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Kathy Griffin Testifies Over Viral Video Lawsuit Of Adult Harassing Teen In Prom Dress

In April 2021, a 59-second video of Sam Johnson was posted online. In the clip, the businessman is seen standing next to an 18-year-old teenage boy named Dalton Stevens who wore a dress to his prom and bothers and berates him..

“I chose what I want to wear, so you can f— off,” the teen told Johnson. The businessman then said, “you look like an idiot.

Kathy Griffin retweet the video with the message, “If this is Sam Johnson in Nashville, Tennessee, the CEO of @VisuWell , healthcare-tech-growth strategist, married to Jill Johnson where they may reside in Franklin, Tennessee, it seems like he’s dying to be online famous.”

Johnson said Griffin’s tweet led to VisuWell firing him as CEO and removing him from the board. Days after the comedian fired off the message, the company released a statement distancing itself saying it, “unequivocally condemns the behavior exhibited by Sam Johnson.” So of course child abusing adult homophobe Johnson is suing Griffin for “doxxing” him.

In the lawsuit, Johnson’s lawyer wrote, “Ms. Griffin is a malign internet provocateur and is notorious for her disturbing posts on various social media platforms, especially Twitter. Her preferred method of online harassment is to “dox” private citizens.” and said the video was “incomplete, edited, and out-of-context.” His lawyer wrote, “The Video Clip only showed one minute of an incident that had been developing for over one hour. The implication created by the Video Clip—that Mr. Johnson instigated a confrontation to bully two LGBTQIA+ teenagers at a hotel—was deeply misleading.”

In her response, Griffin said, “This case tests a core feature of our democracy: the ability to participate in debate on a public issue without fear of punishment and involves a widely publicized incident in which [Samuel Johnson], a local health care executive berated a gay high school student who was taking prom pictures at the Harpeth Hotel in Franklin, Tennessee, early on a Saturday evening.”

OMFG! – Wilcox County High School in Georgia to Host First Integrated Prom

Integrated Prom

Wilcox County High School in Rochelle Georgia about 50 miles outside of Macon will have its first integreted prom this year.

Yes you read that right.  In 2013 Wilcox High will integrated its prom.  But Homecoming will still be segregated.

There’s a white prom and then we have our integrated prom,” said student Keela Bloodworth.

Keela added that if any race other than Caucasian tries to attend the white prom, that student would probably be escorted off the premises by police. That was the case last year when a biracial student was turned away by police.

While having two separate dances, the school decided to elect only one pair for Homecoming king and queen for the first last year.

Quanesha Wallace won.

“I felt like there had to be a change because for me to be a black person and the king to be a white person, I felt like, you know why can’t we come together,” said Wallace. But nothing changed. Quanesha wasn’t invited to the white Homecoming dance. In fact, the pair took separate photos for the school yearbook.

We’re embarrassed, it’s embarrassing,” said student Stephanie Sinnot.

So the senior class is raising money to pay for the integrated prom, without the help of school officials to be held April 27

But, not everyone is fond of the idea. Some of the posters for the integrated prom that were hung up have been ripped to the ground.

I am INCENSED.   If it had read this on Monday, I would have thought it was an April Fool’s joke.

If anyone out there wants to give these kids some help or some kind words of advice like “GET OUT OF THERE AFTER GRADUATION” they have a Facebook page HERE

And if you want to give Wilcox County High School in Macon, GA a piece of your mind and some seriously earned grief you can call them by using this phone number (229) 365-7231


‘Gay-free’ Prom Backfires on Sullivan, Indiana High School Bigots

Response to Diana medley

Yesterday John Becker reported on the “evangelical” and small group of bigoted students and parents in the small  town of Sullivan, Indiana, with the help of a special education teacher at Sullivan High School, were planning to hold a private, parallel (“traditional”) prom solely because they’ll be able to exclude LGBT students from it.

Well the plan has backfired as townspeople, clergy, and other students are standing up against them and calling out their homophobic bigotry and hate.

Jim Davis of Sullivan declared that “we shouldn’t be condemning people, and that’s what judgment is. . Love them as a person. You don’t have to love what they do, because the gays may not love all the mistakes you make.”

Emily Butler, a junior at Sullivan High, said: “You should be able to go with whoever you want. You shouldn’t be discriminated against for what you are, what you believe in.”

Even the pastor of the church that hosted the original organizing meeting is standing up and saying that  the church doesn’t back the effort to throw a straights-only prom for students at Sullivan High School in Sullivan, Ind.

