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Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Sues GOP Rep Jim Jordan Over Interference in Trump Case

7th Former College Wrestler Comes Forward: Jim Jordan “Definitely Knew”

The Washington Post reports:

A seventh former Ohio State University wrestler said Saturday that he believes Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) knew about inappropriate behavior that allegedly took place in the school’s athletic department three decades ago, as two more former team members came to Jordan’s defense.

David Range, who wrestled for Ohio State in the late 1980s, said Jordan had to have known about alleged sexual misconduct by Richard Strauss, an athletic doctor whose behavior is under investigation by the school, because it happened regularly to team members and people talked about it. Jordan has denied he knew, saw or heard about any inappropriate behavior while he was an assistant wrestling coach from 1987 to 1995.

“Jordan definitely knew that these things were happening — yes, most definitely,” Range told The Washington Post. “It was there. He knew about it because it was an everyday occurrence.”

As of this writing no politicians, Democrats or Republicans have called for Jim Jordan’s resignation. 

North Carolina Election Official Resigns Rather Than Put Anti-Gay Same Sex Marriage On Ballot

Sherre Toler, the director of elections for Harnett County has resigned her position as director of elections for Harnett County  because Toler would rather leave her job than be a party to facilitating a bigoted anti-gay same sex ballot initiative set for this May that would allow discrimination under the North Carolina Constitution.

Toler writes:

On January 3, 2012 I resigned my position as Director of Elections for Harnett County, NC. I am extremely proud of the progress and accomplishments made to the voting procedures and polling places in Harnett County over the last eleven and a half years. I am especially proud that the Board of Election’s Office has always been operated in a fair, efficient and non-partisan manner during my tenure.

Unfortunately, recent actions of the North Carolina General Assembly made it impossible for me to continue as Director of Elections as speaking publicly about candidates or issues appearing on the ballot is prohibited. In September, the legislature passed a bill requiring a referendum be placed on the May, 2012 primary ballot defining marriage as a “union between a man and a woman”. I cannot and will not be a party to such actions….

This is a wonderful story of growth, solidarity, and standing up to do whats right.

Head on over to wonderful  Pam’s House Blend at Fire Dog Lake to read more and Sherre Toller’s full statement

Quislings Eat Their Own – Chris R Barron To Step Down As GOProud Chairman (Pushed?)

Well after a year of mental breakdowns on Twitter, a disasterous CPAC which resulted in GOProud being disinvinted , pissing Andrew Brietbart off and outing Rick Perry’s stratagist. (probably the ONLY halfway decent thing GOProud has ever done for the LGBT Community) Christoper R Barron is stepping down *cough* pushed out *cough* as Chairman of the Auntie Tom Self Loathingfest known as GOFuckYourself GOProud.

MetroWeekly reports:

Lisa De Pasquale, the former director of Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), will be stepping in as the interim chair of the board of directors, although she says in a release that the day-to-day operations of the organization will be unchanged. She already had been serving on GOProud’s advisory council. According to the release, Barron will remain on the board. Executive director Jimmy LaSalvia tells Metro Weekly that he remains the executive director and will remain a board member…According to the release, the group plans to restructure, including by asking several of its advisory council members to join the board.”

Barron said that he “will continue as the organization’s Chief Strategist and I will remain on the Board as Chairman Emeritus” according to a statement on the press release.  Which means he’ll have no power and will continue being the crooked faced talking head on FOX -News

See how evil they are Chrissy?  You FINALLY did  something right by outing the closeted homo on the Perry campaign team who may not have liked it, but went along with Perry’s heinous anti-gay video and the members of YOUR organization fuck YOU without lube.

You know like Ken Mehlman you can always say you are sorry to the left and go work on a marriage equality initiative and next year OUT magazine will name you one of the TOP 100.

I’m covering all bets that LaSalvia will be gone within 2 months

UPDATE: Jarret Barrios Resigns – GLAAD Executive Committee Votes For Jarret Barrios To Resignation

Update 7:11 pm via The Gist:

Jarrett Barrios, the president of GLAAD, has just sent the board of GLAAD his resignation letter. A statement will be going out from GLAAD tonight, but GLAAD confirmed in it an email Barrios did resign…..Now, all the hard-working activists at GLAAD,many of whom are friends and colleagues of mine, can get back to working for LGBT rights without this distraction. The GLAAD board now must remove Troup Coronado from the board. And it has much more to do in looking at the future of the organization

Original Posting:

Jarret Barrios the president of the organization Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has come under fire as of late because of GLAAD who received money from AT&T  issued public statements supporting AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile and to the FCC opposing possible net neutrality rules.

 The executive committee has now voted in favor of removing Barrios, who has refused to resign. Barrios may now take the issue to the full board of directors which also just happens to have an employee of AT&T who sits on it.  (But there’s no news of HIM resigning)

Barrios’ ousting would be a great thing for the put upon organization which has lost almost all credibility and respect of the LGBT Community because of its glitzy facade and lack of work on real media issues.

Barrios who was hired by the Board of Directors in June 2009 was at one time a Massachusetts state legislator but had absolutely no experience or background in communications and/or media and was hired at a salary of 350 thousand dollars a year.

