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Lawrence O’Donnell: Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Wants To Make Blowjobs Illegal – Video

Lawrence ODonnell Cuccinelli

The awesome Lawrence O’Donnell on the The Last Word, demanded that Virginia attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli  the anti-gay,  anti-sodomy, anti-oral sex crusader be asked about his own sex life in upcoming debates.

Mediaite writes:

O’Donnell was inspired to read the law in question, and proceeded to share with his viewers exactly how horny elected officials get when they really put their minds to it. He read some very vivid and graphic legal descriptions of what sodomy is, especially the part that calls it a “crime against nature.”

But it’s not just strictly sodomy that’s out of bonds, it’s “most gay and straight sex” and sex with “any brute animal.” Cunnilingus is right out. In fact, the only type of sex that technically remains legal is heterosexual vaginal intercourse.

All of this led O’Donnell to a very important conclusion: when Cuccinelli participates in gubernatorial debates, it is completely fair and reasonable to ask him if he has ever violated that law with his wife.

I love you Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence O’Donnell Delivers A Scathing Takedown of ROMNEYMEN and Tagg Romney Wanting To Punch Obama

Lawrence O’Donnell last night on Rewrite delivered a brilliantly, scathing, coherent, and  laser-beam precise take-down of Mitt Romney and his wimpy-ass trust fund sons culminating in a challenge to Tagg Romney over his remarks that he wanted to “take a swing” at Obama during the presidential  debate.

“So. You wanna take a swing at someone for  calling your old man a liar? Take a swing at me. Come on. Come on. And don’t  worry. There won’t be any Secret Service involved. Just us. And I’ll make it  easy. I’ll come to you. Anytime, anywhere. Go ahead Taggart. Take your best  shot.”

PLEASE make it a televised event.