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In The Battle For Gay Marriage In New York Whats The HRC and The Task Force Doing? NOT MUCH!

I for one have never really gotten behind the whole “state by state” battle for gay marriage and personally would have preferred a more federal courts movement from the beginning.  (Mostly because State by State will take FOREVER and lets face it, at this rate by the time the majority of States get on board most of us will be long gone.  But that’s the strategy that has been laid out by “Gay Inc”.  State by Sate until enough States adopt gay marriage and the rest will follow. (UGH!)  So while I don’t agree with it I do believe that if you are to battle this way you MUST FIGHT TO WIN.  Because if you don’t and we can’t succeed on a smaller scale it makes our movement look weak and one that has little backing.  And if we can;t win the States how will we NEVER be able to topple DOMA through Congress.

So hear we are.  Gay marriage in California has been hung up for years now and Iowa is in danger of losing it.  But one of the biggest battles we have right now is the State of New York, which you would think would be a slam dunk, except for the fact that State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., the Senate’s most vociferous opponent of marriage equality, has gathered a coalition of anti-gay lawmakers and groups such as the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) which is pumping MILLIONS of dollars in cash, print ads, and commercials to rally bigots not only in New York but across the country to stand against gay marriage in New York.

So whats the LGBT Communities two biggest National Gay Advocacy Groups doing to help battle Diaz, NOM, and the other anti-gay groups who are fighting against marriage equality in New York State?


The Human Rights Campaign homepage states:

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans……… HRC works to secure equal rights for LGBT individuals and families at the federal and state levels by lobbying elected officials, mobilizing grassroots supporters, educating Americans, investing strategically to elect fair-minded officials and partnering with other LGBT organizations.

To be fair, HRC has “partnered” New Yorkers United for Marriage – the umbrella group HRC and several LGBT organizations launched to win marriage equality including the  Empire State Pride Agenda, Freedom to Marry, Human Rights Campaign, Log Cabin Republicans and Marriage Equality New York and have made a commercial and ad featuring a lesbian couple from NewYork (lesbians are less offensive it seems)who, after 29 years together, are fighting for the right to legally say “I do.”  and they do have their Celebrity “New Yorkers For Marriage Equality Campaign”  but do they really think that Fran Dreiscger, Julianne Moore, and Ethan Hawke saying that they believe in marriage equality can battle the lies and the use of hate and fear that Ruben Diaz and NOM uses?  Is this really the BEST that the HRC,  which rakes in well over 25 Million dollars a year in donations can do?  A few celebrity commercials, NO print ads, NO public responses to the blatant and hateful lies of anti-gay marriage groups, and  NO FIGHT?  Is this what we should expect from the United States’ largest LGBT advocacy group that claims more than 750,000 members and supporters?  Oh but never fear fellow second class citizens the HRC  are selling T-Shirts for $27.00 a pop to raise money for themselves (NOT specifivally for the NY Marriage Equality Campaign) and will be having an HRC Scavenger Hunt and  throwing a fabulous Mission: Marriage Equality New York After Party on May 21st.

And what of “The Task Force”? (aka. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force) What the hell is their TASK?  Go to their website and you will find not one thing about the gay marriage battle that’s being fought in New York.  “The Task Force” says that one of their goals “is to build a diverse pool of skilled leaders and activists” but how can they do that when they are not activists and leaders themselves?  (Although I am sure that Rea Carey has no problem leading herself to the bank yo receive her $217,582.00 a year salary.)

These are our tow biggest National LGBT Organizations and this is what they do. Is it a wonder we are getting nowhere fast and our fight is so hard?

Until Gay Inc. climbs down off its money grubbing, corporate high horse and gets into the trenches and starts to fight.  I mean REALLY FIGHT for our Equality we basically are screwed.

They should be ashamed of themselves and we should be ashamed of ourselves for enabling them to have become like this.

NGLTF: "There was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama." WTF?!

