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Louisiana Pastor Puts Up Anti-Gay Sign After Lesbian Couple Move In Next Door

Louisiana Pastor Puts Up Anti-Gay Sign After Lesbian Couple Move In Next Door

Oh those crazy (and I mean fucking insane) KKK-ristians!

Pastor Rex Cornwell, of the Bossier Church of Christ in Bossier, Louisiana showed his loving KKK-ristan nature when he put up a handmade anti-LGBT sign on his front lawn. Why did he put up such a hateful sign? He learned that his neighbors – two women he’d previously been friendly with when he thought they were just roommates – were actually a married, same-sex lesbian couple.

The sign features a hand painted rainbow flag with a ‘Stop’/’No entry’ sign overlaying it, along with the wording: “God forbids homosexuality, so should we.”

Lynda Slimer one of the women involved posted to Facebook page after seeing the sign for the first time:

“This is the sign that my wife and I and our 2 daughters came home to today. This is a sign filled with hate and biblical mistranslations that is meant to make my family and I scared and uncomfortable in our own home.

This is the sign we come home to in the yard of the Pastor who lives across from us, whose church website states “Everyone is welcome”. We’ve lived here a year, I’ve baked them cookies, invited them into our home and introduced them to our family.

They have waved to us as they come and go and we have talked about the weather. They’ve told us if we ever need anything to just come knock on their door. All thrown out the window because they realized that we are wives and not roommates. This is not a representation of God. Jesus would not do this.”

After reading Lynda’s Facebook post other neighbors and members of the community held an impromptu peaceful protest in front of Pastor Cornwell’s house. Two dozen people showed up and held up rainbow signs saying ‘Love is Love’, ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ and other messages.

Pastor Cornwell was unmoved.

In an interview he told told CBS affiliate KLFY:

“Homosexuality is condemned. It’s an anathema that means something horrible. We’re just simply taking a stand against the homosexual movement as well as other kinds of sins. So what we do is we’re going to pray for them. We’ll show them the kind of love that Jesus showed, but we can’t back down either. So we have a responsibility to stand up [for] the word of God.”

Shortly after the report on KLFY News Pastor Cornwell put up a second sign on the lawn in front of his house that says ‘Smile at the camera’, put there to dissuade REAL Christians from taking down his hateful sign.

Minnesota Legislature Puts Amendment Banning Gay Marriage On Ballot In 2012

Minnesota which is trying its damnedest to beat Tennessee and Mississippi as the most gay-hating state in America took a step closer to its goal on late Saturday as the Minnesota Republican heavy legislature voted 70 to 62 to place an amendment banning gay marriage the ballot for 2012. The Senate approved the proposed amendment earlier in May largely along party lines.

Even though Minnesota law already bans gay marriage, the sponsors of the amendment want to enshrine homophobia and hate into the states credo with the amendment saying that a constitutional amendment would ensure that  legislators or a small group of judges could not change it after its been voted on and passed. 

Republican Representative Steve Gottwalt said  “This is not about hatred, it is not about discrimination or intolerance,” but never went on to finish and say what it’s really is all about mostly because IT IS all based  in hatred , discrimination, and intolerance and there is no other explanation.

One Republican lawmakers did stand up against the Amendment and that was Republican Representative John Kriesel, who was severely wounded in the Iraq war, said the amendment did not represent the state and country he fought.  “If there was a ‘hell no’ button right here, I would press it, that would be the one I’d press, but unfortunately I just have ‘nay’ and that’s the one I am going to press.” Kriesel said.

One would think that with a $5.1 billion gap facing the state and a 7 percent unemployment rate that Republican led legislature would have more important issues to worry about

Gustavus Adolphus College Student and Hateful Bigot Phil Cleary Wants To Stop the "Leftist Bias" and Tolerance On His College Campus (Video)

Phil Cleary, a Gustavus Adolphus student and the executive director of Gusties for Restoring America, which has its own Facebook page with a whole 38 members, is incensed that freshman orientation includes an hour long self awareness seminar called “The Inside Scoop” that advises freshman on how to deal with, respect, and and not be afraid or ashamed of being or dealing with people of different sexual orientations, religions, or races.

