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Democratic Candidates Respond To Pete Buttigieg Dropping Out of the Primary Race

“Christian” Activist Heckles Pete Buttigieg in Iowa: Screams “Remember Sodom And Gomorrah” at Rally (Video)

Via: Politico Playbook 

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg swept into Iowa on Tuesday, drawing some of the biggest crowds of the 2020 race so far in the first-in-the-nation caucus state. He faced anti-gay hecklers at two events, including in Des Moines where a man in the crowd shouted ‘remember Sodom and Gomorrah!’ just after Buttigieg talked about marrying his husband, Chasten, who attended the event.

The man kept shouting but the crowd chants of ‘Pete! Pete!’ drowned him out. Buttigieg calmly looked on as security escorted away the individual. “The good news is, the condition of my soul is in the hands of God, but the Iowa caucuses are up to you,” Buttigieg said to laughter and cheers.

In all, three hecklers over two Iowa events were taken away and each time Buttigieg unflinchingly carried on after cracking a joke or commenting on freedom of expression. A campaign aide said it was the first time the mayor faced such security incidents since touring nationally.

The “Christian” nutjob named Randall Terry is an anti-abortion, and anti-LGBT activist who’s own son is gay, much to his embarrassment and has been arrested more than 40 times. Two of Terry’s children by adoption became pregnant outside of wedlock. Both were thrown out of the house when they became pregnant, with no help from pro-life daddy to support them.

Terry is quoted as saying: ” I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you. I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good… Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a biblical duty, we are called on by God to conquer this country. We don’t want equal time. We don’t want pluralism.” – —The News Sentinel, (Fort Wayne, Indiana), August 16, 1993

Did Ann Coulter Just Support The Killing Abortion Doctors?

Today, Ann Coulter, resident GOP hag and GOFuckyourself GOProud Board Member was interviewed by KRMG’s Dan Potter about her upcoming appearance with radical anti-gay and anti-abortion terrorist Randall Terry and asked whether she supported some of Terry’s more outrageous stunts and statements, like his statements regarding the murder to Dr. George Tiller.

“I’m going to discuss the issue of the abortion clinic doctors being shot in my speech. The current score is, what, about fifty million to seven in terms of the number of people their side has killed and the number of people our side has killed. But I’ll give you a brief preview, which is when you take democracy away from people, violence will break out. That is not, itself, an endorsement, but it is a suggesting that we go back to living under the Constitution.”

“Living under the constitution”? Maybe Skeletor and her ilk should first learn what that statement actually means, and then then they can go back to living under their rocks

At Bizarre N.H. Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate, Candidate Glitter Bombs Anti-Gay Activist Randall Terry – Video

While we’ve all been focused on the almost nightly televised train wrecks called the GOP Presidential Candidate debates throughout the country there have been lesser known individual state Democratic Presidential debates where candidates are trying to get on “state” tickets to battle Obama for the Democratic nomination even though they stand very little chance of ever making it as a contender.

One of the most BIZARRE state Democratic Presidential Candidate debates have come out of New Hampshire where Vermin Supreme a self described fascist went up against anti-gay, anti-abortion Randall Terry founder of Society for Truth and Justice  who are both on the January 10th Dem primary ticket.

Individualist running as Democrat Vemin Supreme of Rockport, Mass., has made a name for himself since 2004 running on a platform of giving a pony to every American and mandatory oral hygiene – “strong teeth for a strong America.” Even in a crowded room, he’s hard to miss, wearing a black rubber boot on his head.  Vermin Supreme is the best known of the nearly 20 candidates, and some voters said they attended just to meet him.

“I want my pony,” said Babz McGovern

While Randall Terry the anti-gay, anti-abortion Democratic candidate preached at the debate to the crowd. “The founders gave us the Tenth Amendment to prevent the federal government from micromanaging the vast majority of details that would affect us as a country. However, they never could have conceived of a moment in which we would become so debauched that we would elevate homosexual marriage or civil unions to the level of marriage. “There’s some things that are fundamentally evil, like slavery and there is no state right to hold another human being, there is no state right to kill your offspring, there is no state right to have homosexual marriage,” Terru said.

It was at that point that Vermin Supreme stood up and dumped glitter all over Terry Randall’s head shouting “He’s turning gay, he’s turning gay, whoooooo!”

And you though the GOP debates were the only crazy ones. 


Anti-Gay Activist And So Called "Christian" Randall Terry Pops A Boner At The National Equality – Equality Across America March Last October!

This above photo on the right was taken at the The National Equality – Equality Across America March in Washington, D.C. in October. The man is none other than Christian activist Randall Terry, who was popping his wood while shouting gay slurs at an elderly gay man. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic and Terry wasn’t so butt ugly.