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FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis' Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

SURVEY: 92% Say Life For LGBT’s Will Be Worse Under DeSantis Presidency.

8% of Americans are fucking idiots and/or want us dead.

In a survey of 1,500 adult citizens conducted between Sunday and Tuesday, just 8% of respondents say lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people would be better off under DeSantis. The poll reveals a gender gap. While 12% of men believe DeSantis would benefit LGBTQ+ people as President, only 4% of women feel the same way.

Meanwhile, 40% of respondents believe LGBTQ+ people would be worse off, with 24% saying things would be no different and 28% saying they aren’t sure.

Republicans, conservatives and people who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 were less convinced DeSantis would be bad for LGBTQ+ people. The poll found 13% of Republicans and 14% of conservatives and Trump voters said they would be better off, against 17% of Republicans, 16% of conservatives and 15% of Trump voters who said the opposite.

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House Republicans Block Resolution To Expel Santos, Communications Director Resigns Abruptly.

House Republicans Block Resolution To Expel Santos, Communications Director Resigns Abruptly.

Was there any doubt about the outcome? Santos is the party’s useful “only gay in the village” idiot. Or something.

Via CBS News:

House Republicans on Wednesday blocked a Democratic resolution that would expel GOP Rep. George Santos from Congress, instead voting to refer the matter to a committee while several investigations into his conduct continue.
On Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia of California introduced a measure to expel Santos from the House as a “privileged” resolution, fast-tracking its consideration under House rules.
Republicans moved Wednesday to refer the bill to the House Ethics Committee, which opened a formal probe into Santos in March. That vote, which required a simple majority, succeeded along party lines by a margin of 221 to 204. Seven Democrats voted present.

In other Kitara Ravache news:

Santos communications director Naysa Woomer suddenly resigned on Wednesday, Scripps News has learned. The departure of Woomer, a prominent Republican communications adviser, this is the latest in a string of bad news for Santos, who was indicted on 13 counts, including fraud and money laundering. Woomer said of the departure — appearing to direct the comment toward Santos — “Unfortunately, you never took one point of professional advice given.”

The Republican Party is DEAD and beginning to reek of it.

Federal Judge Blocks PrEP Coverage Under Affordable Care Act- "Obamacare"

Federal Judge Blocks PrEP Coverage Under Affordable Care Act- “Obamacare”

A federal judge in Texas (of course) on Thursday blocked the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare’s mandate that health insurance plans cover preventive care against HIV (PrEP), at no cost to patients.

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor a Republican appointed by George Bush in Fort Worth, Texas, previously found that the PrEP mandate violated a federal religious freedom law and that other no-cost preventive care mandates were based on recommendations by an illegally appointed task force. Now the judge has now blocked the federal government from enforcing the mandates.

The legal challenge was brought by eight individuals and two businesses, all from Texas. They argued that the free PrEP requirement requires business owners and consumers to pay for services that “encourage homosexual behavior, prostitution, sexual promiscuity and intravenous drug use” despite their religious beliefs.

The conservative America First Legal Foundation is helping to represent the plaintiffs. The group was founded by neo-Nazi Stephen Miller, who served as an adviser to Republican President Donald Trump.

American Medical Association President Jack Resneck called it “deeply flawed” and said that patients “will be subjected to needless illness and preventable deaths” as a result.

A month’s supply of Truvada is nearly $2,000 without insurance .

WASHINGTON STATE: Gay Man Vows To Disown Entire Family Unless They Stop Voting Republican

WASHINGTON STATE: Gay Man Vows To Disown Entire Family Unless They Stop Voting Republican

Ryan Short a 42, gay man recently discovered that his 80-year-old father Richard, a veteran who lives in Dallas, Texas, still votes Republican.

Short emailed dozens of family members the next day saying ‘you cannot vote for the GOP and continue to have a relationship with me. No exceptions. The safety and peace of me, my husband, and my community is baseline, non-negotiable, and unrelated to politics. To vote GOP is to divide the family.’

