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Video – Dr. Frankenstein Your Monster Is Calling – GOP Town Hall Meetings Erupt In Bedlam and Shouts Of "Liar"

GOP Town Hall meeting are erupting into anger filled triads between politicans and voters as the American public realizes that htey have been lied to, duped, amd used by the GOP.

Above:  Florida  GOP Rep. Daniel (Devil) Webster deals with angry constituentsas they react to the Paul Ryan Republican budget, end of Medicare, Medicaid cuts, tax giveaways to the rich in the GOP plan

Below: GOProuds pin-up boy and evil budget mastermind GOP Rep Paul Ryan finds himself being booed, screamed at callaed “liar” over giving more tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy.

Magically delicious!

Larry Kramer Inspires At Demonstration: "Our rights are denied us. Our love is denied us. We are even denied the right to fight for our country. How long must we be denied all of this before we truly rise up in united anger! "

Mike Petrelis over at the Peterlis Files did a great piece overnight on Larry Kramer who gave a spEech tonight at a demonstration  against President Obama’s sloooow course of action on HIV/AIDS issues.

Kramer, the original angry gay activist not only spoke about the horrendously state of HIV/AIDS actions and inactions that have taken place in America but also spoke from the heart about us,  The LGBT Community and how we have been denied and abused and treated like doormats and have allowed it.

It’s a great  speech. Worthy of Harvey himself.  And one well worth reading, taking to heart and moving on.

“Obama is not my president. Obama is not your president. Obama does not like AIDS. Obama does not like gays. Now what are we going to do about it? Because we continue to sit on the sidelines while our world is denied us, yes, our world, which is as much our world as anyone else’s, is denied us. Our rights are denied us. Our love is denied us. We are even denied the right to fight for our country. How long must we be denied all of this before we truly rise up in united anger!

Why is it always so hard for us to fight back? This man does not like us. When someone does not like you, you fight back. This Obama who is not my president and not your president obviously does not like us. It is not a secret. Day after day and week after week and month after month he tells us he does not like us. He tells us! He does not keep this a secret. His government does not like us. His chief of staff does not like us. His Attorney General does not like us. His Department of Justice does not like us. His Generals do not like us. His Department of Health and Human Services does not like us. This is not a new situation for us. President after President have treated us so badly. Ronald Reagan. George Bush the first. Bill Clinton. George Bush the second. Barack Obama. They have all treated us like… shit. Like little pieces of shit that they can step on with their heels and grind into the ground. Obama is treating us just like that. Like little pieces of shit he can grind into the dirt with his heel to make us go away. I wish you could see that. I wish you could see what he is doing to us for for what it is. He is manipulating us into invisibility. He HAS manipulated us into invisibility. Our people in Washington live in a never-never cloud cuckoo-land, thinking that this man likes us, not responding as, little by little, he take bits and pieces of us away. That is how they control us. Can’t you see that? Why can’t our people in Washington see that? They give them a dinner as they take away another right.

How long are we going to allow ourselves to be treated with such disdain, to be cast way in such an unwanted and disposable and ignoble fashion?

We forget what miracles we once were able to accomplish. Every single treatment for HIV/AIDS is out there because of us. If they are out there because of us, why can’t all the people waiting for Ryan White meds get them? Why can’t over 90% of the rest of the world get them? We did not fight for them just for ourselves. So many dead young men fought as activists for those drugs to save the world and this Obama will not let them save the world. Little by little he takes away our Ryan White drugs in America and our PEPFAR drugs for the rest of the world and our AIDS organizations and clinics everywhere so he can grind even more people with his heel into the earth like little helpless smelly pieces of shit. Yes, this man, like all his rotten hateful predecessors treats us like shit.

I am so tired of being treated like shit.

I wish you could realize that my words and my language and my vocabulary are not too strong. They are not strong enough!

I beg of us all. Re-assemble! Re-unite! Fight back once more with the passion and honor and truth and unity and brotherhood as we once did. We once accomplished miracles. Why do we not recall our glorious fights and build anew upon them? They treat us like shit because we let them treat us like shit. When will we get that into our heads and hearts and fight back?

How effective and fierce and unstoppable we can be when we take action together. The only reason we got those drugs is because of direct action, mobilization, fighting back. That is the reality of what we have been able to accomplish. We are alive, for those of us who are still alive, because we saved ourselves! When we fought back rudely and together, we were able to achieve miraculous victories. I take these victories, as do many of you, every morning with my breakfast.

This Obama president made a commitment to ensure that America does its fair share to fight AIDS, in Africa, in America, and around the world. He has broken that promise. He, like Clinton, has lied to us. He does not like us, this president, as the other presidents did not like us. We are not a part of their American People. He does not want us to get married, he does not want us to fight for our country, he does not want to end the plague of AIDS.

We must have the presence of mind and the force of character to insist that he and his society are wrong and we are right.

Do you need to know any more than this? This is all you need to know. And that once upon a time we accomplished miracles.

Can we do it again? Oh, please, can we do it again?”



Will The House Even Vote On EDNA And The DADT Repeal This Year? It’s Beginning To Like Like We’ve Been PUNK’D

Three articles today raise concern about prospects for progress on repeal of DADT and passage of ENDA in the House this year wgich is really alarming because time is running out.

