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"Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" Ruling Reactions: The Good, The Bad, and the BIZARRE!

Here’s a  look at the reactions that are coming in to yesterdays ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips that #DADT is indeed Unconstitutional.

American Foundation for Equal Rights “Today’s court decision declaring “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” unconstitutional is yet another significant and long-overdue step toward full equality for all Americans. Along with the recent federal court decisions on DOMA and Proposition 8, it is clear that our nation is moving toward the day when every American will be treated equally under the law, as is required by our Constitution.”

Stonewall Democrats
“Today’s Federal court decision calling the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy unconstitutional on grounds that it violates gay military members’ rights to free speech, due process and open association is another nail in the coffin of the policy.” Mitchell continued, “We’re glad that the Federal court agrees with President Obama’s position: that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell needs to come to an end. Our Senators need to hear from their constituents demanding repeal. We also call on Senate Republicans to rise above the obstructionism they’ve been playing at for months and let a vote happen on what the vast majority of Americans want: repeal of DADT.”

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
We’re pleased by the judge’s decision, but this decision is likely to be appealed and will linger for years. Congress made the DADT law 17 years ago and Congress should repeal it. The Senate will have the opportunity to do just that this month and most Americans think the Senate should seize it.”

Human Rights Campaign
I’m not posting tthe HRC’s response because I no longer recognize them as a true LGBT Rights Organization and I really don;t give a fuck what thopse posers have to say.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (aka Princess Tiny Meat)
“It is hard to believe that a District Court level judge in California knows more about what impacts military readiness than the service chiefs who are all on the record saying the law on homosexuality in the military should not be changed. Once again, homosexual activists have found a judicial activist who will aid in the advancement of their agenda. This is a decision for Congress that should be based upon the input of the men and women who serve and those who lead them.”
 B. Daniel Blatt: Gay Patriot Blogger, GOProud member and all around asshole
“Here we go again. While I believe DADT should have been overturned years ago, I don’t believe it is a court’s role to determine military policy. Let’s just have Congress overturn this law to avoid a prolonged legal battle. [snip] From a quick scan of the opinion, my sense is the judge relies less on the actual text of the constitution and more on twisting past rulings to yield the result she wants.”
  (The National Organization For Marriage Supports The DADT Repeal?)

*One Man-One Woman is an astroturfing group of NOM run by one of its high ranking members.

San Francisco’s (Extremely Cute) Mayor Gavin Newsome Talks About Judge Vaugh Walkers Prop 8 Ruling (Video)

In 2004 Gavin Newsom gained national attention when he directed the San Francisco city-county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples Newsom’s unexpected move brought national attention to the issues of gay marriage and gay rights.  Yesterday Gavin offered his congratulations and thoughts on the announcement from Judge Walker that the stay on the Prop 8 decision would be lifted in a week.

The LGBT Community in San Francisco California should be glad to have someone like Gavin on your side, despite whatever mistakes you think he has made.  Gay-friendly, articulate, smart, and not hard on the eyes I wish we had more of him throughout the country

Imperial County, California Files Appeal Against The Overturning Of Prop 8

The County of Imperial, California’s Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 yesterday to file an appeal, and has filed an appeal with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals challenging U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling that deemed Proposition 8’s ban of same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

Judge Vaugh Walker last week denied Imperial County’s effort to intervene in the case, saying the county lacked sufficient interests in the matter to do so. The county, represented by the Christian legal group Advocates for Faith and Freedom, pledged to appeal that denial. “The personal opinion of a single judge in San Francisco should not be substituted for the opinion of over 7 million voters,” Advocates for Faith and Freedom General Counsel Robert Tyler said in a statement.

Perhaps the Board of Supervisors should consider changing the countt’s name to The Grand Imperial County ala the KKK.  With one of the worst economic outlooks and highest unemployment rates of any California county, doesn’t Imperial County have more important things than spending its very limited resources on than appealing a lawsuit especially when they are bound to lose since a county can not supersede the state which has the jurisdiction over any county. And the state has decided not to appeal. A county can not override that, specifically if they were not party to the suit.

Not the brightest bulbs in the bunch are they?

I would say boycott the fuckers.  But there’s nothing there to begin with.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Take On The Prop 8 Overturn – "Its Arma-GAY-don!" (Video)

Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert took on the Prop 8 Overturn and some of the  reactions from CNN, straight Prop 8 supporters, Sarah Palin, FOX News’ Neil Cavuto, and Maggie Gallagher and Judge Vaugh Walker himself.

A MUST SEE! Freaking hysterical!

