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Snubbed In Cincinnati – Back2Stonewall.com Passed Over In 2010 Best of Cincinnati® Readers Poll

When I started Back2Stonewall.com a little over a year ago one of the first area blogs I connected with was the now defunct and sorely missed QueerCincinnati.com. At that time Cincinnati CityBeat Newspaper had just put out it’s nominations and voting ballot for its “Best of 2009 Awards” and QueerCincinnati was nominated. And I thought “hey that’s great! Something to shoot for in 2010!” Well 2010 is here and surprise, surprise both myself and Back2Stonewall.com was totally shutout which really surprised me. I mean snubbed in Cincinnati? Thats just bad.

I love CityBeat too. It’s actually the only “alternative” rag here that has a modicum of liberalism in it in these parts. I even wrote one of their articles for their Gay Pride Issue called “Reason to Rally”, and have also been a contributor to their news blog and have written a few other freelance articles. I think maybe that’s what’s thrown me for a loop here. That and the fact that they really seemed to have stretched some of those who were nominated that it’s kind of embarrassing to be passed over.

Now don’t get me wrong. In the Best Blog category fellow gay blog “Good As You” is well deserving, (And I’d probably lose to them anyway but they are the only LGBT Blog nominated) but to NOT get a nod when a coupon websites like CincySavers.com and Cincinnati Coupons, which aren’t even blogs get nominated is REALLY embarrassing. And also being left out of “Local Activist” and “Local Journalist”? (Okay to be honest with my typos I CAN understand being snubbed in “Local Journalist” But losing a nod of “local Activist” to Bootsy Collins? Reeeeeally CityBeat? I doubt he’d ever take on Chris Smitherman.)

Now I know that this isn’t a big deal and all and I don’t want to come off petty because I don’t do Back2Stonewall for nominations and awards, but a little recognition would have been nice. You know?

Anyway, I did learn one important thing from all this. The next time I hear someone say “It was an honor just to be nominated”. I’ll now know that they aren’t lying.

*NOTE:  THERE IS A WRITE-IN OPTION BUT ITS WELL HIDDEN AND NOT EXPLAINED ON THE PAGE– If anyone out there wants to send a write in vote my way Please go to 2010 Best of Cincinnati® Readers Poll , Scroll down to PUBLIC EYE, look for BLOG, Click the DROPDOWN MENU and under SELECT you will see CREATE YOUR OWN OPTION – CLICK/HIGHLIGHT – CREATE YOUR OWN OPTION and you can write in BACK2STONEWALL.COM