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NEW YORK: Trump Supporters Crash Ron DeSantis Rally in Long Island [VIDEO]

NEW YORK: Trump Supporters Crash Ron DeSantis Rally in Long Island [VIDEO]

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was on Long Island Saturday promoting his new book, as Trump supporters showed up to protest DeSantis.

Via CBS News New York:

Supporters of former president Donald Trump rallied Saturday on Long Island at an event held by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, his potential rival for the Republican presidential nomination.
His supporters organized a Trump Waving Flag rally outside the museum. Some of them were protesting DeSantis, waving flags and signs and driving Trumped-out vehicles, including a presidential limo replica.
“We’re supporting the fact that Donald Trump should be our next president in 2024, not Ron DeSantis. It’s not his time,” Joanne Wong said. “We are gonna be in Manhattan on Tuesday with President Trump, backing him. This whole thing about the indictment is BS,” protester James Robitsek said.

DeSantis spent nearly an hour speaking to the crowd. He spoke about his fiscal discipline and what is driving people to come to Florida, which DeSantis said is the fastest-growing state in the country.

Several Trump supporters jeered DeSantis from a balcony as DeSantis spoke. Another Trump supporter screamed “Trump” repeatedly before being escorted out of the building.

Republican cannibalism. Isn’t it delicious.