The National Gay ans Lesbian Task Force whose President Rea Carey, takes home over $217,582 a year in salary is one of those annoying Gay Inc. organizations.  Somehow they have gotten themselves into a position of leadership in the LGBT Community but do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING constructive when it comes to actually fighting for or achieving LGBT Rights.  The NGLTF excels at attending cocktail parties at the White House and meetings that go nowhere, throwing fundraisers for itself to keep its employees well paid and its bloated budget alive and well and holds “weekend conferences” where it charges an arm and a leg to teach attendees how to be leaders in the LGBT Community without really knowing how to do so itself.

Case in point of actually how removed the NGLTF is from the REAL members of the LGBT Community.

Via Politico:

Laurie Young, the director of public policy at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said there was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama.

“He has stated very clearly that he wants the Senate to move as quickly as possible and that he wants this done legislatively – I know that he very much supports it,” she told POLITICO. “My hope is that it will be done swiftly through the lame-duck session.”

“There was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama.”

Obvious somewhere in that bloated budget of the NGLTF is an expenditure for CRACK because obviously they are removed from reality via some chemical substance. Or just bold faced liars pusingh propaganda to try defend their lack of any achievement and shepard the LGBT community back into the “We Love Obama and the Democrats camp so they can have more cocktails and movie nights with the President and try to stay relevant.

We need to remember that every time that we warned the NGLTF and HRC of their failure to act, we were told we did not know what we were talking about.  They had a “super duper secret plan.” We were all just a bunch of laughable, naive whiners while all the cool gay and lesbian kids enjoyed their cocktails at the White House

This is what their “super duper secret plan.” gotten us in 2 years with a Democratic President, Senate, and House:

DADT – Possible FAIL
Permanent Partners (UAFA) – FAIL
Federal Employee Benefits – FAIL
Health Care Nondiscrimination – FAIL
(Unenforced) Hate Crimes Law – SYMBOLIC WIN
Piddly Executive Branch Changes – WIN, FOR NOW
Defense of Our Constitutional Rights – EXTREME FAIL

This is what the NGLTF, HRC, and Gay Inc accomplished over the past 2 years because “There was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama.”

It is truly time to turn our backs on the NGLTF, HRC, and Gay Inc and create NEW LGBT Advocacy Organizations.  Ones which aren’t tainted with apathy, greed and star-fuckery with staff making 6 digit salaries and it behooves them to stay in business. We need advocacy groups that run on the passion for the cause and have focus.  Not the ones we have that run because of the  size of the paychecks they recieve and the stars they can cocktails with at their benefits.

We need to be rid of the self-effacing and -aggrandizing advocacy groups such as the HRC and NGLTF they are like the bleating of the Vichy Français as they insisted to all who would listen that the Nazi occupiers really weren’t that bad if you get to know them…provided you aren’t Jewish, gypsy, or gay.

The HRC, NGLTF are worthless and have caused us much more harm than good and the  past two years have proved that.

It’s time to turn our backs on them and start anew.

and GAY Inc.

Press Release From Rea Carey and NGLTF Because Thats All Rea Does Is Issue Press Releases and Receive A Nice Big Paycheck

This was forwarded today from Rea Carey of the Executive Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force about last nights mid-election results.  You remember Rea and the NGLTF.  They hold those nifty conferences to raise money that do jack shit and Rea visits the White House and also has “movie nights” with the President in the name of advancing LGBT Rights, and issues press release while collecting a nice paycheck but in reality does ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!

Here’s what Rea has to say about last night:

“We’ll cut to the chase: The shift in the balance of power will very likely slow advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights legislation in Congress. Does this mean a blockade on LGBT rights? Not if we can help it. Fact is, our community has always had to fight — and fight hard — for equality. This is nothing new to us. But here’s another fact: There are Americans, from every part of the country, from every background, from every political leaning and of every faith, who support equality for LGBT people — and those numbers grow bigger every day.

