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A Match Made In Hell – Matt Barber and Linda Harvey Religious Moron Double Header

Today in Religious MORON hate.

Not only does Failed boxer, failed insurance agent (snort), and now full-time Liberty Counsel hate leader  Matt Barber think that Obama wants to purge all christians from the Military but also granite faced and soul as black as pitch Ohio haushater Linda Harvey thinks that LGBT news sites like Back2Stonewall turns kids gay!

“Homosexual-themed pornography is extremely accessible to young people  if they ever visit any websites covering the gay agenda as news. For  instance, if your child was during a report on same-sex marriage just  researching the political issue and visiting sites that are sympathetic  to the social and political goals of the homosexual movement may quickly bring them in touch with explicit images because many of the homosexual news blogs have soft-porn gay dating sites or worse as ads. So what is  the reaction of your son or daughter to such graphic images?  If they feel a curiosity it may start a process of wondering if they could be homosexual.”Linda Harvey, speaking on her radio show.

Actually Linda, I blame Donna Summer.  But if you want to give me the credit for making this a gayer America I gratefully accept.

Now on to Matt Barber of the currently under a Federal ROCO Investigation Liberty Counsel and his alternate bizarro world reality of spewing old propaganda that’s even been debunked by debunked even by the Southern Baptist Convention and on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. 

But that’s Fat Matts. He’s never met an donut or an anti-gay lie that he didn’t like.

So..Tell Me What’s Wrong With This Marriage Equality Ad?

gay dumbasses


When I came out eight years ago, I felt that as time went on, I wanted to contribute more to the cause of equality by speaking out because as the old saying goes “if you’re not a part of the solution then you’re a part of the problem”. So I try to make an effort whenever possible, even if it’s a small donation to an LGBT organization or writing a blog about the problems and issues within our community. And I always try to encourage but not demand the same in others. I believe every voice has power, and as a result, an impact in everything we do.

Even if it’s something as simple as a retweet on twitter or liking and sharing a Facebook status, I feel like if it further advances someone else’s voice. The message becomes a little bit louder and I am more than happy to do so. Visibility is and has always been a key component to the success of our community. Any civil rights movement that has been successful in history is because they stood out and made their presence known. Social media allows us to be visible and more powerful in delivering our message of equality than ever before.

But, we need to recognize that there is a limit to how effective that can be as there is to everything else. Sometimes the message can be counter-intuitive, counterproductive, contradictory, and just plain wrong. An example of this kind of wrong is what I found when I came across this ad today by an organization called FCKH8. Today they tweeted out this image with the caption “Jesus’s reason for wanting you to support gay marriage”. When I saw this, I became livid. There are so many things wrong with this picture. But let’s break it down so you see why this is so disturbing.

The message by what I presume is an LGBT equality group for marriage equality and their message is to “Legalize Love”. Of course I support that, it’s what I talk and write about daily. The group calls on both straight and gay allies to join together to eliminate discrimination and hate. They have an array of t-shirts, hoodies, wristbands and pens to promote the cause. Hell, I even support the eye candy they use to promote their merchandise on their website. I support all of this because allies are a bridge that enables us to spread our message.

Even with the fact that many don’t support businesses or organizations like this because we don’t know where all the profit is going to, I don’t mind it. Because it gets the word out and makes us more visible in some form and what we as a community want. They even donated 25000 dollars to help promote awareness and equality in Tennessee, my home state that is still trying to pass a bill that would ban students in grade K through 8 from saying the word gay in school. So, naturally I support that as well. That is not where the issue lies here.

Now some of you may be looking at this ad right now saying “What’s wrong with it, this is in support of marriage equality” and if that’s all you see then you need to look again. Because this ad supports hate. It is saying that abortion is wrong. I don’t support hate, in any form. And this openly invites hate on a woman’s right to choose for herself and I will never, ever support such hypocritical, vulgar, and flat out asinine degradation of ANYONE and their right. You don’t “Fuck Hate” by hating on another group. Ever.

Maybe the reason that I’m so upset is because I’ve seen such a vapid attempt like this before. Because of this belief by some leaders and activists within our community that fail to see the diversity that is in this community. It’s evident when you hear comments like “I can’t be racist, I’m gay” when you most certainly can be, despite how immeasurably ignorant a conclusion this is to invoke.  These two issues don’t even mirror because they are two completely different issues. However, both should be treated with the same respect. Your status as a gay man does not eliminate your ability to be prejudice.

