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Dear Andrew Sullivan: FUCK YOU! – A Loathe Letter In One Part

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew “Quisling-modo” Sullivan is having a field day today doing what he has made a career out of.  Attacking liberals and his own community first, and the homophobes second.

Sullivan in a post yesterday came to the defense of anti-gay Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich and bashed his own community, Sullivan wrote that poor Eichmann is victim of “left-liberal intolerance”  and that it only highlights the”ugly intolerance of parts of the gay movement, because of his financial contribution to the passage of Proposition 8 in California in 2008.


Eich only stepped down after it was revealed late Wednesday that he’d given money to far right wing anti-Jew, anti-black, andti-gay and anti-human right wing extremist Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign in 1992, and later to Ron Paul’s campaign.   That is was what pushed Mozilla over the edge and forced Eich to resign.  But of course you’d never know that if you read Sully’s last two columns on poor martyed Eich. Because Quisling-modo won’t mention it. Because that’s not how this loser rolls.

The sheer gall and hypocrisy of Sullivan is staggering.  This is the “man” who led the charge for Alec Baldwin to be fired from MSNBC for saying the word “faggot’ now  thinks we shouldn’t be angry with someone who donated money to a ban our civil rights and helped fund people and groups that used all sorts of vile lies and smears against us.

Once again Sullivan is exploiting our movement to build up his “conservative” cred once again throwing rocks to get attention.  A.S. is a contrarian attention and media whore.  Always has been and always will be.  One doesn’t have to wonder why Sullivan defended Brandon Ambrosino a few weeks ago.  It’s because Ambrosino is a younger version of Sullivan himself.

For those of you who “bought” a subscription for 19.95 for the “Daily Dish”.  Do yourself, and your community a favor and CANCEL your subscription and do something good for the community with it.

Don’t support Andrew Sullivan.

Because he obviouly doesn’t support you.

H/T and special thanks to Mike Signorelli at Huffpost Gay Voices