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Ted Cruz: "Gun Laws Don't Work" (Especially after the almost half a million dollars I've gotten from the NRA and others.)

LISTEN: Ted Cruz’s Phone Call With Anti-Gay Extremist “Porno Pete” LaBarbera and E.W. Jackson – Audio

Ted Cruz I Hate Homos

An audio-tape has surfaced of a phone call which happened last week between Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz and a failed GOP nominee for the post of Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor, and anti-gay activist and hate group leader Peter LaBarbera in which Cruz vows he would actively fight against  and to reverse gay rights.

On the call Cruz talks about the question about the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, comparing it to the Court’s ruling on abortion in Roe v. Wade,

Right Wing Watch:

“It is the decision reminiscent of Roe v. Wade of a handful of unelected judges arrogantly and lawlessly decreeing the authority to fundamentally change our country and to tear down the foundations of the country,” Cruz added.

He also criticized Republicans who decided to “surrender” to the Supreme Court and treat Obergefell as the “settled law of the land.”

“My response to this decision was that it was illegitimate, it was lawless, it was utterly contrary to the Constitution and that we should fight to defend marriage on every front,” he said, before promoting constitutional amendments to overturn the ruling and put justices up for retention elections, along with legislation “to strip the federal courts of jurisdiction over challenges to marriage.”

On LGBT rights and military service referring the repeal of DADT and the right to serve Cruz commented that he was “just hearing terrible things” about the military being “beset with these new LGBT rules”:

“You look at the military and one of the things we’ve seen is morale in the military under the Obama administration has plummeted, and it has plummeted because you have a commander-in-chief that doesn’t support our soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines, you have a commander-in-chief that doesn’t stand up against our enemies, that won’t even acknowledge or say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ and you have a commander-in-chief that treats the military as a cauldron for social experimentation. He’s more interested in promoting homosexuality in the military than he is in defeating our enemy.

For example, the military is now focused on trying to promote transgendered [sic] soldiers. The role of the military is not to be some left-wing social experiment. The reason we have the brave men and women who sign up as service men and women to defend this nation is to stand for our values, to protect our safety and security, to protect innocent men and women and to stand up and defeat our enemies, and I would stop the shameless politicizing of our military to push a left-wing agenda that is contrary to the values and contrary to who we are as an American people and a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values.”

Cruz went on to add that he wanted  “to strip the federal courts of jurisdiction over challenges to marriage.” saying “we will not use the federal government to enforce this lawless decision that is a usurpation of the authority of we the people in this country.”

LaBarbera, the D: List hate group leader of president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality  praised Cruz for his anti-gay advocacy, calling him a “real believer”.

You can listen to the conversation below.


Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum: SCOTUS’ Gay Marriage Ruling ‘Disrupts The Foundation of the World’ – Transcript

Rick Santorum Facebook

On Face The Nation  this week Rick Santorum went further in-depth on his previous statement that the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage “potentially disrupts the foundation of the world” by stating that not only was the Supreme Court  ruling unconstitutional, decided on “a whim”, but also that it constituted an assault on religious liberty.

Santorum also took a break from his BBQ-ing of gay people over an open fire this 4th of July to share with Facebook that he is joining the fight to defending traditional marriage!?

You can read the FTN transcript below.



DICKERSON: All right, I’m going to pivot now to an issue that you talked about this week in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. Some of your competitors in the Republican race have said, well, the issue has been decided and the country needs to move on.

You have taken a different position; you’ve said, no, there needs to be a conversation and you’re trying to lead that conversation. You said that the ruling potentially, quote, “disrupts the foundation of the world.”

What does that mean?

SANTORUM: Well, I said three things.

Number one, that there’s a real question here about the role of the courts in our society, Justice Scalia I think said it best. He says when the — when we subordinate the rights of the people to nine unelected judges, we can no longer be called a democracy.

And what the court did here as Justice Roberts said, was — there’s no constitutional basis for what they did. They simply just acted out of, as one said, a whim. That’s not how a democracy functions. That’s not how a republic functions.

So you’ve got to a basic question, are we going to stand up to the court in doing something that’s really outside of their bounds?

Number two, there’s an assault on religious liberty here. The court basically said, no, churches, you’re allowed to teach what you want but it really didn’t say you’re allowed to practice what you want. I mean, this is, again, a huge infringement on the foundational right that we have which is the First Amendment.

And then third, and this is to the point you make, that it’s a — it really is a further erosion of this founding — foundational building block of society, which is the nuclear family.

