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Read This Disgusting Bigoted Message Printed On A Sales Receipt

antigay receipt

Seriously there isn’t much more for me to add to this story other than how ignorant and vile some people can be. Here’s more from HuffPost:

An ATM at a bar called El Ocho de Blanco in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan returned a receipt with the message “we hate fags” written in English at the bottom, sparking an uproar among the island’s LGBT community this week, as a picture of the receipt burned through social media and the blogosphere.

Both the bar and the ATM provider immediately distanced themselves from the offending message. El Ocho de Blanco put a note on its Facebook page saying itturned the ATM off and reached out to the provider, ATM Mobile Services, according to Primera Hora.

The ATM company’s president Jorge Torres said “someone from the outside gained access to the system and programming of the machine.” Torres said his company did not intentionally offend the LGBT community and would upgrade its ATM security to make sure nothing like this would happen in the future.

LGBT activist Pedro Julio Serrano thanked the companies for disavowing the homophobic message in a blog post, but also lamented that it happened in the first place. He said the incident made it clear that the island should pass a law proposed byPuerto Rican Sen. Ramón Luis Nieves criminalizing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Homophobia is unacceptable, wherever it comes from,” Serrano wrote. “This can’t keep happening in Puerto Rico.”

It’s not clear if the bar is gay friendly or not but it’s hate pure and simple. I don’t know if customers that use this ATM service should be more concerned that people are able to send them bigoted hate messages or that their security system is so weak that any entry level hacker can so easily find a way into their operating systems. Suffice to say, until the person responsible is held accountable, maybe it’s best that no one does any banking transactions with them.

Rick Santorum Lounges Poolside With Passengers From Atlantas’ ALL GAY Cruise

Rick “Man On Dog” Santorum took a break from his grueling campaign schedule of misogyny, anti-gay hate and christian terrorism while running for GOP Presidential candidate by taking a break and lounging poolside at a Puerto Rico resort which also happens to be the same resort that oodles and oddles of gay men who are passengers from an Atlantis all-gay cruise are staying.

One of the passengers even took the pic above  (MY EYES!)


Source:  Joe My God

Ricky Martin Speaks Out Over Puerto Rico Trying To Remove LGBT Protections From Hate Crime Laws

Last month the Puerto Rico senate approved a provision that would eliminate sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity and religious beliefs from the hate crimes statute that was included in the penal code that lawmakers approved in 2004.

Yesterday singer Ricky Martin spoke out against the removal.

 Hispanically Speaking reports:

“I’m very sad about the turn the discussion on Criminal Law is taking in Puerto Rico that proposes the elimination of aggravating factors in cases where crimes are committed out of prejudice toward the victim,” the openly gay star said on his Web site.

Martin said that while great nations focus on providing their citizens with basic rights, some politicians in Puerto Rico are doing just the opposite, “promoting inequality and hate.”

“They ought to do their homework and review a little the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…which says that everyone – the citizens – are equal before the law and have, without distinction, the right to equal protection under the law,” he said.

Nearly two dozen LGBT Puerto Ricans have been murdered on the island since late 2009 in what is nothing short of an epidemic of anti-LGBT violence. Those murdered include gay teenager Jorge Steven López Mercado, who was stabbed to death before his decapitated, dismembered and partially burned body was dumped alongside a remote roadside near Cayey in Nov. 2009 and three LGBT Puerto Ricans-Alejandro Torres Torres, Karlota Gómez Sánchez and Ramón “Moncho” Salgado-were found dead within a 72-hour period in June.

LGBT and Dominican activists plan to protest the proposed amendments in San Juan this week.

Puerto Rican Senator & Ex-Chair Chair of the Bush/Cheney 2004 Campaign Roberto Arango BUSTED Posting Nude Pics On Grindr


*NOTE:   Puerto Rico politics is wacky. The “Popular Democratic Party” is a party supporting Puerto Rican independence and is differnt than the “Democratic Party” in the U.s. Politically Roberto Arango  is Republican and is the GOP committee chair for his district.

Last Friday’s Puerto Rican TV show Dando Candela exposed another in yet a long line of Republican hypocrites this time exposing Roberto Arango, senator and president of the Partido Popular Democratico (See note above) who among other things was the Chair of the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign in Puerto Rico  Arango is a staunch conservative catholic has an antigay/labor/women/civil rights record.

When asked about the picture, Roberto Arango didn’t confirm or deny taking the photograph but says he’s been documenting his weight loss and this may very well be a part of that:

“You know I’ve been losing weight. As I shed that weight, I’ve been taking pictures. I don’t remember taking this particular picture but I’m not gonna say I didn’t take it. I’d tell you if I remembered taking the picture but I don’t.”


No, seriously he said that. Which IS hysterical considering that one of the photo was on all fours with his  las nalgas up in the air.  (NWSF) 

This should really taint the GOP in Peurto Rico

Source: Primera Hora


Transgender Woman Found Murdered In The Streets Of San Juan, Puerto Rico

At 1:40 a.m. Monday morning June 6th,  19-year-old transgender woman Karlota Gómez Sánchez was found shot to death in an intersection in San Juan’s Santurce district.

Puerto Rico Police Cmdr. Orlando Meléndez who ignored Karlotta’s transgendered identity and identified the her, the victim as Carlos Alfredo Gómez Peña. reports that “What we have is he [the victim] approached a vehicle and there were shots.

Puerto Rico LGBT Activist Ada Conde says that local authorities should investigate Gómez’s death as a hate crime and  Pedro Julio Serrano of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in a statement said:

“It is imperative that in this case the authorities follow Attorney General Obdulio Meléndez’s order that prosecutors investigate the hate angle in all crimes committed against any member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender communities,” added Serrano in a statement. “On the other hand, we have to elevate our voices on what is clearly an epidemic of homophobic and transphobic violence.

There have been 17 LGBT murders in Puerto Rico over the last year and a half. These include Ashley Santiago and gay teenager Jorge Steven López Mercado. Alejandro Torres Torres was found stabbed to death in Ponce on June 4

Judge Sets Trial Date For Jorge Steven López Mercado Killer In Puerto Rico

Jorge Steven López Mercado

Judge Roberto Anglero announced earlier today Juan José Martínez Matos’ trial will begin in Caguas on March 30. He denied a defense motion to lessen one of the charges against Martínez to second degree murder.

Prosecutors contend Martínez, who faces a first degree murder and three weapons charges, stabbed Jorge Steven López Mercado to death on Nov. 12, 2009. They further allege the suspect decapitated, dismembered and partially burned López’s body before he dumped it along a remote roadside.

Several of López’s friends identified Martínez as the man with whom they last saw the teenager as EDGE reported on Feb. 6. Details of López’s reported drug use and prostitution emerged during the preliminary hearing, but Pedro Julio Serrano of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force applauded prosecutor Yaritza Carrasquillo’s handling of this case.

“She sent a very powerful message not to judge Jorge Steven; the person who should be judged is Juan Martínez Matos,” he said.