Some would argue that this ad shows a glaring privilege that is often overlooked and not approached for discussion by this community. Because some say that the truth is gay Caucasian men still have some privilege. It’s not so much about the right to marry but in the ability for a Caucasian male, regardless of sexuality, is still granted the ability to make a cause more visible. Don’t believe that’s true? Well this is what ads like this suggest, and why it is so important to speak out about how irresponsible an impact they have. Because this is not the kind of message we want to send.

I don’t know if it’s the inexperience of youth, an extremely tasteless joke or just willful ignorance but it needs to stop. How insensitive is it not only degrade but also condemn the rights of women by using the same tactics enacted by extreme republicans declaring kit is God’s Will to get married? Why would you ever want to place the condemnation on another group this way? By involving a prophet depicting children that are in danger to abortion and being gay saves the world that awful notion. I don’t even understand why whoever created this ad felt that this would ever be okay to publicly damn women’s rights. It is incredulously hypocritical (and quite ironic) to use religious propaganda to promote any cause.

Not to mention that there are lesbians, transgendered, and bisexual women that exists within this community as well. This ad completely disregards them and their right to choose. You are openly condemning these women when ads like this are a representation of this movement. They are facing the same struggles for equality that we are fighting for every day. This goes to show what goes wrong in a civil rights movement when someone becomes so intent on what they want for their community and for themselves that they don’t think about how it will affect others. You know who this ad speaks to? Gay, Caucasian Males. It does not reflect any other bit of diversity than that.

This all goes back to what I’ve talked about numerous times here and here about one of the biggest issues that exist in the LGBT community. That those of us that are a dichotomy, or members of other disparaged communities, face other issues that are completely disregarded pushed aside, or ridiculed by the group that knows what that feels like. Or at the very least knows what it feels like to be treated this way. Race issues and women’s issues in this community too often are treated this way. The only way that this erroneous use of judgment ever changes is when we call it out and explain why it’s wrong.

I’m angry at how insensitive this is to the other members of this community. How this ad openly disparages the women in our community that are always a side note in our struggle for equality. Normally the figureheads in the public eye are all male, all Caucasian and do not even begin to show the diverse dynamics of this community. And it has got to stop. Now. You all should be raging about this. We cannot afford to alienate one right over another. Civil rights movements are not about throwing other groups under the bus to get what we want.  It is not always just about us. And we need to remember that.

Religious Moron Round-up: LaBarbera, Barber, and Barton – Praise the Lord and Pass The Prozac!

Straight Jacket

Well the first few days of 2013 and the right-wing religious loons are going insane issuing a frenzy of press releases, posts, and propaganda.

Let’s start with “undercover leatherman” and D-List rube hater “Porno Pete” LaBarbera of The Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

“Porno Pete” who has been so desperate for attention lately that he laughingly challenged Dan Savage to a debate is just THRILLED that Massachusetts evangelical hate preacher Scott Lively who is currently being sued for inciting the persecution and the murder of homosexuals in Uganda has listed AFTAH as among his “Top 10 Pro-Family Heroes” for 2012.”

LaBarbera wrote the following love note to Lively on the AFTAH website:

“In recent years nobody has been on the receiving end of more lies, slanders and all-around wickedness at the hands of homosexual activists than Scott Lively.  I don’t think the average Joe American could even comprehend what Scott has gone through — merely because he stands against the lies and myths of the Homosexual Movement.  And yet he fights on undeterred because he knows that as a follower of Christ devoted to the Truth of God’s Word, he will be persecuted.  I know Scott and he is nothing at all like the evil, hateful caricature that “gay” activists have made him out to be.

AFTAH presented Scott with its “American Truth Teller” award for 2011 because he exemplifies the sacrificial spirit of truthful, Christ-like resistance to the LGBT Sin Movement — which is based on one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated against mankind: that homosexuality is natural (for some people), innocuous, “who you are,” and the basis for “civil rights.”  Scott Lively is a true cultural hero, and a decent, great Christian man who loves homosexuals enough to tell them the Truth.”

Awww that’s sweet.  A true match made in hell.  When gay marriage is passed in Illinois perhaps Petey and Scotty will tie the noose.  I mean knot.


