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Anti-Vaxx "Christian Pastor" Bob Enyart, Who Mocked AIDS Victims and Spread COVID Lies, Has Died of.... COVID

Anti-Vaxx “Christian Pastor” Bob Enyart, Who Mocked AIDS Victims and Spread COVID Lies, Has Died of…. COVID

Bob Enyart an infamous anti-gay “Christian Pastor” and radio/cable host and COVIDIOT who during radio preaching career for reading obituaries from people who died of AIDS while playing the Queen song “Another One Bites the Dust” has died of Covid-19.

Enyart’s dearth was made by his ironically named “Real Science Radio” co-host Fred Williams co-host, the FriendlyAtheist reported.

Enyart refused to get a COVID vaccine, and he pushed the false conspiracy theory that researchers “tested these three products [vaccines] on the cells of aborted babies.” Testing vaccines on anything dead wouldn’t work because there would be no blood to deliver the vaccine to the system.”

 Dan Savage tweeted that “teared up” at the news of Enyart’s death:

My friends who died of AIDS were mocked and condemned by this asshole and others like him. Each and every one of my dead friends would’ve been first in line to get vaccinated against HIV to protect themselves and others. AND OTHERS. Not just themselves. And this guy couldn’t be bothered to get vaccinated against COVID even to protect himself. He encouraged others to put themselves at risk. To put others at risk. He was the moral equivalent of some as*hole poking holes in condoms in 1986.”

Raw Story

Enyart bizarrely urged a boycott of COVID-19 vaccines “to further increase social tension and put pressure on the child killers.”  

Yesterday after the news broke of his death “was posted on Enyart’s Facebook page was flooded by hundreds of users posting Queens’s “Another One Bites The Dust .

The page has since been cleaned up and locked for comments.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Hires Anti-Gay Activist to Lead Football Player Development Program

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Hires Anti-Gay Activist to Lead Football Player Development Program

As if homophobia in college sports doesn’t run rampant enough. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Cornhuskers football has just re-hired their former coach and known anti-gay activist Ron Brown to lead player development and work with the school’s Life Skills program for players.

Via Corn Nation:

In his new role at Nebraska, Brown will serve in a non-coaching role, mentoring Husker football student-athletes in numerous off-field development areas. Brown will work closely with Nebraska’s nationally renowned Life Skills program and assist in community outreach efforts of Husker football players and staff.

Brown claims that his Christian faith demands that he be anti-gay

In 2012, Brown testified before the Omaha City Council against a bill that would protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination saying that the Bible should be the law of the land. Some of the highlights from his testimony

As it says in scripture, homosexuality is a sin … The real question I have for you all is, ‘What does God say?’ … Ultimately, if you don’t have a relationship with [Jesus], and you don’t really have a Bible-believing mentality, really anything goes … Ultimately speaking, at the end of the day, it matters what God thinks most…

Brown went on to say that city council members would be judged by God and help accountable if they vote for the LGBT anti-discrimination bill. (The measure narrowly passed.)

Prior to returning to Nebraska, Brown had been an assistant coach with the infamously anti-gay “Christian”  Liberty University  which was founded by the notorious late anti-gay crusader and “Moral Majority” leader Jerry Falwell.

Mike Pence To Hold Secret Fundraiser At Gay-Owned Private Club in Aspen, CO

Donald Trump States In Meeting That Mike Pence “wants to hang” all gay people


The New Yorker reports that  Donald Trump in the past has “joked” that Vice President “wants to hang” all gay people.

Trump jabbed at Pence after a legal scholar told the pair that if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many states would probably legalize abortion.

You see?” Trump reportedly said to Pence. “You’ve wasted all this time and energy on it, and it’s not going to end abortion anyway.”

And when the meeting began to focus on gay rights, Trump reportedly pointed to Pence, joking, “Don’t ask that guy — he wants to hang them all!”

One Trump campaign staffer also told The New Yorker that Trump used to ask people leaving meetings with Pence, “Did Mike make you pray?”

So Donald Trump “jokes” about the number 2 person in the US wanting to hang some of its own citizens because of his religious views. There is no part of that that is funny. Especially since its probably true.

Lesbian Couple Verbally Assaulted By West Virginia County Clerk When Getting A Marriage License

Glimer County Anti-gay

Samantha Brookover and Amanda Abramovich were stunned and devastated seeking a marriage license in Glenville, West Virginia were reportedly screamed at by deputy clerk Debbie  Allen called them “an abomination” and said that God would judge them.

Brookover and Abramovich had possibly expected maybe an eye roll or some sign of disgust. They said they weren’t anticipating that they would be told they were “an abomination.

