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Take The Family Research Council’s “Family Values (Hate) Quiz”


Here’s a sample question and answer from thier Hate Quiz:

Q: Science indicates that homosexuality is likely inborn and unchangeable.

A: False. The U.S. Justice Department recently claimed that homosexuality is unchangeable and thus refused to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court. Yet the best science actually refutes this assertion. The handful of small studies that purport to show a “gay gene” have been widely discounted by the majority of the scientific community. On the other hand, decades of sociological and psychological research indicate that same-sex attraction is not inborn but is likely a product of external factors. And leading psychologists have affirmed the existence of thousands of people who changed from homosexual attractions to heterosexual. FRC is exploding the myths and making sure that lawmakers, judges, and the public know the facts.

So go on head over to the FRC site and take the quiz and see what lies and propaganda that this 501c Goverment Tax Exempt certified hate group is allowed to spew across the internet without any ramifications.

Wheres ANONYMOUS when you need them?