Cleary, a Minnesota native, (and who has all the earmarks of a self loathing closet case) has been blogging on CampusReform.org, a right wing extremist website which “is designed to provide conservative activists with the resources, networking capabilities, and skills they need to revolutionize the struggle against leftist bias and abuse on college campuses”  The website is owned by Morton C. Blackwells Right Wing  “Leadership Institute” whose past students include Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell and Joe “You Lie!” Oh, and did I forget to mention that Cleary is also an Intern for the Office of the President at The Leadership Institute

Cleary, is not happy that Gustavus Adolphus an Evangelical Lutheran Church  Liberal Arts Cchool in Minnesota is teaching tolerance and respect towrds others (The ELC are the Lutherans who are okay with gays, btw) Cleary uploaded videos of the seminar on YouTube after “infiltrating” the event.

Blogs Cleary:

This second event [top clip] goes a bit further than the first, educating students about distinctions between gender and sex (as well as how to celebrate “LGPBBTTQ&A”), testimonies from gay, lesbian, and atheist students, and a call censor the content of speech after screaming cuss words at students in the dark.

Cleary commented, “This is propaganda that one might expect be taught in a Gender and Sexuality course at a secular, state institution. However, Gustavus is a Lutheran school in southern Minnesota founded by Swedish immigrants in the 1800’s, and these shameful seminars are presented during the first few hours and days that students are on campus before classes even begin.”

Now many of you probably think this is a non-story of some little bigot right wing asshole college student  and his 38 followers making a big deal out of nothing.  But this is how Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell and other wingnuts begin and spread their hate.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget this is how Hitler started also.  So the question is should we show tolerance for those who hate us?  or should we hold them up to public spectacle and ridicule and call them out for the hateful bigots that they are. 

I choose the latter.

UPDATE – 10/08/2010
Due to the large amount of spam and  abusive anti-gay hate comments that have been sent due to post being linked at an “ultra conservative” website and facebook account.  ALL comments will no longer be posted.
You can watch the YouTube Video’s of “The Inside Scoop” orientation after the jump


Anderson Cooper Talks With Koran Buring Crazy Ass Religious Extremist "Pastor" Terry Jones – Video

Anderson Cooper took on batshit crazy religious extremest and terrorist Pastor Terry Jones of Florida (Who btw is also ant-gay) who is holding a “Burn The Koran” day on the Anniversary of the 9/11 last night and Cooper held no punches.

COOPER: Do you consider yourself a bigot?

JONES: No, not at all. And we do not consider our message a message of hate.

It is — it is a clear message of warning. We have tried to make it very, very clear that, according to the United States Constitution, Muslims are more than welcome in America. They are welcome to worship. They are welcome to build mosques.

We have made that very, very clear. I understand they’re not in agreement. And they’re mad and angry. They’re — they’re — they’re insulted because we are burning the Koran, but they should, indeed, be with us on the fact that radical Islam is bad. It is evil. We do not want it in this country.

COOPER: Well, I — I — I think the vast majority of Muslims in the United States would agree that — that extremism and radical Islam is a bad thing. And many of them have worked to — to fight it.

But I asked about the bigotry, because the definition of a bigot that I just got off Dictionary.com is a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, especially on religion, politics or race.

You do appear to be remarkably intolerant on any ideas other than your own regarding religion.

JONES: We are — as the Bible teaches, as Jesus teaches, we are intolerant, yes.

Jones is clearly insane to the point of Fred Phelps and The Westboro Baptist Church order.  What he is doin is very dangerous.  It has been condemned by the White House and General Petreaus because it can spark an international incident and lead to the harm of American solders fighting in the Middle East and can spark more terrorist attacks at home,e and abroad.

But STLL there has been NO CONDEMNATION from the Republican Party, The Tea Party, any Right Wing Groups or Religious organizations. 

Their silence is deafening.

*You can watch the FULL Anderson Cooper 360 Interview after the jump….