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2000+ Protest The Democratic National Convention – Where The Hell Were You Last Week In Tampa?

Over 2000 protesters representing a wide range of groups including LGBT marched through Charlotte N.C. today and past the site of the Democratic National Convention.

Now I love a good protest.  And I agree that the Democratic Party can on a helluva lot better on many issues.  But unfortunately they are the best that we have at the moment.

Do the Democrats need to be protested for not doing all that they can on issues?  Hell yes.

But what I would like to know is where were these groups and protestors last week during the Republican National Convention?  Tampa is only 580 miles south of Charlotte in almost a straight line.

But the obstructionist, and “anti- everything that’s good and right” Republicans were not mass protested at all and they should have really known our anger and frustration with 100 times more protestors.

Perhaps Google Maps was broken.  Or perhaps some protestors just too lazy or scared.

*DNC protestor pics courtesy of Joe My God.