Next up we have Christianist and “revisionist historian” David Barton, saying that hating liberals and gays is as good a virtue as “hating Nazis.” and that “tolerance” is a very bad thing.

“We’ve got to get to the point where tolerance is seen as a sin because we’re tolerating a lot stuff that destroys our families, that destroys our own character and we can’t tolerate that stuff.  We have to get back to the point where hate is a virtue, at least certain kinds of hate.  The fear of the Lord is to hate evil and we need to have a hatred of things and get off this fence of having no passion about anything.  You know, ‘I tolerate anything, I’m not going to have a passion good or bad, I’m not going to hate anything.’ We just can’t do that and we’ve got to get back to that same type of intolerance, that we’re going to be intolerant of liberalism.” – David Bartton

Who knew? David Barton has Ugandan family values and is clearly very VERY virtuous lunatic.


And not to be outdone we have “Fat Matt” Barber from the currently under investigation for kidnapping and RICO charges Liberty Counsel hate rroup who printed the transphobic, homophobic and humanphobic lie ridden piece of anti-gay propaganda “A Politically Incorrect Guide to ‘Sexual Orientation’ on New Years Day because hate that pays well never take takes a holiday.

Through the secular-”progressive” looking-glass, the term “sexual orientation” has, in a few short years, evolved to accommodate an ever-expanding fruit basket of carnal appetites.

Mr. Francis enjoys macramé, long walks on the beach, wearing lady’s knickers and showering fully nude with 6-year-old girls.

Because it’s illegal to “discriminate based on the basis of gender identity,” and since it’s the only “tolerant” thing to do, this brave bellwether of the persecuted LGBT victim-class has secured the “civil right” for him and other men to fully expose themselves to your daughter in the locker room at Olympia, Washington’s Evergreen State College.

But slow down, Dad. According to the law, if you have a problem with Mr. Francis baring all to your baby girl, then you’re the problem. You’re a “transphobe” (“homophobia’s” evil twin sister, er, brother … whatever). Deck this sicko for terrifying your first-grader and you’re off to jail while “Colleen” is off to the “Human Rights Campaign” for a commendation as the latest victim of an “anti-LGBT hate crime.”

Rosa Parks in drag, I guess.

But to make sure they didn’t miss anyone, pooh-bahs over at Child Corruption Central added a “Q” to the “sexual orientation” mix. In case some fifth-grader in Ms. Adamsapple’s health class gets the urge to “taste the rainbow” (and I don’t mean Skittles), the catch-all term “questioning” was tacked on.

Gotta meet those recruiting quotas.

According to the “gay” activist group GLSEN {Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network), sexuality is “fluid” and “may change over time.” Unless, of course, you’re already “gay,” and then change is impossible, fixed and immutable. Like that hotel in California, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Nobody said it’s supposed to make sense.

Still, because “progressives” aren’t progressive unless they’re progressing toward progress, this nonsensical alphabet soup of sexual deviancy has ballooned to a marvelous “LGBTQQIAAP.”

No kidding.

The latest word salad in the counter-”heterosexist” war against “heteronormativity” (yes, they consider these real things) is “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, and Pansexual.”

In Canada, they’ve added “2S” which means: “Two-spirit. The visionaries and healers of aboriginal (sic) communities, the gay and lesbian shamans.”

Well, duh.

I just can’t believe these closed-minded bigots left out members of the mistreated “BDSM” community (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism). That’s OK, I guess. Being mistreated is their whole shtick, right? Or maybe they’re covered under “P” for “pansexual.” That means, more or less, that if the mood strikes, you’ll take a roll in the hay with anyone or anything in any way imaginable (or unimaginable).

Speaking of rolls in the hay, don’t put away your alphabet soup decoder ring just yet. It looks like we’ll soon be adding another “B” to the mix.

The late “gay” activist icon Frank Kameny – a pervert before his time – endorsed the practice of bestiality a few years ago. He called sex with animals “harmless,” saying that “as long as the animal doesn’t mind – and the animal rarely does – I don’t mind, and I don’t see why anyone else should.”

So we’ve further lowered the bar from “consenting adults” to “consenting adults and hoofed mammals.” How does that work? Bestiality is OK, but “neigh” means “neigh”?

