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Homophobic Russian MP Launches “I’m Not Gay” Reality Show

Homophobic Russian MP Launches “I’m Not Gay” Reality Show

Via The UK Metro:

Homophobic Russian MP Vitaly Milonov is presenting a reality show where contestants have to guess which person is gay in order to win a cash prize. I’m Not Gay is a series that sees eight men move into a country house together. At the end of each episode, they vote to eliminate a contestant they suspect of being gay. If they correctly guess, then they share two million rubles (£21,000), but if the homosexual man dodges detection he wins the prize. In the first episode, which has been shared on YouTube, Milonov tells the contestants: “I hope that you will quickly figure out the gay.”

In 2013, Milonov declared that gay men “deserve to be punched and kicked” after a gay man was blinded in a hate crime assault. That came days after he led a police raid on a gay Halloween party.

In 2014, he attempt to ban Eurovision from being shown in Russia due to that year’s win by “pervert” Conchita Wurst. and in 2017, he attempted to ban Disney’s live-action version of Beauty And The Beast as “gay propaganda.”

So we’re the first “tributes” for the Russian Hunger Games.

Coming soon to Fox I am sure.

Marriage Boot Camp’s Shaun Sulligan aka Johnny Walsh Pissed His Gay Porn Past Exposed – Ain’t No BIG Thing…. Literally (NSWF)

Shaun Sulligan (aka Johnny Walsh ) — the hubby from “Marriage Boot Camp” with a “gay”porn past — is pissed that the show has “leaked” his XXX work in a desperate attempt to drum up ratings. Or so he says.

Sulligan shot two scenes for a gay website called “Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.” The scenes were shot in 2009 … one sex scene with a woman and one solo masturbation scene.  The sex scene is shot POV on him, not the woman.

Sulligan told TMZ he deeply regrets doing the videos, and only did it because he was homeless and living in his car at the time. He says he would NEVER do anything like it again and that he and his wife Sofia are particularly pissed off at the show for leaking the story because they say it was never brought up during filming and it was never an issue between them even though sources close to the show say that Shaun’s porn past has become a sore subject in his marriage and will be addressed on the show.

The couple says they are seriously considering skipping the reunion show … unless the show writes them a big check. Which is ironic because if you look at Shaun’s aka Johnny Walsh’s picture below you can see it ain’t no big thing.

Much ado about nothing if you ask me.








Shaun aka Johnny Walsh naked 2


The Fabulous Beekman Boys WIN The Amazing Race! – CBS Airs Reality Show Same-Sex Kiss – VIDEO

“The Fabulous Beekman Boys”  Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge won $1 million Sunday after being the first team to reach the finish line on the CBS show “The Amazing Race.”

The gay male couple of the Cooking Channel show called “The Fabulous Beekman Boys.” were one of 10 teams to compete in the 21st season of “The Amazing Race,” but never finished first in a leg of the race until they crossed the finish line on Sunday’s episode.

The race concluded in New York City.  Contestants from the final three teams  scurried through amusement parks on Coney Island before noticing a clue that led  them to the Brooklyn Navy Yard — across the borough. Once there, Ridge was  suspended, upside-down, fifteen stories in the air, in a straight jacket. He  wriggled out only to be bungie-jumped down.

From Brooklyn they crossed into downtown Manhattan, where the teams were each  challenged to deliver pizzas. Texas duo Trey and Lexi led by a few moments, with  Chippendales dancers Jaymes and James lagging. But Ridge and Kilmer-Purcell  stumbled: Kilmer-Purcell shuffled the customers’ orders, and the pair was forced  to repeat the task as their rivals rushed uptown to the Midtown headquarters of  the United Nations.

But the Beekman Boys used their brains to gain ground, pairing phrases from  the various countries they’d visited over the course of the show — in its 21st  season — with the accompanying flag. Lexi began crying as Josh tested each  possible combination, putting the Beekman Boys back into the lead. And to the win.

But it was at the beginning of last nights 2 hours episode as the final four which included the Sir Lanka twins who were eliminated before the finale headed into the last episode with their alliance of three, including Team Texas and the Chippendales  brought every gay man back to high school and the cool kid cliques as they allienated the Beekmans and borderlined on bullying as the twins who weren’t satisfied with merely besting everyone were constantly trash talking and whining nasally about how unfair things are the The Beekman Boys are in the race and calling them  “The Gays,” and “The Evil Gays” until finally the twin bitches come in last and are booted before the final leg.

But the best part of last nights Amazing Race finale though to me was the ending as Brent and Josh ran into Gotham Hall, site of the finish line with all the past contestants cheering and after Phil Koenig announced they were the official winners of The Amazing Race and had one 1 million dollars CBS airing a joyous and loving same-sex kiss between the boys.  A first after all these years or gay and lesbian couples a first for a CBS reality television show in prime time.

congratulations to the Fabulous Beekman Boys on your win.  And congratulations to CBS for showing a loving gay couples kiss on the finish mat of The Amazing Race.


Joseline Hernandez Star of Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Comes Out As Bisexual

Joseline Hernandez, star of Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta came out as bisexual this week while appearing on Hot 97 radio this week as she talked about her relationship with co-star music mogul Stevie J (who has a child with another cast member, Mimi Faust).

“I’m not really tripping about what Stevie do because I love women to,” Hernandez said. “If he wants to go have fun, then you know I’ll be right there with him.”

Ms. Hernandez also after being asked by a fan how she feels about gay people on Twitter, “I am bisexual!” in Spanish.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is a spin-off of the original Love & Hip Hop series and  follows the lives of the upcoming  music artists and deals with the music business drama.

Cable Channel Seeks Dateless Codependent Fag And Hag For Will & Grace Inspired Television Show

Hear that scraping sound?   Thats the sound of the bottom of the barrel being scraped clean.

A casting call has been disseminated among gays of New York City asking if you could be the real-life gay Will to a real-life lady Grace, just like on that show about Will and Grace called Will & Grace:

Unless I get to be Just Jack 2010  and Chelsea Handler gets to be Karen–that bitch with the best pills and vodka.the suckage of this show is going to be HUGE!