And this goes further — I mean, over the last 40 years, we’ve seen a degradation of the nuclear family, no doubt about it. But this further, I say, put the nail in the coffin that we now disconnect the nuclear family from the idea that it’s there for the purpose of having and raising children.

Marriage no longer about kids. It’s simply about adults. And I think that — now that United States is a — it’s still the moral leader of the world, that we’ve now disconnected marriage from children, I think that has profound consequences for not just for America but for the world.

DICKERSON: Can I talk about those consequences a little bit?

In your remarks you said that the children need a mother and father to have a stable, healthy home. You said and also that they need heterosexual parents will love those children and raise them to be good citizens of America.

Can same-sex couples not raise children to achieve those same things?

SANTORUM: I think what we have to do as society, orient ourselves toward what’s best. What we know what’s best from thousands of years in human history is for children to be raised with mothers and fathers, preferably but not always, but preferably with their biological mothers and fathers but certainly adoptive homes are great and wonderful places, too.

But if we are going to try to aim for the best, then we have to have laws that orient society to what’s best.

And we have laws that say, fathers, really, you don’t have to raise your children; mothers, you know, we’re going to provide all sorts of things that make fathers less necessary, if you will.

If you have laws that say, you know, marriage isn’t about children, now for the first time in the history of our country a majority of children born out of wedlock, which is about 40-45 percent of children in America today, are born in homes that the father is still living. That’s — they’re seeing a huge increase in this.

Why? Because we have now said marriage isn’t — I mean, children — having children has nothing to do with marriage so people aren’t getting married. That’s not a good situation to maximize the potential for each and every one of our children.

And that’s really what I’m talking about here, is setting up policies that orient ourselves toward the best end, which is a healthy, stable family for children.

DICKERSON: But, quickly, which is better for families, or which is more of a challenge to families, divorce and adultery and out-of- wedlock births or same-sex marriage? Which is worse? If you had to spend your time prioritizing on one of the two.

SANTORUM: Yes. Yes, I — as you know, John, I’ve been oriented on that, focused on that for a long time. I wrote a book 10 years ago called, “It Takes a Family.” And didn’t talk very much about gay marriage back then; it wasn’t as big of a topic.

I talked a lot about the breakdown of the institution of marriage, the role that fathers need to play, that, you know, 96 percent of Americans are in those types of traditional homes. That is the bigger problem.

And so I would agree with you on that, that we really need to focus a lot more time and energy on reknitting the American family, the — and allowing children to have the best opportunities to succeed.

Family Research Council Adds Republican Platform Plank To Prosecute Porn Companies

Well now the FRC has just gone too far!

As Republicans flocked south for their convention in a city notorious for an abundance of “gentlemen’s clubs,” the GOP was set to adopt language in its official platform calling for strict enforcement of federal obscenity laws, including those concerning illegal distribution of pornography on the Internet, motel and cable TV and even retail stores. The platform revises language from the party’s 2008 document, which opposed child pornography and exploitation, to make an even stronger statement on all pornography: “Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced.” Patrick A. Trueman, president of the anti-obscenity advocacy group Morality in Media, said it was a welcome step forward and credited the work of Family Research Council President Tony Perkins for leading the push. Mr. Perkins, a convention delegate from Louisiana and head of one of the most prominent faith-based organizations in the country, introduced the language. – The Family Research Council vows to prosecute “all forms of pornography by using the GOP

For the GOP, a party that claims to want government out of citizens’ lives, they sure spend a lot of time obsessing over, and trying to control, what the citizens do in the privacy of their own homes.

When the Religious Right first came along in the early 1980’s, then known as the Moral Minority this message from the Adult Video Association was tacked onto the beginning or end of every adult movie in the Unites States

Looks like its time to dust this video off and start playing it again.

Ironically which states purchase the most porn?

It’s the RED STATES. It’s true. Look it up.

The Republican Party Releases The Party Mainfesto, I Mean The Republican’s Pledge To America

The Republican Party today unveiled its Pledge to America, which is really nothing more than the Tea Party Manifesto.  (It really is an insulting to everyones intellegence at this point to to think that the Republican Party IS NOT the Tea Party so lets drop the bullshit shall we?)

And being the homey little bigot obstructionist wackadoodles they are they unveiled and read it a at a Virginia hardware store.  read by John “DC Bathouse” (allegedly) Boehner (R-OH) (pictured left)

Among the other blah, blahh, blah stuff this little ditty was included:  “We pledge to honor families, traditional marriage, life, and the private and faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values.”

You can either read it or print it out to use as toilet paper after the jump….