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HomoCONS – Log Cabin Republicans Replaces R.C. Cooper With Newt Gingrich Loving Exec Director


Now I understand that the talent pool is severely limited when it comes to HomoCON’s, but just when you think that the Log Cabin Republicans can’t get any worse after their endorsement of Mitt Romney for President now that the LCR executive director R. Clarke Cooper will be stepping down they will be replacing him with Gregory T. Angelo, who announced his support for Newt Gingrich’s presidential bid just weeks after Gingrich signed the National Organization for Marriages ‘s hate pledge to destroy LGBT rights on the federal level.

According to Joe Jervis over at the award winning newblog Joe My God who  references this 2011 interview “Angelo appears to be the typical homocon who proclaims his Christianity and denounces gay pride parades.  Because, you know, he’s butch. Or something.”

Most of the other gay Republicans Greg knows, he says, are not fans of the pride parade. They’re not wearing their sexuality on their sleeve, he says. Many are partnered. A lot are business owners. “The bottom line is many just want to live their lives in quiet dignity. Their rights are important to them and achieving equal rights is important to them but the way to do it isn’t really to go out and bang a drum and make a lot of noise. It’s more so to make a difference within the party and to sit down with fellow Republicans and sit down with their partners, sit down with the foster children they’re taking care of, sit down and explain that they’re a business owner who is also not happy with the MTA payroll tax in New York and make the case that we are normal,” he says. Greg has met with people who think all gay men are hairdressers or fashion designers.

“Business owner” of course is a  Republican code word for “anarcho-capitalistic, exploiting, dumb fuck who thinks his employees are slaves”

LCR-ers and GOProud-ers have: no shame, no self-esteem, no decency, no sense of irony, but
have all the self-loathing hate that money can buy!!!

Any self-respecting LGBT individual or LGBT organization wouldn’t be caught within 10 feet of them.

FLASHBACK – Human Rights Campaign head Chad Griffin – Sept 7, 2012

” The Log Cabin Republicans are good people doing good work. We need all fair-minded Americans to rally to the side of equality, and that most definitely includes Republicans. They provide a voice within the Republican Party that’s important.”

I rest my case.

R. Clark Cooper and the Log Cabin Republicans “Unofficially” Endorse Mitt Romney For President

R. Clark Cooper and the Log Cabin Republicans have been playing games for weeks now trying NOT to “officially” endorse Mitt Romney for President.  Many LGBT journalist including myself have speculated that Cooper and the LCR  would make their endorsement at the very last-minute as to avoid fallout from the LGBT community.  But while Cooper and the LCR may not put their endorsement on paper.  Their intentions and loyalty to the Republican party over the LGBT community became apparent last night last night during the second 2012 Presidential Debates  as both the LCR and Cooper’s Twitter feeds became nothing more than a Obama bashing, social media endorsement for the anti-gay Mitt Romney.

One of the most hypocritical Tweets from the LCR last night came in the form of slamming President Obama on ENDA (The Employment Non-Discrimination Act)

And while ENDA has seemed to be a bit of a problem for the Obama administration at least it’s still on the table.  Romney on the other hand has been very vocal on the fact that he does not support ENDA or the repeal of DOMA  (Defense of Marriage Act) for that matter and has kowtowed to many anti-gay religious extremist groups.  In public the LCR has called this a “stumbling point” for their endorsement of Mitt Romney.  But it’s obviously last night it was NOT a matter of contention when it comes to an “unofficial” endorsement like the one made via Twitter when R. Clark Cooper and the Log Cabin Republicans showed their true face to the LGBT Community.

Both of them.


Barney Frank vs The Log Cabin Republicans – ROUND 2: They Are Still Uncle Toms

Last week I posted about how during the Democratic National Convention’s Lesbian and Gay Caucus Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) laid it all out on the table and stated quite frankly in my opinion and may others the Log Cabin Republicans is bunch of “Uncle Tom’s” for backing the GOP, a party that despises the LGBT community.

Well that sent Gay Inc into a politically correct tizzy.  With GLAAD, The Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Human Rights Campaign releasing statements DEFENDING the Log Cabin Republicans including this little bon mot by the new and seemingly ineffectual President of the Human Rights Campaign, Chad Griffin The Log Cabin Republicans are good people doing good work.”  (Way NOT to go there Chad.  I see you are filling Solmonese’s overpaid shoes nicely)

To make a long story short the head of the LCR, R. Clark Cooper responded to Frank by saying in part:  “We understand that Barney has earned his protected place within the Democrat Party by being their attack dog on gay rights issues, demonizing Republicans …blah, blah, blah …..We expect this kind of bile from Barney, especially when it plays into the Obama campaign’s efforts to divide, distract and deceive the American people.”

Crickets from Gay Inc. of this of course.

Well yesterday Barney fired the next salvo.

The damaging aspect of the Log Cabin argument, to repeat the most important  point, is that they may mislead people who do not share their view that tax cuts  for the wealthy are more important than LGBT rights into thinking that they are  somehow helping the latter by supporting Mitt Romney and his Rick Santorum  platform. [snip]

The argument Mr. Cooper and the others in the Log Cabin Republicans have put  forward in their defense is that they have succeeded in getting the Republicans  to reduce the extent to which they denounce us, and, in Mr. Cooper’s phrase, the  fact that Paul Ryan is “willing to engage” with gay Republicans.  That is  where Uncle Tom comes to mind.  They are urging people to vote for the  anti-LGBT candidate over the most supportive LGBT candidate and platform  imaginable because the “antis” are calling us fewer names and are willing to  talk to some of us.  It is this willingness to acquiesce in a subordinate  status as long as the masters are kinder in tone, although in substance, that  emulates Uncle Tom. [snip]

Some have complained that in comparing the Log Cabin Republicans to Uncle Tom, I  was ignoring the fact that they are nice.  I accept the fact that many of  them are nice – so was Uncle Tom – but in both cases, they’ve been nice to the  wrong people.”

