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Netroots Nation Saturday: Pelosi Takes The Stage And Obama Sends A Message – No New Information. No Timelines. Just The Same Ole, Same Ole With Some Fear Thrown In For Good Measure (VIDEO)

Yesterday at the Netroots Nation 2010  gathering in Las Vegas.  Nancy Pelosi took the stage  and President Obama sent a videotaped message. Obama’s message was much of the same except this time he started throwing in the “fear factor” of what will happen if the “ReTHUGlicans” take control in 2010 and 2012 and touted all the Democrats achievements. (“Vote for us we might give you crumbs even though we promised you more. Or vote for them and get sent to concentration camps sort of message)

Watch the Pelosi and Obama Videos and read more after the jump…..

I would like to respond to a few things Nancy Pelosi talked about regarding ENDA and DADT, Pelosi who has been a friend to the LGBT Community basically said ENDA could not go forward until DADT was finished. (Washington, D.C. it seems s not able to multi-task when it comes to LGBT rights) and how she loves ENDA. At his point Pelosi said something that I must correct her on. Pelosi said:. “It’s embarrassing that its taken so long (18 years) to get ENDA together.” No Nancy, it’s not embarrassing…..ITS DISGUSTING. And to call it any less , to me at least is highly offensive. We are talking about Civil Rights here. Something that should not be put on the back burner for any reason for any group of people at all.

Nancy then took a backhanded swipe at GetEQUAL’s recent protests, Pelosi said, “I would target [politicians] in a positive way. This is America, show your appreciation to those that are with us.” UGH.  Nancy and the Democrats need to learn that until DOMA and DADT are repealed (with full implementation of the repeal) and EDNA and UAFA are passed, that any and all politicians are up for being targeted. Especially, most especially, the ones that claims to be on our side and then do NOTHING to advance the agenda. It makes absolutely no sense to target politicians that do not claim to be on our side and that vilify us. Their minds will never change. And what’s worst is that there are members in her own party that feel that way or else there would be no problem getting these issues passed.

Perhaps, just perhaps if the Democrats put their own House in order and learned to play hard ball with their own members we wouldn’t have to target any Democrats members for being against us. Because the major problem the Democrats have is that unlike the Republicans who may be evil. The Republicans are evil and unified. THEY ARE ONE BIG EVIL UNIFIED PARTY. The Democrats on the other hand have a three way split between Progressives, Conservatives, and the dreaded undercover Republican spies in thier party called The Blue Dogs. And until the Democratic Party picks group it really wants to be and gets unified it will never get anything done. And until that time, and since the Democrats leadership won’t work on, push , or embaress, their own members who are against us. WE MUST.

And as for Obama….

The speech was very nice   But  let me say something to you. You promised the LGBT Community alot in return for our support and our money and your term is halfway done.  Maybe you should have made it clearer that you expected to be president at get all those promises done in the 20 years that you expected to be President.  Because thats not the open timetable we expected or supported.  Simply put.  If you want our support, anmd you want our money give usYOUR timetable for the LGBT agenda? Maybe if you provide this to us, we wouldn’t be so impatient, and we would not feel like that you are only interested in our money.

Rant over…….for now