“No matter what the political breakdown is in Washington, the Task Force will continue to identify and work with all fair-minded members of Congress who are willing to support and defend equality for LGBT people. Through our New Beginning Initiative, we will continue to push for the administration and its agencies to make tangible changes that benefit lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and our families — changes that can be done without Congress. We will continue working with local partners in communities across the country to secure equality. Bottom line: While political winds and players may shift, the fundamental needs of the people do not. No matter who is in office, people need jobs, protection from discrimination, a roof over their heads, a way to feed their families, a fair shake. No one should settle for less — we won’t.”

Oh blah, blah, blah, fucking blah.

I would REALLY like to know what tangible changes can be done without Congress?  I’d also like to know what, if anything the NLGTF and Rea Carey have substantially done?  I mean reallywhat can they claim that REALLY made a difference in our lives..  They exist?  They hold conferences, banquets, and represent us.  But WHAT THE FUCK have you done other than bow to the DNC and applaud and be grateful for crumbs?!

Now you all may wonder where this anger comes from?  Well I’ll tell you.  For the past two years Rea and NGLTF, Joe Solmonese, and HRC, and others have wasted and squandered what little time that we had to get LGBT rights initiatives pushed and THEY WASTED IT.  They swilled cocktails, hung out at the White House and were nothing more then lemmings to the DNC.  Time after time countless people, LGBT bloggers, and political reporters warned them that the window was small and they didn’t push.  And now.  NOW after last nights elections, when we have to face that the reality is unless the DADT repeal gets passed in the lame duck session we can look at very little to no LGBT rights advances over the past few years.  This BITCH has the nerve to send out a Press Release touting the Task Force and what it can do when it didn’t do anything when it had an actual chance?

If Rea Carey and Joe Solmonese had any decency or any conscience for what they cost the LGBT community over the opportunity they wasted over the past two years they would resign.  That’s the Press release we need to see from you Rea.  Your resignation.  Because yes the Democrats lost a lot of power last night.  But after the past few years it’s become clear that we’ve never had any thanks to you and Gay Inc being so inept.

It’s time for you all to go and resign in the shame that you should for the wasted time, broken promises, and just plain bullshit you shovel.  The LGBT Community would be much better off with new leaders to take your place.

Homo Sat What? – Jarret Barrios President of GLAAD: "How Judge Walker rules (On Prop 8) doesn’t matter nearly as much as the process did."

What an ignorant flaming asshole……..

The trial mattered a lot, but how Judge Walker rules doesn’t matter nearly as much as the process did. Of enormous — but underappreciated — significance was the role the trial played as a forum for gay and lesbian couples to tell their stories. As fair-minded Americans have gotten to know these couples and their inspiring commitment to one another, public opinion has moved toward strong support for equality. – Jarret Barrios President of GLAAD

For barrios to actually believe this makes him beyond dellusional.  Not all that many people followed the trial, particularly since the Supreme Court quashed televising it, and most people, particularly among straights, don’t even know what Perry vs. Schwarzenegger is. 

To actually think that Barrios is a Leader in the LGBT Community is mind boggling . 

To think that any of them Kors, Forman, Carey, Solmonese are still our “leaders” is mind boggling .

Who still, after everything that has happened and been exposed about this worthless lot keeps giving money to these assholes and their organizations to pay thier bloated salaries?


Obama To Hold White House Gay Pride Reception On June 22. Where Is MY Invitation?

President Obama will hold a White House Gay Pride Reception on June 22. Invitations for the event were mailed last week, they say: “The President requests the pleasure of your company at a reception in celebration of LGBT Pride Month to be held at The White House.”

Well there must be some oversight because iafter a week I still haven’t recieved mine!  I wonder if it’s lost in the mail?