In today’s frenzied struggle for unfettered sexual license cleverly couched as “civil rights,” we shouldn’t be surprised, then, that oppressed peoples representing all form of “sexual orientation” are lining up for their slice of “equality” pie.

Yes, even, um, animal lovers. According to a recent report by Florida’s Gainesville Sun, for instance, “Lawyers representing a Marion County man accused of sexual activity with a miniature donkey have filed a motion asking a judge to declare the Florida statute banning sexual activities with animals unconstitutional.”

“Carlos R. Romero, 32 … is accused of sexual activities involving animals, a first-degree misdemeanor, after he allegedly was found in a compromising position in August with a female miniature donkey named Doodle.”

First of all, I was offended by the article’s insensitive use of the term “miniature donkey.” I believe, if I’m not mistaken, the preferred nomenclature is “little horse.”

Still, I was especially struck – though not surprised – by the legal arguments Romero’s lawyers ponied up. They claimed “that the statute infringes upon Romero’s due process rights and violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.”

“By making sexual conduct with an animal a crime, the statute demeans individuals like Defendant (Romero) by making his private sexual conduct a crime,” they wrote.

Right. The statute demeans Romero.

“The personal morals of the majority, whether based on religion or traditions, cannot be used as a reason to deprive a person of their personal liberties,” the attorneys wrote.

This line of argument is directly from the homosexual activist playbook – the rationale adopted by the majority in the landmark Lawrence v. Texas case. In Lawrence, the U.S. Supreme Court manufactured, for the first time in history, a constitutional “right” for men to sodomize each other.

So why not Doodle?

In his characteristically brilliant dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia forecast exactly what’s happened in the decade since: “State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality and obscenity are likewise sustainable only in light of Bowers’ validation of laws based on moral choices,” he wrote. “Every single one of these laws is called into question by today’s decision.”

Predictably, polygamists and incestuous siblings are now clamoring for so-called “marriage equality” based on Lawrence. At this rate, there’s little doubt they’ll get it.

Once our culture decides, as a matter of course, that all morality is relative, all bets are off. Once we determine, as a matter of law, that people are entitled to special privilege because they subjectively define their identity based upon deviant sexual proclivities and behaviors, moral, legal and cultural anarchy are inevitable.

The brave new world is upon us.”

Yes, “The brave new world is upon us.” and we’re  COMING FOR YOU , youcrazy evil motherfuckers.  Don;t ever forget that.


Tea Party Launches Petition Drive To Overturn LGBT Protections In Omaha, NE

Patrick Bonnett, CEO of Omaha based Encore Financial Services, Inc., and head of a Tea Party group calling itself the “Omaha Liberty Project,” has launched a petition drive to overturn the city’s recently approved legal protections for LGBT residents.

“We’re confident we’ll get the signatures fairly rapidly,” Bonnett told the Omaha World Herald. is and whose group is sponsoring training sessions for petition volunteers, and signature gathering efforts have begun within some area congregations. “After that, we’ll probably take our time to validate the signatures that we know we have and give the city and county governments time to get through the fall presidential election,” Bonnett said.

Omaha’s City Council narrowly approved the anti-discrimination measure in March in a 4-3 vote, giving the city’s LGBT citizens the ability to file complaints with the city’s Human Rights and Relations Department if they were fired from a job, suffered other workplace discrimination or were refused a public accommodations based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Religious organizations are exempt from the regulations

The Omaha Liberty Project is aided in the effort by the organization “Christian Couples Fellowship International,”  who’s President sits on the board of The Nebraska Family Council which in turn is affiliated with anti-gay group Focus on the Family.

So much for the Tea Party constant statements that they are not homophobic bigots.  (Which we knew they were all the time)

Their motto should be: Don’t Tread On Me I’m Busy Treading On Others.

Sixth Circuit Appeals Court Throws Out Anti-Gay Pastors Group Challenge to the Hate Crimes Act

A Sixth Circuit appellate court has thrown out a lawsuit in which a group of anti-LGBT pastors claimed  the 2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act violated their civil liberties.

The group headed by Gary Glenn, head of the American Family Association of Michigan, and pastors Levon Yuille, René B. Ouellette and James Combs who were represented by the ultra conservative Thomas More Legal Center had argued the law would lead to their criminal prosecution for expressing anti-gay religious beliefs, in violation of the First Amendment.

