disgusting is that “ALLEGEDY” the ugly Jonas (Kevin) is gay.  So they’re hugging a man that hates their closeted gay brother,

As Stephanie Tanner would say, “How rude!”