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Homo Say What? – Alabama DJ’s Rick Burgess & Bubba White Trash Apologize To Their Advertisers But Not To Us Gays.

Rick Burgess — who went on a Biblical rampage against the president’s LGBT Pride Month proclamation on his radio show Rick & Bubba issued an apology on his radio station’s homepage.  Problem is it’s not really an apology to us gays.

This is textbook ‘apologetic-sounding non-apology,’ that admits zero wrongdoing and satisfies no one save the “Rick & Bubba Show’s” legal counselors. Or in other words go fuck yourselves.

Well then…..

Dear Rick & Bubba:

All Christian Redneck DJ’s out there are nothing more than ignorant, homophobic, closet case pig fuckers who marry their sisters and cruise riverbanks looking for someone to tie to a tree and make squeal like a pig.  This was made from my angry queer world perspective and by no means was intended to offend or alienate anyone who doesn’t share my point of view.

Angry Queer Blogger.

Or in other words go fuck yourselves!

Homo Say What? – Redneck Bigot Alabama DJs SLAM Obama’s Gay Pride Proclamation (Video)

Talk about products of generations of inbreeding….

Pam Spaulding over at Pam’s House Blend posted this clip from Alabama talk show DJs Rick & Bubba in which they mock LGBT people and Gay Pride, using Obama’s LGBT Pride Proclamation as a jumping-off point, explaining to their audience that there’s not “fornicator pride” day or “adulterer” appreciation day.

These guys are obviously such good satirists they don’t even realize themselves that’s what they are. I mean Bubba? And you’re from Alabama? And preaching against LGBTs using the bible?

Remember Alabama you can still marry your first cousin legally. Thump that “Bubba” & Rick.

Watch the disgusting rant below and be sure to visit the RICK AND BUBBA MUST GO! Facebook page.