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
How to Ruin Same-Sex Marriages
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

Someone Call The Whaaaambulance! Maggie Gallagher and Tony Perkins Are PISSED Off! Hahahahahahahaha GOOD! – (Video)

Interestingly though Wolfson seems not to need any help as Rick Sanchez gets all up in Miss Perkins face.  (Love you Rick!)

Evan Wolfson, Rick Sanchez and Miss Tony Perkins

Maggie on the 700 Club
Moo-gie on AC360 with Evan Wolfson

Homo Say What? – American Family Association’s NUTCASE Tim Wildmon: "Impeach Judge Vaugh Walker"

As the relisious rights goes INSANE after yesterday’s striking down of Prop 8 as unconstitutional we have total loon Tim Wildmon of The Amerrican Family Association calling for the “impeachement” of Judge Vaugh Walker by the California House of Representatives!

“This is a tyrannical, abusive and utterly unconstitutional display of judicial arrogance. Judge Walker has turned ‘We the People’ into ‘I the Judge.’ It’s inexcusable for him to deprive the citizens of California of their right to govern themselves, and cavalierly trash the will of over seven million voters. This case never should even have entered his courtroom. The federal constitution nowhere establishes marriage policy, which means under the 10th Amendment that issue is reserved for the states.

“It’s also extremely problematic that Judge Walker is a practicing homosexual himself. He should have recused himself from this case, because his judgment is clearly compromised by his own sexual proclivity. The fundamental issue here is whether homosexual conduct, with all its physical and psychological risks, should be promoted and endorsed by society. That’s why the people and elected officials accountable to the people should be setting marriage policy, not a black-robed tyrant whose own lifestyle choices make it impossible to believe he could be impartial.”

What an asshat.

So if Judge Walker needed to recuse himself from the case for being a “practicing homosexual”,  then that means that any “African American” judge couldn’t oversee a case concerning “African American issues”, or a “Hetrosexual judge” couldn;t oversee any case with “hetrosexusl issues”.

I tell you kids its going to be an interesting next few days because insanity isn’t just running rampant through these anti-gay hate groups, its fucking galloping!

Oh The Hypocracy! – Originally Against The Prop 8 Trial – Perry v Schwarzenengger Joe Solmonese, HRC, And Other Gay Inc. Organizations Suck Up The Victory Limelight.

Way back in  May 2009 when Chad Griffin had lined up Ted Olson and David Boies to argue the shit out of Prop 8’s unconstitutionality, America and California’s Gay Inc. groups were really pissed off.

HRC joined Lambda Legal, the ACLU, National Center for Lesbian Rights, (who originally won same-sex marriage in California in In re Marriage Cases and defended it in Strauss v. Horton) GLAAD, Victory Fund, Log Cabin Republicans, and PFLAG in denouncing the Perry v. Schwarzenegger lawsuit, saying in an open letter, “Rather than filing premature lawsuits, we need to talk to our friends, family and neighbors, and help them understand why denial of the freedom to marry is wrong.”
Oh and here’s your PROOF in PDF Form
So lets check in with these naysayers today who have no problem
Evan Wolfson – Freedom to Marry:  “Today’s federal ruling strikes down a cruel and unfair constitutional amendment that should never have become law and affirms that the freedom to marry belongs to every American. As the first court to strike down race restrictions on marriage said in 1948, ‘the essence of the right to marry is freedom to join in marriage with the person of one’s choice.’ There is no gay exception in the Constitution to personal choice and the right to marry, and there is no good reason to continue excluding same-sex couples from marriage. Judge Walker’s decision will be appealed and litigation will continue, but what we witnessed in the clear light of his courtroom cannot be erased.”
James Esseks – ACLU LGBT Project:  “Today’s decision is a huge victory for the LGBT people of America. For the first time, a federal court has conducted a trial and found that there is absolutely no reason to deny same-sex couples the fairness and dignity of marriage. At the same time, we know that this is not the end. In order to give this case the best possible chance of success as it moves through the appeals courts, we need to show that America is ready for same-sex couples to marry by continuing to seek marriage and other relationship protections in states across the country. It’s simply not fair, and not legal, to continue to exclude committed same-sex couples from marriage.”

Jarrett Barrios: – GLAAD:   “More and more Americans are supporting equality, and it is the stories of same-sex couples that are leading that charge across the nation. Today’s decision comes after same-sex couples from across California shared their personal stories with Judge Vaughn Walker and the public, helping to show that all loving and committed couples — straight and gay — should have the same opportunity to take care of and be responsible for each other. We urge media to highlight the couples impacted by today’s decision to grant them the liberty and equality upon which our nation was founded.”

