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KKK Members Crash Alabama Pride Event, Klan Members Speak Their Mind (VIDEO)

KKK Members Crash Alabama Pride Event, Klan Members Speak (VIDEO)

Several members of white nationalist groups dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes and other regalia staged a protest at a Sunday event in Florence described by organizers as Northwest Alabama’s first-ever LGBT pride parade.

The relatively rare sight of people wearing KKK robes in public left many of the hundreds of LGBTQ folks and allies who attended the march feeling “shocked and then embarrassed,” according to Benjamin Newbern, executive director of the Equality Shoals advocacy group.

“It was just crazy. This was a huge day for the LGBT community with the fact that nothing like this had happened before with members of the LGBTQ community marching in the streets here,” Newbern said. “Hate has always been here but it reared its ugly head yesterday to show that it’s still around.” – AL.com

As you can see from the Florence, Alabama Police Department FB post above/. It was no big deal to them and as normal as blueberry pie.

Hear the Klan in their own words below.


New York City: 14 Year Old Boy Beaten By Mob, Called Anti-Gay Slurs.

West Virginia State Supreme Court Rules Hate Crimes Charges Can’t Be Applied To Gay Bashings

West Virginia State Supreme Court Rules Hate Crimes Charges Can’t Be Applied To Gay Bashings


In a 3-2 opinion issued Tuesday, the state Supreme Court has upheld a lower court decision that dismissed hate crime charges against former Marshall University football player Steward Butler. In arguments before the Court last month, Cabell County Assistant Prosecutor Lauren Plymale said Cabell County Circuit Judge Paul Farrell was wrong when he dismissed the charges against Bulter citing state law does not include sexual orientation as a protective class under the hate crimes statute. Plymale argued the word sex meant sexual orientation.

In early April 2015, Huntington Police said Butler was in a passing car when he spotted the two men on a 9th Street sidewalk. According to the criminal complaint, Butler exited the car, shouted homophobic slurs at the men and then punched the victims, Zackary Johnson and Casey Williams. He was charged with battery and later for violating their civil rights. The current law prohibits civil rights violations based on race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, political affiliation or sex.

In its opinion authored by Chief Justice Allen Loughry [INSET], the Court said the word “sex” is undefined in the code and must be considered under its common and ordinary meaning. “We find the word to be clear and unambiguous and to have a very different meaning and import than the term ‘sexual orientation,’” Loughry wrote. The opinion said it also “cannot be ignored” that since the hate crimes statute was passed in 1987 by the legislature, House and Senate members have refused to include “sexual orientation” as a protective class on at least 26 occasions. – West Virginia Metro News

Coming soon West Virginia  will craft an anti-lynching statute that makes lynching illegal for every category except race.

KKK Flyer Urges Floridians To ‘Support Gay Bashing’ Against “Disgusting and Inhuman’ Gays

A leaflet that is being  distributed by the KKK in Jacksonville, Florida is urging the city’s citizens  to “support gay bashing” against “disgusting and inhuman” gay men.

The leaflets appear to have been issued by a group identifying itself as the ‘Loyal White Knights of the KKK’.

The KKK recently distributed the same leaflets in Louisiana – calling for people to help “stop AIDS” by slaughtering gays.

Jimmy Midyette of the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality wrote on his Facebook page: “These flyers have begun to appear at the homes of LGBT people – and surely others – in Jacksonville.” “This is an unfortunate consequence of our recent success. Both with marriage equality and the progress we’re making on equality in Jacksonville, we sadly can expect the vocal minority to freak out.

kkk flyer florida.2PNG

Kentucky Bigots Claim Meeting With Governor To DEMAND Special Accomidation For Anti-Gay Adulterer and Dog-napper Kim Davis

anti-gay county clerk Kim Davis


Kentucky continues its march into history as the most backward hateful state today as ‘Pastor” Randy Smith of the Family Federation of Kentucky will attempt to meet with Governor Steve Beshear to DEMAND that Kentucky serial adulterer, dog-napper, and anti-gay KKK-ristian county clerk Kim Davis and other god fearing public servant bigots be given reasonable accommodation to deny service to gay and lesbian Americans because its against their warped view of religion.

While Smith has bragged that he has a 10:00 am meeting with Beshear today.  The Governor’s office on the other hand denies that such a meeting exists.

Beshear has refused to call a special session of the Kentucky legislation to discuss any “Religious Liberty” exemption and has demanded that Kentucky’s public servants to their job.


*UPDATE:  Smith and his lemmings followers did not get to meet with Gov. Steve Beshear, but spoke instead with the governor’s chief of staff, Larry Bond.

Smith, said he was not pleased with the response.

“It’s the same rhetoric,” he said. “It’s the same thing we’ve heard.”

Along with Smith five pastors and one deacon from churches in Eastern Kentucky. Smith said 10 to 12 pastors also are forming an alliance to help shape legislation in Kentucky going forward.

In a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research 47 percent of Kentucky voters believe that county clerks should not get special exemptions while 42 percent say they should. Another 11 percent were not sure.

Now remind me again.  WHICH group it is exactly asking for “Special Rights?

Kentucky Bill That Gives Religious Exemption To Discriminate Against LGBT’s Advances

No Gays allowed

Kentucky House Bill  279, which overwhelmingly passed the State House last week, cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee 9-2 Wednesday. It goes to the full Senate, which last year overwhelmingly endorsed a similar measure.

The bill would allow business owners and individuals defy state and local civil-rights laws, including those in four Kentucky cities: Covington, Louisville, Lexington and Vicco that prohibit anti-gay discrimination.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky opposes the bill unless it’s amended to include explicit exemptions for civil-rights laws. Such an amendment failed in the House last week.