The first article talks about how the House is taking a very non-controversial approach to the rest of the session. Via The Hill:

While not exactly sitting, the House has slowed its pace considerably since completing work on healthcare. In three of the past four weeks, the lower chamber has been in session just three days, with members arriving late Tuesday and heading back home by Thursday afternoon after scant debate and legislating.

That is by design, and isn’t likely to change, leadership aides say.

“Everything we’re doing now is with an eye on November,” one Democratic leadership aide said. “The agenda has got to be things we can sell, and that we have time to sell.

In Washington Polit-hack speak, that means LGBT equality issues don’t fall into “things we can sell.”

Next up we have An article from the Washington Post on ENDA, focuses on the fact that the bill provides protections for transgendered workers. There is, of course, the perfunctory hatefulness from the Traditional Values Coalition. Reporters sure love to reprint TVC’s garbage without rebuttal from any organization on our side. But, more ominous is the message from one of the leading Blue Dogs

“I don’t think they should bring it up,” said Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), the former Washington Redskins quarterback-cum-congressman. “First, let’s get our fiscal house in order.”

Shuler, who serves as chief whip for the Blue Dog Coalition, said moderates have “walked the plank a lot around here on things that never go anywhere in the Senate” and that asking them to vote on a transgender bill in this year’s political climate would be “a mistake.” Asked whether he thought the bill would ever reach the floor, he said, “I can’t imagine that it would.”

Not that we’d expect a right-winger like Shuler to support equality, but his message is consistent with how many members of the Democratic caucus feel right now about most issues. And, Blue Dogs often call the shots on Capitol Hill (with assistance from their pals, Rahm Emanuel and  his butt-boy Jim Messina.)

Then, Chris Johnson has an interview with Speaker Pelosi about the repeal of DADT that is SO less than inspiring:

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday that she remains uncertain about how lawmakers will address “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” this year, although she said inclusion of repeal as part of defense budget legislation would be an optimal vehicle for passage.

“As you probably are well aware, I have never supported ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ and look forward to a time soon when it will no longer be the policy,” she said in response to a Blade inquiry. ”How we get from here to there – we’ll make those determinations as we go forward”

In a nutshell kids Our rights are not sellable, to them. All we were, and continue to be, is a source of money, votes and volunteering and all that gets us is a few crumbs here and there. We are barely a demographic worth exploiting. We are not feared or respected. And THAT is something we MUST become

We need to face facts and stop hanging on threads of promises that aren’t going to happen,  We got punked, fucked over, betrayed, sold a bunch of snake oil, whatever.

Now we need to figure out what to do NEXT?

Robert Gates Announces Changes In "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" Policy, States No Repeal This Year, And The HRC Shows NO Backbone……AGAIN

Earlier today Robert Gates announced changes in the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy effective immediately which basically comes down to unless you are wearing Freedom Rings and waving a rainbow flag it will be much harder for lesbians and gay men to be discharged under the current DADT policy.

From The New York Times:

The changes raise the level of officer authorized to initiate a fact-finding inquiry into a case, the level of officer who can conduct an inquiry and of the one that can authorize a dismissal. To discourage the use of overheard statements or hearsay, from now on any evidence given in third-party outings must be given under oath, Gates said. Cases of third-party outings also have included instances in which male troops have turned in women who rejected their romantic advances or jilted partners in relationship have turned in a former lover. Some kinds of confidential information also will no longer be allowed, including statements gays make to their lawyers, clergy, psychotherapists or medical professionals in the pursuit of health care.”

Said Gates: “I do not recommend a change in the law before we have completed our study. There is a great deal we don’t know about this…there is a lot we have to address in terms of what would be required in the way of changed regulations, in terms of benefits. There are a lot of unanswered questions in terms of the implementation of this proposed change in the law.”

In reference to the last paragraph Gates basically said this morning, categorically, that he does not want Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed this year, until every little detail, report, and issued is raised which could take YEARS, if it happens at all because, and mark my words on this,  many who oppose the idea will say now that its harder to discharge gays and lesbians why go through the bother.  (Other than the fact that it’s WRONG)

So enter Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign who PRAISED Gates’ comments, suggesting that they were a “positive step toward repeal this year.” (Did he READ the same statement?  How in the world did he get “this year” out of that? Hey Joe! Reading comprehension is your friend!)

Of course, HRC won’t criticize Gates because President Obama signed off on Gates’ DADT statement this morning. And we all know where HRC’s loyalty lies.  Obama and the Democrats first, us second, or possibly third. When the Secretary of Defense says no, and the President of the United States is either too busy or scared to defend his own campaign promise, or worse, complicit in undercutting our civil rights, very few members of Congress are going to disagree. And obviouly the HRC doesn’t give a shit.

Solmonese and the HRC has been warned repeatedly that the Democrats are expecting an electoral bloodbath in the November congressional elections, including the distinct possibility that the Republicans will take over the US House and they pissed away the two year window that we had to make any stides by having cocktails with Obama and kissing ass. because if the Dems lose Congress, the House, and the Presidency in 2012 in plain language the fight fopr our rights is dommed.

It’s time to hold the HRC accountable for it’s failure.  Not only the most recent failures of the past few years but the past 30 years of wasted time and millions upon millions oif dollars in our donations it has squandered and mispent getting us no where fast.  As long as the HRC stands up and says it represents us, it IS accountable to us.

It’s time for us to take our stand against the HRC and DEMAND change within the organization and with the organization itself.

The question is who’ll stand with me?