Six Congressional Democrats Calli For Weiner’s Resignation – They Are The Ones Who Should Resign

So far six lilly-livered, GOP ass kissing congressional Democrats have called for  Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-New York) to resign over the “scandalous” and “lewd” pictures that Weiner sent over Twitter.

Never mind that Senator David Vitter (R-Louisiana), slept with hookers, won re-election and remains in office, is holding a $2,500-a-person fundraiser tonight and despite the fact that Weiner had no physical contact with these women, and in fact, did not commit adultery. Weiner’s actions are inappropriate but Vitter’s was illegal

But come on now does Anthony Weiner’s (MIGHTY) dick pic really live up to say the scandal of John Ensign?

And as for the 6 GOP asskissing “so called” Democrats listed below.  YOU are the ones who should be ashamed of yourself by pandering to the Right and not standing up for one of the best and most forceful members of the House that you have.  You six are prime examples of exactly whats wrong with the Democratic party.

1.Senator David Pryor of Arkansas
2.Congressman Mike Ross of Arkansas
3.Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania
4.Congressman Mike Michaud of Maine
5.Congresswoman Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts
6.Congressman Joe Donnelly of Indiana

The Republicans may suck but they stand together.  And that’s why they always win over you.  And since you all seem to be so out of the loop as to not understand this,  not only is the Tea Party the reason that the Democrats lost so many seats in 2010.  It was also because we, your voters stayed home because we are so DISGUSTED with you as a political party. 

And that disgust is continuing to this day

Good Luck in 2012

WATCH Anderson Cooper Interview Clint McCance – McCance Resigns From School Board (Video)

Anderson Cooper interviewed Midland School Board Member Clint McCance following a firestorm of outrage over remarks he made on Facebook celebrating the suicides of teens who killed themselves after homophobic bullying.

McCance apologizes for his words but not for his message.  he constanmtly says that he chose the wrong words.  Not that he should have never written it in the first place. His apology was self-serving at best..

But WE did the right thing here.  WE stood up to the BULLY to protect those who can not.  Thats what we must continue to do and we need to go after and stand up to Perkins, Gallagher, and all the rest and we must do it now!

Robert Gates Announces Changes In "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" Policy, States No Repeal This Year, And The HRC Shows NO Backbone……AGAIN

Earlier today Robert Gates announced changes in the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy effective immediately which basically comes down to unless you are wearing Freedom Rings and waving a rainbow flag it will be much harder for lesbians and gay men to be discharged under the current DADT policy.

From The New York Times:

The changes raise the level of officer authorized to initiate a fact-finding inquiry into a case, the level of officer who can conduct an inquiry and of the one that can authorize a dismissal. To discourage the use of overheard statements or hearsay, from now on any evidence given in third-party outings must be given under oath, Gates said. Cases of third-party outings also have included instances in which male troops have turned in women who rejected their romantic advances or jilted partners in relationship have turned in a former lover. Some kinds of confidential information also will no longer be allowed, including statements gays make to their lawyers, clergy, psychotherapists or medical professionals in the pursuit of health care.”

Said Gates: “I do not recommend a change in the law before we have completed our study. There is a great deal we don’t know about this…there is a lot we have to address in terms of what would be required in the way of changed regulations, in terms of benefits. There are a lot of unanswered questions in terms of the implementation of this proposed change in the law.”

In reference to the last paragraph Gates basically said this morning, categorically, that he does not want Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed this year, until every little detail, report, and issued is raised which could take YEARS, if it happens at all because, and mark my words on this,  many who oppose the idea will say now that its harder to discharge gays and lesbians why go through the bother.  (Other than the fact that it’s WRONG)

So enter Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign who PRAISED Gates’ comments, suggesting that they were a “positive step toward repeal this year.” (Did he READ the same statement?  How in the world did he get “this year” out of that? Hey Joe! Reading comprehension is your friend!)

Of course, HRC won’t criticize Gates because President Obama signed off on Gates’ DADT statement this morning. And we all know where HRC’s loyalty lies.  Obama and the Democrats first, us second, or possibly third. When the Secretary of Defense says no, and the President of the United States is either too busy or scared to defend his own campaign promise, or worse, complicit in undercutting our civil rights, very few members of Congress are going to disagree. And obviouly the HRC doesn’t give a shit.

Solmonese and the HRC has been warned repeatedly that the Democrats are expecting an electoral bloodbath in the November congressional elections, including the distinct possibility that the Republicans will take over the US House and they pissed away the two year window that we had to make any stides by having cocktails with Obama and kissing ass. because if the Dems lose Congress, the House, and the Presidency in 2012 in plain language the fight fopr our rights is dommed.

It’s time to hold the HRC accountable for it’s failure.  Not only the most recent failures of the past few years but the past 30 years of wasted time and millions upon millions oif dollars in our donations it has squandered and mispent getting us no where fast.  As long as the HRC stands up and says it represents us, it IS accountable to us.

It’s time for us to take our stand against the HRC and DEMAND change within the organization and with the organization itself.

The question is who’ll stand with me?