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Mitt Romney Set To Announce Paul Ryan As VP Running Mate

Two separate Washington DC insider sources are claiming that Mitt Romney will announce delusional  budget hawk and conservative darling Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate on Saturday, according to two sources.  Romney and the GOP are hoping that the pick of Ryan will energize the Republican and the Tea Party base.

If Romney were to win with Ryan on the ticket, he would have a mandate to make sweeping changes not only to the size of government, but to programs like Medicare and Medicaid that are products of former President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program.

Ryan who has a rating of ZERO on LGBT issues according to the Human Rights Campaign  political scorecard, in both 2004 and 2006 voted for a federal marriage amendment that would have defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman everywhere in the United States.  In the 2009-2010 and the 2007-2008 sessions, he voted against hate crimes protections and in the 2001-2002 session of Congress, Ryan voted to exempt faith-based initiatives from state and local government civil rights laws.  Also in 1999, he supported a ban on gay adoption in DC. and opposed implementation of DC’s domestic partnership registry.

Additional Ryan trivia:  According to an AP report  Ryan “was voted prom king and the ‘Biggest Brown-Noser’ of his 1988 high school class before leaving for college in Ohio.”


Gay Friends Win Prom King and Queen at NY High School in Landslide Victory

Ferrusi and Timmy Howard, two gay best friends were crowned King and Queen of prom, respectively, in a landslide victory at Hudson High School in Hudson, NY on Saturday.

It’s a really big step for Hudson but also for the gay community in general,” Howard said Wednesday. “To have this happen in our city is pretty exciting.” Ferrusi said he and Howard started thinking about running about a month ago. While there were some students who were in opposition to their idea many more approved and the boys decided to go for it.

By prom night the overwhelming majority of students cast their votes in the open ballot race. They won by such a wide margin the school didn’t crown any runners up.

In 2008 Augie Abatecola ran and won the race for Hudson prom queen but he was denied the crown by school officials. This time around Ferrusi and Howard decided to run their plan by advisors and Principal
The school officials said they wouldn’t interfere with the student body’s vote and gave the boys their blessing.

“We’re proud of all our students,” said  Hudson principal Stephen Spicer Wednesday. “They know they have the right to pick whoever they want. It was exciting for them and it was exciting for Charlie and Tim.”

One of the hardest parts of the experience, Ferrusi and Howard said, was deciding who would run for king and who would be queen. Both added they had the full support of their families.

While they were pretty sure they would win due to the buzz around school the boys said they still weren’t sure everyone would vote for them.

“First of all it’s Hudson High School,” said Ferrusi. “For me to win king was crazy. For Timmy to win queen was insane. We both researched it online and never found any story of two gay guys winning both king and queen.”

Hudson will hold its first-ever Gay Pride parade on June 20, and Charlie Ferrusi has been helping plan it:

Congrats to Charlie and Timmy and also to the town oif Hudson, NY