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ProtectMarriage Goes INSANE: Argues That If Prop 8 Backers Are Not Allowed To Appeal Then Judge Vaugh Walkers Verdict Would Only Apply To TWO Couples, Not ALL Same-Sex Couples In California

In the latest bit of INSANITY from protectmarriage.com they are now arguing the INSANE notion that if  backers of Proposition 8 are not permitted to appeal Judge Walker’s ruling overturning the measure, the effect of that ruling must be limited to the two same-sex couples who brought the challenge, sponsors of Proposition 8 argued Friday.  Which they say means only the two couples could marry. Other same-sex couples in California would continue to be barred from marrying.

In written arguments before the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the sponsors, called protectmarriage insisted they had legal authority to appeal last month’s ruling even though the gay couples sued the state, not the proponents.

Now  protectmarriage.com said the court need not even reach a decision on whether it can appeal and that the appeal can by lodged by Imperial County, which has been trying to intervene in the case against Proposition 8. Imperial County voted overwhelmingly for Proposition 8 and is being represented by another Christian group aligned with protectmarriage

They argue that if the 9th Circuit decides that neither the sponsors nor Imperial County have standing, Walker’s decision should affect only the couples who sued because the lawsuit was not brought on behalf of all gay couples in the state.and if the ruling were limited, only the two couples could marry. Other same-sex couples in California would continue to be barred from marrying.

A 9th Circuit panel is scheduled to hold a hearing on the arguments in December. Until then, the court has decided that Walker’s ruling should not be enforced. (They should also hold a mental competency hearing for ProtectMarriage while they are at it)

Protect Marriage’s Final Motion Argument To Appeal The Lifting Of The STAY In Prop 8? "Responsible Procreation" – STFU!

Well Protect Marriages final mothin is in and its unbeliveably stupid.  According to Protect marriage the STAY on not performing anymore gay marriages should stay in place because the state’s job of promoting “responsible procreation” would be irrevocably harmed by gay marriage. 

Lets hear it for “responsible procreation.” Like Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Or Britney Spears, the Ocxtomom or the 40% rate of out-of-wedlock children born in California.

What a bunch of LOSERS.

Expect a ruling either later today or tomorrow at the latest!  (And if they win with that piece of crap there is something REALLY WRONG with the Ninth Circut.)

Protect Marriage Files 95 Page Emergency Motion For Stay To Prop 8 Overturn Pending Appeal – Read The Appeal Here

Well we knew it was coming. Even though California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown have no onterest in fighting Judge Vaugh Walkers reversal of Prop 8 or the lifting of the stay that now allows same sex marriage to resume on August 18th in California Protect Marriage has filed a 95 page “Emergency” motion for a new “Stay” to be put in plave which will put same sex marriage on hold until the 9th Circut hears the case.  (IF it hears the case)

Protect Marriage ‘s major 4 points are: 1. It’s always been done this way.  2. There is not enough data from Massachusetts to see if same-sex marriage works is a viable social construct. 3. Because CA voters said so.  4. The “Irreparable harm”  that will come to us if we marry then they win appeal and our marriages invalidated   (Oh look, the scumbags now care about us.)

It’s baically a 95 page tantrum of the same tired, full-of-shit ‘tradition of marriage’ ‘procreation’ ‘child needs mommy/daddy’ bullshit.  So much bullshit in fact that o pages 3, page 5 and again on page 36, they cite ‘common sense’ as evidence.

*You can read all 95 Pages of the “Emergency Stay” after the jump.  (Just CLICK “Read more….” below!)

Imperial County, California Files Appeal Against The Overturning Of Prop 8

The County of Imperial, California’s Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 yesterday to file an appeal, and has filed an appeal with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals challenging U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling that deemed Proposition 8’s ban of same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

Judge Vaugh Walker last week denied Imperial County’s effort to intervene in the case, saying the county lacked sufficient interests in the matter to do so. The county, represented by the Christian legal group Advocates for Faith and Freedom, pledged to appeal that denial. “The personal opinion of a single judge in San Francisco should not be substituted for the opinion of over 7 million voters,” Advocates for Faith and Freedom General Counsel Robert Tyler said in a statement.

Perhaps the Board of Supervisors should consider changing the countt’s name to The Grand Imperial County ala the KKK.  With one of the worst economic outlooks and highest unemployment rates of any California county, doesn’t Imperial County have more important things than spending its very limited resources on than appealing a lawsuit especially when they are bound to lose since a county can not supersede the state which has the jurisdiction over any county. And the state has decided not to appeal. A county can not override that, specifically if they were not party to the suit.

Not the brightest bulbs in the bunch are they?

I would say boycott the fuckers.  But there’s nothing there to begin with.