Short said that he didn’t want to ‘waste any more time on things that aren’t bringing light to my life.’ This letter was a boundary, not a persuasion,’ he added. ‘It was not intended to persuade anyone.’

When Short tweeted about what happened he amassed over 15000 likes in just a short while,. But of course there were those GOP MAGA’s who were enraged by his post, with one user commenting ‘you’re an ungrateful disrespectful brat and I’m sure your parents regret having you after that hateful letter.’ Another called it ‘narcissistic and painful to read.

Short, whose Twitter account is currently suspended, said he received mostly positive responses and affirmations from family members who agreed to stop voting Republican. Even his father in the end agreed.

‘Family is family,’ Richard Short said. ‘Being a hard head, I’m a little bit hard to get through to,’ Richard Short said. ‘But then I’m one of these people, I’ll sit back, reflect and think on what I said, and I’m very quick to apologize.’  I was so worried that I had lost my son.’ Richard Short said. ‘And luckily, I have a son in Ryan who accepted my sincere, open, and honest apology.’

Okay. Who’s next?

OKLAHOMA Allows Corporal Punishment For Disabled Students

OKLAHOMA Allows Corporal Punishment For Disabled Students

“Nothing human disgusts me . . . unless it’s cruel.” – Hannah Jelkes, – Night of the Iguana (Tennessee Williams)

Via The New Republic: “On Tuesday, the Oklahoma House, in which Republicans have a supermajority, voted against House Bill 1028, which would have outlawed school district personnel from “using corporal punishment on any student identified with a disability in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.” After lawmakers read Bible verses and talked about the need for physical discipline, the measure failed to proceed by a vote of 45-43. “The rod and reproof give wisdom. But a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame,” said Republican Representative Jim Olsen.”

Oklahoma a state where a drag queen reading a book to kids is unacceptable because it’s child abuse, but literal child abuse is fine.

ANYONE who advocates beating a child, any child let alone one with mental/physical disabilities is not a Christian.

Michigan Drag Show Protestors Outnumbered by Counter-protestors 100 to 1 in Royal Oak

Michigan Drag Show Protestors Outnumbered by Counter-protestors 100 to 1 in Royal Oak

” I have one thing to say: sashay shante. Shante, shante, shante!” – RuPaul

A crowd that police estimated reached 1,000 jammed sidewalks of Royal Oak, Michigan with a peaceable skirmish at the Sidetrack Bookshop on Saturday afternoon when anti-gay drag show protesters were outnumbered by pro-gay protesters by almost 100 to 1.

The Oakland County Republican Party sent out information to members before the event.  ” The OCRP encourages adults to attend this protest. Every seat that responsible adults take allows one less child to be victimized by these events.. Only 12 protestors showed up.

When word got out on social media about the protest, those in support of the LGBT community showed up, They held signs that said “Good Parents Teach Love, Not Hate” and “Hate is a Drag.” At times, the throngs chanted “Bigots go home!”

Jason Frantjeskos, of Westland, shouted “You must repent and turn to Jesus Christ.” Between shouts, Frantjeskos told a reporter, “I’m here to preach the word of God.” He said he’d worked for a tree service for 23 years and that in his spare time, “I’m a street preacher.” With him was Noble D’Angelo, also of Westland, who held a large elaborate sign that displayed a list of sins, from “Porn watchers” and “Liars” to “Sex Freaks” and “LGBT.”

As parents and children lined up outside the shop, lighted billboard trucks playing “Proud to be An American” circled the block, showing digital signs of Jesus, mixed with images of drag queens, and anti-drag sentiments.  Escorts with bright vests who normally walk with women and doctors at pro-choice clinics guarded the doors and helped protect families as they wove through the crowd into the door. 

Story hour at 2 p.m., after which the crowd slowly began disperse. On one corner of West Fourth Street and South Washington, catty-corner from the bookstore, Leslie Jones, 49, of Detroit, was holding forth — and holding a very large bible.