The appeals court, in an opinion by Judge James S. Gwin, said the pastors lacked standing to sue, because the law prohibits only “willfully causing bodily injury.”

And in what can only be seen as a backhanded smack Judge Gein added “The Act does not prohibit Plaintiffs’ proposed course of hateful speech,”

See ya!

Colorado Pastor Buys Starbucks Coffee To Literally Dump It In Protest – Video

Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church wanted to make a statement about Starbucks stand on LGBT Equality and same sex marriage and support the extreme christian rights “Dump Starbucks” campaign to not buy anymore Starbucks and boycott the chain.

Well it seems that Pastor Bob either took the point too literally or is too stupid to realize that they didn’t meant to actually go out and BUY a cup of Starbucks and then dump it.  LOL

Oh and if you notice in the video.  It looks like he added cream and sugar to the coffee and drank some before he dumped it.

Some boycott, eh?

Closet Case Crackpots – Kirk Cameron: America Is On The Road To Being Nazi Germany

Oh Kirk.  The irony is that it’s your side that has lovingly embraced fascism and the first time they find you in Griffith Park after sundown it will be of to the work camps with you!

Westboro Baptist Church LIES About Protesting Whitney’s Funeral, FAKES Picture

Westboro Baptist Church’s Margie Phelps, (sister of Shirley,  daughter/alleged lover of Fred) tweeted a low-resolution image of WBC protesters at Whitney Houston’s funeral which is the type of scummy low-life thing we’d expect them to do.  Only thing is, is that WBC wasn’t at the funeral and the pic is a bad Photoshop that wouldn’t fool Helen Keller.

A Twitter account cited as that of the church pastor’s daughter, Margie Phelps, tweeted a low-resolution image of protesters this afternoon as the funeral took place. Star-Ledger reporters on the scene said access to that area had been restricted all day, and confirmed no active protests were occurring in the place depicted in the photograph. Phelps tweeted several taunting messages to media outlets and Occupy Newark protesters who organized to surround Westboro Baptist members if they showed up.

Margie, Shirley and the rest of the alleged incestuous klan  must be hurting on the travel budget for gas to sink into stunts this bad.

Personally I’m just still waiting for the day when one of the Phelps freaks dies, …I figure old man Phelps has got to be pretty close to death, by now.  Think of it thousands of gays and lesbians descending upon Topeka.  Singing, dancing, having sex in the streets.

It will be just like the 80’s and we’ll have Fred Phelps to thank.

Tennessee Hits New Low – General Assembly Introduces “Anti-Transgender Bathroom Amendment”

The Tennessee General Assembly returned to business on Tuesday, and they did not waste any time setting a new low by blatantly attacking Tennessee’s transgender community by introducing SB 2282 by *Watson (*HB 2279 by *Floyd) aka The Tennessee Restroom Amendment that would stop transgender individuals from using their gender specific restrooms and force them to use their birth sex restrooms in public places or be punished by law.

AN ACT to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 68,Chapter 15, Part 3, relative to public restrooms and dressing rooms.


SECTION 1 Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 68 , Chapter 15, Part 3, is amended by adding the following language as a new section: 68-15-304 a) As used in this section:

(1) “Sex” means and refers only to the designation of an individual person as male or female as indicated on the individual’s birth certificate;

(2) “Public building” means a building owned or leased by the state, any agency or instrumentality of the state or any political subdivision of the state;

(3) “Restroom” means a room maintained within or on the premises of any public building and made available to the public, containing toilet facilities for use by employees or the public;

(5) “Dressing room” means a room maintained within or on the premises of any public building, used primarily for changing clothes. (b) Except as provided in § 68-15-303, where a restroom or dressing room in a public building is designated for use by members of one particular sex, only members of that particular sex shall be permitted to use that restroom or dressing room. (c) A violation of subsection (b) is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a to a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00).

SECTION 2. If any provision of this act or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of the act which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to that end the provisions of this act are declared to be severable.

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law, the public welfare requiring it.

Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law last May a bill that would prohibit local governments from creating anti-discrimination laws that are stricter than protections laid out by the state government. The law was specifically made to target a recently enacted Nashville ordinance that banned city contractors from discriminating against gay, lesbian and transgender people and specificlly used an  anti-LGBT propaganda commercial to help push the legislation through the House which insinuates that LGBT people will rape and murder their children if anti-LGBT laws are not enacted.