The couple says that Allen huffed, took their driver’s licenses, made copies, slammed down the copies and then, for two to three minutes, yelled that what they were doing was wrong in her eyes and in God’s eyes and that no one in Gilmer County would ever marry them. The couple had brought family members. They had the camera ready. It was supposed to be a happy day. Instead, in Brookover’s words, they were “flabbergasted and hurt and angry like you wouldn’t believe.” Allen said she briefly and calmly told the couple what they were doing was wrong and that God would judge them, and then continued assisting them as she would other couples.

When contacted by the  Charleston Gazette-Mail   Allen said that “We {she} did not attack them. We did not yell at them. We were not aggressive with them. I felt I talked nicely to them.  I just told them my opinion,” Allen added:  “I just felt led to do that. I believe God was standing with me and that’s just my religious belief.”

When asked if her words could possibly have been perceived as an attack to someone of another sexual orientation, who has been belittled because of it,  Allen said, “Oh, I’m sure.”

Debbie Allen can be reached at the Glimer County Clerks Office @ 304-461-7641

Perhaps we should all give Allen a call and tell her OUR beliefs about her.

After all they’re getting brazen and so should we.


Illinois House Democrat Rita Mayfield To Gays: “You’ve got civil unions, how much more do you want?”

The LGBT Community has a BIG problem in the Illinois.

This year both Republican challenger Jackie Burleson and current Incumbent Democrat Rita Mayfield (pictured left) who are running for in the 60th state House race have BOTH stated that they are against same-sex marriage.

Burleson, a construction worker takes the typical GOP route saying that he believes marriage is for procreation and should be between a man and a woman.

“I have a very big problem with the use of the word ‘marriage.’” he said. “I’ve been married 40 years. That word actually means something.” and complained that the family has “dissolved” in our society and said “the gay marriage issue fits right into that.”

But the really (bad) surprise here is Incumbent Democrat Rita Mayfield .

Mayfield,  who is finishing her first full term in the House, said survey data indicates her constituents don’t support legalizing gay marriage, even though according to a PPI poll taken statewide early this month, just one in five registered voters opposes both civil unions and same-sex marriage.  Mayfield also states she personally she has “mixed emotions” about gay marriage and notes that members and leaders of her church — the New Way of Life Church of God in Christ  — disapproves of “that lifestyle.”

“We do not allow those types of behaviors in our church at all,” said Mayfield, who was appointed to the House following the death of Rep. Eddie Washington in 2010 and elected later that year. “Not that you can’t come there, but if you do you’re not going to be blatant. What you do at home needs to stay at home.”

Mayfield has also said that she doesn’t understand why same-sex couples would want to get married.

I’m still not clear on why they feel the need for marriage when you’ve got civil unions,” she said. “One of the answers I was told is that civil unions didn’t give them enough. How much more do you want?”

Mayfield who is ironically endorsed by the AFL-CIO and SEIU is the typical Midwest small-minded politician who cannot separate her church from her state and can’t even begin to comprehend that discrimination is still discrimination.  It is not always about race.

I wonder how and what Ms. Mayfield would think if it was the 1960’s and a politician said to here.  “You can already ride on the bus, does it matter that it’s on the back?  How much more do you people want?”

Welcome to the Midwest everyone.

Dallas Maverick’s Pro Basketball Player Dominique Jones Has Anti-Gay Facebook Meltdown (Allegedly)

Good As You is reporting that Dominique Jones a professional NBA Basketball player who plays for the the Dallas Mavericks had an extreme anti-gay meltdown on his Facebook page last week posting comments like

“They say our President is black but I can’t tell though….Another prime example of a black man turning his back on his religious views and his morals  to make CERTAIN people happy…..FUCK THIS WORLD….GAY PEOPLE SHOULDN”T HAVE RIGHTS TO GET MARRIED….FUCK THE LAW.  MAKE THE BIBLE YOUR HANDBOOK

While Youtuber StopHate22 did take video captures of the Facebook posts in which he continues his anti-gay triad with the help of friends, fans, and family.

A search of Jones Facebook page now finds these comments missing

Jeremy Hooper of Good As You has emailed  Jones representatives for a comment.

Go Cruising With Kirk Cameron (Sometimes The Jokes Just Write Themselves)

I never knew there was a ship in Griffith Park.  Because it’s my understanding that that’s the only place Kirk Cameron cruises.

But seriously Boston, PTown, Montreal and the steam room of a cruise ship? Its the gayest summer vacation ever!

Someone let Kirk know how to find Dick Dock.