BAZINGA! +1000 points for Barney Frank. 

As for  GLAAD, The Gay and Lesbian Task Force , the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBt activists who  and others in the LGBT Community who think that being “politically correct” and rushing  to defend the Log Cabin Republicans, GOProud and other HomoCONS and will work with them regardless of the fact that whatever they say and do now on a specific LGBT issues that in the end  will STILL vote for the anti-gay GOP politicians who wants to stop us on our path to full equality and take what few rights we do have away.  I honestly say to you that you prove that “INTEGRITY” in the LGBT civil rights movement died in the 1980’s along side so many of our original LGBT activist heroes and you all should be ashamed.

*You can read all of Barney Franks recent statement by CLICKING HERE

R Clark Cooper and His Log Cabin HomoCONs Are Giddy As Little Girls Over Paul Ryan

From the Log Cabin Republican website:

Congressman Paul Ryan is a strong choice for vice president, and his addition to  the GOP ticket will help Republican candidates up and down the ballot,” said R.  Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director. “As chairman of the  House Budget Committee and author of the Republican “path to prosperity” that  provided the blueprint for serious spending cuts in this Congress, nobody is  more qualified to articulate a conservative economic vision to restore the  American economy and stimulate job creation.

At the same time,  Congressman Ryan’s 2007 vote in favor of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act  and his consistent willingness to engage with Log Cabin on a range of issues  speaks to his record as a fair-minded policymaker. Overall, while Log Cabin  Republicans have not completed the endorsement process for the 2012 presidential  election, this is a choice that all Republicans can be excited about, and which  sends a good message about the kind of campaign Governor Romney wants to run,  and the kind of president Governor Romney wants to be.

Obviously the Log Cabin HomoCONs think its “fair-minded” that Ryan did later REVOKE  his support of ENDA and also voted for a federal marriage amendment that would have defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman everywhere in the United States, voted against hate crimes protections, and voted to exempt faith-based initiatives from state and local government civil rights laws.  Not to mention that Herr Ryan supported a ban on gay adoption in DC. and opposed implementation of DC’s domestic partnership registry.

Paul Ryan is MORE anti-gay than Mitt Romney himself.

How much more proof is needed that the LCR,  and GoProud of course,  are just insane and fucking evil and should be SHUNNED and SPURNED by the entire LGBT community.

R. Clark Cooper of the Log Cabin Republicans Calls LGBT’s “Spoiled Children” Over Chick-fil-A Protests

“Turning a chicken sandwich into Public Gay Enemy Number One makes LGBT people look superficial, vindictive and juvenile — everything that we as a community have worked hard to overcome. Remember, employers don’t want drama queens on the payroll, military service is serious business, and marriage is not a right society grants to spoiled children. While in a perfect world our equality should not depend on our good behavior, in a world where our rights too often hinge on political reality, the way our movement conducts itself matters.

“The ‘movable middle’ moves both ways, and they don’t like seeing people attacked relentlessly for their religion. Whatever the nuances, these voters see a man standing up for his beliefs against a politically powerful mob dead-set on driving him out of business. It’s un-American, and when fellow conservatives are finally standing up and speaking out for marriage equality as consistent with the sober values of responsibility and commitment, splashing a popular American company with metaphorical chicken blood in protest is nothing less than friendly fire.”

Cooper just happens to forget and in no way mentions the millions upon millions of dollars that Chick-fil-A has donated to anti-gay hate groups including the ex-gay group Exodus International as he kisses the asses of his Right-Wing Masters.

To put it bluntly R. Clark Cooper is an asshole.  He always has been, and always will be.  And the same goes for all members of The Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud.  They will always be business and finance first and the LGBT community second.

To them equality be damned just lower taxes and increase business profits.


Old bullethead is right about one thing though. A chicken sandwich shouldn’t be Public Gay Enemy Number One. 

It should be self-loathing, traitorous, Auntie Tom “gay republicans” like R. Clark Cooper who’ll sell out their own community and happily take a seat at the back of the bus by backing a political party that loathes them for a few more dollars in their bank accounts and a pat on the head.

Video – Only The Insanity Of Bryan J Fischer on CNN Could Make HomoCon Gay Republicans Look Good

In a nutshell:

Insane anti-gay hate groups spokesman Bryan J. Fischer of the American Family Association debates GOP HomoCon and Auntie Tom  R. Clark (Big Daddy) Cooper of the Log Cabin Republicans (who’d sell out the LGBT Community for a tax cut) about Mitt Romney’s choice of the LOATHSOME Roy Cohn Award winning gay GOP Richard Grenell as Romney’s homeland security spokesman.

Fischer comes off his usual gay hating insane “evangelical” self.  (BIG surprise there.)

But the most dangerous part of this clip is that it makes R. Clark Cooper and the Log Cabin Republicans look good.

Responsible journalism at its best CNN!