I am sure that Joe Solomese, President of the Human Rights Campaign is picking out a $700 Dolce Gabina suit as we speak and Rea Carey Executive Director of The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and her girlfriend are out shopping for matching Birkenstocks and laughing at the memories of the movie night they shared together at The White House with Barack and Michelle two days after we lost gay marriage in Maine.  And  Jarret Barrios of GLAAD has already gotten his invitation and is sitting down with his son Javier and a copy of Emily Post teaching the proper protocal for kissing ass.  But where is MY invitation and others like me, bloggers, activist, and the “non-elite” LGBT’s who are in the trenches day in and day out fighting for our rights without making 6 figure salaries and kissing ass?

So President Obama how about an invite.  Hell, I don;t even care if you invite me.  How about inviting bloggers Pam Spaulding, Louise Maine, Mike Petrelis, Joe Jervis, or Andy Towle?  Or activist Andy Thayer from the Gay Liberation Network or Robin McGehee from Get Equal?  They are  REAL LGBT Americans who care about our rights and our future and who aren’t afraid to stand up, fight, and report the truth.  The REAL fierce advocates of the LGBT Community

So, Mr. President we are all waiting for our invitations.  Are you willing to “man-up” and send them and convince us that you have the LGBT communities best interest at heart or will this once again just be a photo-op coctail party for the gay elite who make nice salaries and benefit from our inequality?  The same “gay elite” that we as a community don’t even want to represent us anymore but like herpes can’t seem to get rid of.

I’ll wait for the mailman everyday for my invitation. 

But alas, I am sure that like having equal rights I will be waiting forever.

While Gay Marriage Crashed And Burned In Maine Our Gay Inc. Leaders Where On A Movie Date With Barack Obama

Last November when Barack Obama chose instead of lobbying his millions of supporters to help keep Maine’s gay marriage law alive, he was asking everyone to support New Jersey’s (since un-elected) Gov. Jon Corzine’s campaign. But now we find out that two days later, who was he inviting over for a movie date? Rea Carey, the executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and her partner Margaret Conway. Maybe this is a Gay Inc. leader’s reward for not once lobbying your own supporters to try to get the White House involved in Maine’s marriage battle, and not even mentioning the president’s name in your day-after-the-loss press release about how gay Mainers could’ve benefited from an Obama assist.

Every day it becomes clearer and clearer that there is a huge disconnect between the politically affiliated gays and the rest of us on the street and that Rea Carey of the NGLTF, Joe Solmonese of HRC and the rest of Gay Inc. have NO incentive to make actual progress. And that their true incentive is to continue the “struggle” so they can continue to receive their salaries and expense accounts


Thanks to Michael Petrelis of The Petrelis Files

Watch Jason Belllini Report On Michelangel Signorile’s " A Path Forward: An LGBT Leadership Town Hall" And Listen To The Full 2 Hour Summit (Video and Audio)

*It might take a bit to buffer – Or try to click the play arrow after a wait

Watch as Jason Bellini reports on on the : A Path Forward: An LGBT Leadership Town Hall that Michelangel Signorile held this past week with LGBT Leaders which included:National Gay & Lesbian Task Force executive director Rea Carey; Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese;National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling; Servicemembers Legal Defense Network executive director Aubrey Sarvis; political strategist, attorney and former Clinton White House advisor on gay rights Richard Socarides; and blogger and activist Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend.

And you can aslo listen to the entire 2 Hour Audio by CLICKING HERE.
And Yes,  Joe Solmonese was a pomous ass once again!

The NGLTF Conference! – Creating Change? Or Creating A Soiree’?

Creating Change, the annual conference from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, kicks off today in Dallas.
So for $350 + Hotel + Meals + Airfare some two thousand LGBT activists, Will be liestening to Dan Choi speak and going to some workshops before they bum rush the stage to see dance troop Vogue Evolution perform, clamoring for the gift bags stuffed with samples from the conference’s sponsor Wet Lube, do some shopping fro various vendors and attend all the evening events.  (aka Parties)

THIS is how Gay Inc. works.

The NGLTF makes a lot of money with this conference, but we don’t get anything except Rea carey issuing some statements throughout the year.

What a joke.

Even the trailer is lame.