“Without those civil-rights protections, we fear the worst,” Derek Selznick of the ACLU .

The bill could not only invite legal challenges to local gay-rights laws but also to statewide civil-rights protections for such groups as racial minorities and women.

“All it does is restore the standard by which a decision by the state to infringe on somebody’s religious liberty would be measured,” said the Rev. Patrick Delahanty, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky, the lobbying arm of the state’s bishops.

HB 279 is modeled on the federal 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Source:  The Courier Ledger

Gay Homeless Man Brutally Attacked In Murfreesboro, Tennessee By Other Homeless – Video

Glen Ortmann, a gay man who has been homeless for 2 months in Murfreesboro, Tennessee,  was beaten unconscious in a homophobic group assault in a homeless camp in the woods referred to as Tent City

NBC 4 reports:

It makes it 10 times harder when you’re gay and homeless at the same time,” Ortmann said. Ortmann said over the weekend he walked right into a trap after recently revealing he’s gay. “It was a big crowd, and all I remembered really is being hit once or twice and being knocked out cold,” Ortmann said.

His right eye was swollen shut. He also suffered a busted lip and a badly bruised nose. His entire body was filled with pain. “I was sore,” he said. “My head was mainly sore from the beating I took.”

“I was beat up because I was gay,” Ortmann said. “It’s considered a hate crime. It’s against the law to put your hands on someone to begin with.”

It’s hard enough being gay in places like Murfreesboro, Tennessee  but the nightmare of being gay and homeless in a place like that is staggering.

Our hearts goes out to Glen.


Tennessee Man Beaten At His High School Reunion For Being Gay – Sometimes It Doesn’t Get Better

So much bad news today.

Shawn Farris of Franklin County, Tennessee was attacked and beaten over the weekend ay his High School reunion for that fact that he is gay.

Ironically, Shawn Farris, who is a flight attendant, started the group the “Flight Attendant Project” to help at-risk LGBT youth.

And of course the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is not going to investigate the incident the violence against Shawn as a hate crime. The are calling the case a simple assault

Its not “simple” when someone calls you a “faggot” and a “queer” and then beats you up you banjo playing, redneck, yokel Sheriff.

Its a HATE CRIME and should be dealt with as such Bubba.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
420 Wilton Circle Winchester, TN 37398
(931) 962-0123

Anderson Cooper Talks With Rev Charles (Kill The Gay) Worley Parishoner Who Just Loves Him!

Last night Anderson Cooper talked with Stacey Pritchard,, a woman (I think) who attends the congregation of Charles Worley, the anti-gay reverend who thinks the government should create concentration camps for LGBT people and then be starved to death.

Unshockingly Stacey Pritchard, agrees with Worley

Its sad that Stacey can “rayprodeuce.” She’ll probably pump out 6 0r 7 little morons with her brother/husband and just like herself and she’ll homeschool them and make sure they hear Rev. Worley twice a week until they grow up and move into the trailer next door.

Idiocracy is real!

Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Will Not Be Put to Vote This Year Due To Opposition

It seems Tennessee Rep. Joey Hensley, R-Hohenwald,  is afraid that  Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill won’t make it through current legislative session based on the fact that  “some people who didn’t want to vote on it” and is shelving it “for this year”.

However the  State Department of Education and Board of Education has directed schools via letter not to teach about homosexuality in grades K-8 at all.

Knox News reports:

The bill passed the Senate last year and recently won approval in modified form from the House Education Committee on an 8-7 vote. It needed only the approval of the Calendar Committee, usually a routine matter, to be set for a floor vote.

Hensley said nickname the bill received “really wasn’t what the bill was all about” and contributed to unease of some legislators in voting on the measure. He said the bill could be re-filed next year if there is any indication of “alternate lifestyles” being prompted in Tennessee schools despite the pending letter.

The operative language of the amended version says that in grades K-8 any such classroom instruction, course materials or other informational resources that are inconsistent with natural human reproduction shall be classified as inappropriate for the intended student audience and, therefore, shall be prohibited.”

Hopefully progressive teachers in Tennesse will see that even though they can’t talk about “homosexuality” in grades

Mississippi Corrections Officer André D. Cooley Fired For Being Gay. Lawsuit Filed

André D. Cooley (pictured left) and The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit Monday against The Forrest County Sherriff’s Department of Mississippi alleging that he was fired because his supervisors learned he was gay.  The lawsuit  requests unspecified damages from the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Billy McGee, Chief of Corrections Charles Bolton and Staff Sgt. Donnell Brannon, a jail employee.

The complaint states that Cooley had told a few co-workers about his sexual orientation but was still not officially “out of the closet” on the job.  The incidents pertinent to the lawsuit began with a 911 call placed by Cooley on June 14, requesting help in a domestic disturbance.  A Hattiesburg Police Department report lists Cooley as the victim and describes his male companion as the assailant. The complaint states Bolton also responded to the call and ordered Cooley to report to his immediate supervisor before returning to work after learning of the two men’s relationship.

Sheriff Billy McGee said he stands by the decision to fire Cooley.  “He got in a fight with his boyfriend, and the police were called to his house for a domestic disturbance,” McGee said. “Those kinds of incidents don’t speak well for people in law enforcement.”  McGee added:  “I certainly don’t think the federal government should have the authority to determine what kind of character a person has to have to be representative of a law enforcement officer in Forrest County,” McGee said.

There is no federal or state law forbidding discrimination in Missisippi on grounds of sexual orientation.  (But there would have been if ENDA was passed)