“I’m not a homophobe. You guys are biblephobes,” Jones said, adding: “You’re going to hell, man.”

The Royal Oak Police were on hand as well to keep the peace.

Sources: Oakland County 15 and The Detroit Free Press

Congressman George Santos aka. Miss Kitara Ravache: “My Conscience Is Clean”

GOP’s MTG and George Santos Co-sponsor Book Banning Legislation

Via Mediate:

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and George Santos (R-NY) have co-sponsored a bill that would prohibit publishers from providing schools with “sexually explicit material.” Flagged by LGBT Nation, the bill – H.R. 863 – was filed by freshman Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) last week. Though text of the legislation remains to be seen, its description’s use of the words “sexually explicit material” could prove problematic, as it would seemingly encompass any number of books – including many classics – that describe sexual activity of any kind.

We’d like to add 7 books to that list:

MISSOURI GOP Files Country's Most Extreme "Don't Say Gay" Law

MISSOURI GOP Files Country’s Most Extreme “Don’t Say Gay” Law

Republican state Sen. Mike Moon’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which received a Tuesday committee hearing in the GOP-led Missouri state Senate, is among several filed across the nation this year that are similar to Florida’s new law. But Missouri takes it even one step further.

Missouri’s bill would only allow licensed mental health care providers to talk to students about gender identity and LGBTQ issues in K-12 public schools, and only if guardians first give permission.

“The bill follows the lead of Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill but does so with broader impact and implications than any bill being considered in the nation,” said Katy Erker-Lynch, executive director of the LGBTQ state advocacy group Promo.

Democratic state Sen. Greg Razer, who serves on the committee, called the measure the “most disrespectful bill” he has seen since taking office in 2017. “What is so offensive about me that it can’t be talked about in schools?”

The Missouri measure’s chances of advancing are unclear, but other anti-transgender-related legislation seems likely to pass and signed into law by Republican Governor Mike Parson

Marjorie Taylor Greene Heckles President Biden During Live SOTU Address

Marjorie Taylor Greene Heckles President Biden During Live SOTU Address

Via The Washington Post – Behind paywall

Midway through the State of the Union address, the room turned feisty as some Republican lawmakers began booing President Biden. Some pointed fingers toward his position at the center of the House chamber. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) stood and yelled at him: “Liar!” Greene stood up, jabbed her finger, and yelled toward Biden: “Liar!” Others followed. It was one of several outbursts from Greene who interrupted Biden’s speech by yelling, “China’s spying on us!” and later, “Secure the border!”Marjorie Taylor Greene and The White Trash Sedition Caucus.

Despite Greene’s and other Republican’s shameful outbursts last night. A whopping 72 percent of viewers approved of President Joe Biden‘s State of the Union speech — including 43 percent of Republicans who watched.

Well at least the talking heads at MSNBC loved her outfit.

Rachel Maddow – “Coat of Russian Oligarch’s wife”
Alex Wagner – “Santa in January”
Symone Sanders -“Real Housewives of the Navy”
Michael Steele – “Pomeranian”

Over 100 Anti-LGBT Bills Introduced into State Legislatures So Far In 2023

Over 100 Anti-LGBT Bills Introduced into State Legislatures So Far In 2023

Over 100 bills targeting LGBT rights have been filed in 22 states for 2023 so far all in Republican controlled states.

Texas has taken the lead with 36 such bills, according to Equality Texas, Missouri is next with 26, then North Dakota with eight and Oklahoma with six. 

A new slate of bills targeting drag performers has also emerged, likely in response to increasing protests in the past year against children attending drag brunches or Drag Story Hour, a national program started in 2015 in which drag performers read books to children at libraries, schools and bookstores

As right-wing politicians and media outlets have mainstreamed the use of increasingly inflammatory rhetoric against the LGBT+ community in the United States (New York Magazine, 8 April 2022Vox, 21 April 2022), anti-LGBT political violence has ramped up: with incidents of political violence targeting the LGBT+ community