Rea Carey – National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:  “This ruling marks a victory for loving, committed couples who want nothing more than the same rights and security as other families. From the start, this has been about basic fairness. Today we celebrate the affirmation of this fundamental principle; tomorrow we are back out there sharing our personal stories and having conversations with Californians and people all across the country about why this matters and who we are. The tide is turning nationwide in favor of marriage equality, but our work is far from over. Today’s ruling is just a beginning step in what will likely be a long process, yet we are confident that fairness will prevail. Our conversations are breaking down barriers and helping to transform our country.”

And then we have KING HYPOCRITE Joe Solmonese who was already doing a segment on Keith Oberman last night and its been said that the HRC is already sending out emails using the California decision tosolicit HRC donations.

he one thing we need to remember is that if everybody took their advice last year — and opted not for a federal lawsuit, but a continued piecemeal strategy that’s an exercise in two steps forward, one-to-three steps back — we’d be here in August 2010 still with our tails between our legs. And while Perry has a long way and likely several years to go before today’s ruling becomes the law of the land, it is unarguably the most significant victory in the history of the marriage equality battle. And HRC, an organization devoted to securing federal equality,and many others orgs from Gay Inc. didn’t have a single hand in it or do any work for it.  Actually they went out of their way to hinder it.

Instead of comments of praise and television segments in which they suck up the limelight for something that they against these groups need to be sending out apologies to the plantiffs, Olsen and Boises and the entire LGBT Community.

Let us not forget this.


What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Prop 8 Being Struck Down Of Course! – WATCH: Winning Lawyer Ted Olsen’s Video Statement and REACTIONS FROM Cyndi Lauper, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Armistead Maupin, Zachary Quinto, Kathy Griffin. Nancy Pelosi AND MORE!

*Today on a very special episode of What’s “Too Gay” I am going to post reactions from people who actually give a damn about us and the wonderful ruling tfrom Judge Vaughn Walker striking down Prop 8.  (So there will be NO hate groups in this post and NO Gay Inc Groups reactions from the likes of HRC,  Equality California, NGLTF, or others who now praise this court case but originally did everything they could to stop it.  We DO Remember.)

So let’s celebrate!

Cyndi Lauper:  “Gay and lesbian couples have long struggled for acceptance and the ability to marry the person they love and want to build a family with. Today’s landmark ruling declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional is a testament to the fundamentals on which this great country was built and validates that the discrimination gay couples face must come to an end. We as a society should be embracing these couples and helping them make the lifelong commitment to each other that many of us straight people take for granted each and every day. This decision is a major step in the right direction towards equality.

“Gay and lesbian couples have long struggled for acceptance and the ability to marry the person they love and want to build a family with. Today’s landmark ruling declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional is a testament to the fundamentals on which this great country was built and validates that the discrimination gay couples face must come to an end. We as a society should be embracing these couples and helping them make the lifelong commitment to each other that many of us straight people take for granted each and every day. This decision is a major step in the right direction towards equality.

Kim Kardashian via Twitter:  Prop 8 was struck down! This news is amazing!!!! Its about time! Congrats to everyone!

Ellen DeGeneres:  Today, California’s Proposition 8 was declared unconstitutional. When Prop 8 was passed two years ago, I said, “One day we will look back and realize how wrong this is.” Now, we’ve made a huge step forward. In today’s ruling, the court stated that Prop 8 “fails to advance any rational basis” for denying the right to marry, and the court is right. We’re all equal, and we should all have equal rights. I’m so grateful for today’s decision.

*Read MUCH more after the jump! – Kathy Griffin, Wil Wheaton, Christina Applegate, Michael Ian Black, Adam Lambert, Zachary Quinto,  Shanna Moakler, Nancy Pelosi,  more reactions and  WATCH OUR HERO: Ted Olson’s Video Statement after the verdict!

Wil Wheaton: via Twitter:  Congratulations to all my friends who can now get married again. It’s disgraceful that there’s even a question about your rights.

Michael Ian Black:  via Twitter:  Finally I have somebody to blame for my disintegrating marriage. Thanks, gays! – How the hell am I going to explain to my wife about that dude I married? “I thought it didn’t count” won’t work now. (Tounge -in-cheek funny or just an idiot?  Your call there)

*  Christina Applegate:  via Twitter:  I am crying with absolute joy! Thank you thank you thank you for letting equality win. All men are created equal! Period!!!

*  Kathy Griffin: “I am, of course, thrilled and heartened by Judge Walker’s ruling. My thoughts and best wishes are with the brave plaintiffs — Kris Perry, Sandy Stier, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo — on this emotional day. I also applaud the remarkable work of lead attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies; two men who, 10 years after facing off in Bush v. Gore, have teamed up to fight the good fight on behalf of loving California families. As we all know, the antigay movement is certain to appeal this landmark case to the ninth circuit U.S. court of appeals in San Francisco and, ultimately, to the United States Supreme Court in Washington. So, while today’s decision is a key victory in the fight for marriage equality, we still have a long way to go before my mother, Maggie, can break out her box of wine in celebration. I urge my friends and fans to stay strong, be vocal and take strength in the knowledge that we will be on the right side of history.”

Adam Lambert:  “We’re gonna throw glitter on this barn tonight!!!”

Zachary Quinto:  via Twitter:  Dear california: you. better. work. (Oh yeah you’re not Gay.  Come out already!)

Shanna Moakler:  “This is so much bigger then marriage, it’s about wisdom, compassion and knowing we CAN be heard, action DOES make a difference!”

Armistead Maupin:  This battle has always been about love, and love won out today. When I was in law school, I was bored to distraction by the sight of a legal transcript. This one read like sonnet.”

Nancy Pelosi: “I am extremely encouraged by the ruling today, which found that Proposition 8 violated both the due process and equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution. Proposition 8 has taken away individual rights and freedoms, and is a stain upon the California Constitution. We must continue to fight against discriminatory marriage amendments and work toward the day when all American families are treated equally.”  (Um Nancy.  You have the power to take on DOMA you know.

The White House:  “The president has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans.  (Thats it? Meeeh.)


Let The Prop 8 Decision Hate Spewing Begin – The Family Reseach Council and Focus On The Family Release Statements

Well it didn’t take long for both anti-gay hate groups Focus on the Famil and Tony (Princess Tiny Meat) Perkin’s Family Research Council to start shoveling ther shit.  Actually considering they have known for months that Judge Vaugh walker would probably rule against Prop 8 because the “I dont like you but have no proof” defense was doomed to lose.

You can read both groups bile after the jump………

Focus on the Family:

“Judge Walker’s ruling raises a shocking notion that a single federal judge can nullify the votes of more than 7 million California voters, binding Supreme Court precedent, and several millennia-worth of evidence that children need both a mom and a da
“During these legal proceedings, the millions of California residents who supported Prop 8 have been wrongfully accused of being bigots and haters. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, they are concerned citizens, moms and dads who simply wanted to restore to California the long-standing understanding that marriage is between one woman and one man – a common-sense position that was taken away by the actions of another out-of-control state court in May 2008.

“Fortunately for them, who make up the majority of Californians, this disturbing decision is not the last word.

“We fully expect the judge’s decision to be overturned upon appeal. The redeeming feature of our judicial system is that one judge who ignores the law and the evidence must ultimately endure the review and reversal of his actions from the appellate courts.

“We do want Americans to understand the seriousness of this decision, however. If this judge’s decision is not overturned, it will most likely force all 50 states to recognize same-sex marriage. This would be a profound and fundamental change to the social and legal fabric of this country.
“Our Founders intended such radical changes to come from the people, not from activist judges. Alexander Hamilton, in advocating for the ratification of our Constitution in 1788, argued that the judiciary would be ‘the least dangerous’ branch of government. Today’s decision shows how far we have come from that original understanding.”

 Family Research Council:

“This lawsuit, should it be upheld on appeal and in the Supreme Court, would become the ‘Roe v. Wade’ of same-sex ‘marriage,’ overturning the marriage laws of 45 states. As with abortion, the Supreme Court’s involvement would only make the issue more volatile. It’s time for the far Left to stop insisting that judges redefine our most fundamental social institution and using liberal courts to obtain a political goal they cannot obtain at the ballot box.

“Marriage is recognized as a public institution, rather than a purely private one, because of its role in bringing together men and women for the reproduction of the human race and keeping them together to raise the children produced by their union. The fact that homosexuals prefer not to enter into marriages as historically defined does not give them a right to change the definition of what a ‘marriage’ is.

“Marriage as the union between one man and one woman has been the universally-recognized understanding of marriage not only since America’s founding but for millennia. To hold that the Founders created a constitutional right that none of them could even have conceived of is, quite simply, wrong.

“FRC has always fought to protect marriage in America and will continue to do so by working with our allies to appeal this dangerous decision. Even if this decision is upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals-the most liberal appeals court in America-Family Research Council is confident that we can help win this case before the U.S. Supreme Court

Family research Council and Focus on the Family I just want to quote Kathy Griffin and say to you both……