And as for Diana Medley, the “special-ed” teacher who said that allowing gay and lesbian students to attend the prom is “offensive to us,” and created a firestorm of criticism by equating gay and lesbian teenagers to students with developmental disabilities saying that “It’s the same thing with my special-needs kids,” she said. “I think God puts everyone in our lives for a reason.”

It turns out that Medley is not even a teacher at Sullivan High School but a well-known homophobic bigot who teaches at another school, North Central Junior/Senior High School, in nearby Farmersburg. who was spreading her hate to Sullivan High School when she had no business doing so.

Meanwhile fellow Hoosier state teacher Nate Walden  (above) was not having any of special-ed Medley’s bullshit about gay  kids choosing to be that way and serving no purpose in life. So he posted this  awesome photo on Facebook.

A Change.org  petition has been started asking for the school district to appropriate  discipline her, including the possibility of termination. And a Facebook group created for those in favor of an unbiased  prom experience, with more than 1,100 members.


Kentucky Catholic High Same Sex Couple Barred From Prom Throws Anti-Prom In Front Of The School

Lexington Catholic High’s Hope Decker and her girlfriend Tiffany Wright were all set to attend thier senior prom when the day before the prom Decker was called into the Principal’s office and told that she and her girlfriend could not attend because they are a “same sex couple”

What I experienced in the Dean’s Office was blatant homophobia,” Hope Decker told local NBC affiliate Lex18.

So Hope, Tiffany and a large group of their friends and supporters held an “anti-prom” out side the school the school the same night in protest.

Bravo to Hope, Tiffany and their friends for making a stand.

You can watch the LEX18 News Report by CLICKING HERE

Gay Friends Win Prom King and Queen at NY High School in Landslide Victory

Ferrusi and Timmy Howard, two gay best friends were crowned King and Queen of prom, respectively, in a landslide victory at Hudson High School in Hudson, NY on Saturday.

It’s a really big step for Hudson but also for the gay community in general,” Howard said Wednesday. “To have this happen in our city is pretty exciting.” Ferrusi said he and Howard started thinking about running about a month ago. While there were some students who were in opposition to their idea many more approved and the boys decided to go for it.

By prom night the overwhelming majority of students cast their votes in the open ballot race. They won by such a wide margin the school didn’t crown any runners up.

In 2008 Augie Abatecola ran and won the race for Hudson prom queen but he was denied the crown by school officials. This time around Ferrusi and Howard decided to run their plan by advisors and Principal
The school officials said they wouldn’t interfere with the student body’s vote and gave the boys their blessing.

“We’re proud of all our students,” said  Hudson principal Stephen Spicer Wednesday. “They know they have the right to pick whoever they want. It was exciting for them and it was exciting for Charlie and Tim.”

One of the hardest parts of the experience, Ferrusi and Howard said, was deciding who would run for king and who would be queen. Both added they had the full support of their families.

While they were pretty sure they would win due to the buzz around school the boys said they still weren’t sure everyone would vote for them.

“First of all it’s Hudson High School,” said Ferrusi. “For me to win king was crazy. For Timmy to win queen was insane. We both researched it online and never found any story of two gay guys winning both king and queen.”

Hudson will hold its first-ever Gay Pride parade on June 20, and Charlie Ferrusi has been helping plan it:

Congrats to Charlie and Timmy and also to the town oif Hudson, NY

Bigoted Redneck Parents And Students In Bleckely,GA Rally AGAINST Gay Student Derrick Martin And His Same Sex Prom Date

Derrick Martin, the courageous gay teenager who is being allowed to bring his boyfriend to the prom is beginning to face another hurdle as homophobic redneck parents and students in aptly named Bleckely, GA are beginning to rally and fight back against him.

Some students and residents rallied late this week against Derrick, and the local ABC (Channel 16) filed a news report on the protest that appeared to be slanted against Derrick.

The ABC broadcast started this way:

Most teens’ prom concerns range from what to wear and arranging a limo, but for a Cochran high school student, his date caused the most controversy. A gay high school student in Bleckley County is defying the community’s wishes, and bringing his boyfriend to the prom.”

And it went downhill from there.  While the broadcast did allow Derrick to speak on camera, it focused more on “concerned citizens.” like a hater named “Cochran” whio stated:

“You sit here and you tell me that if somebody walked up to you and you’ve already paid all your money to go a prom that you’ve waited 11 years to go to and it’s a sacred event and somebody walks in and says ‘Oh I’m gay, I’m going to do a walk through with another guy,” one concerned citizen named Cochran complained on camera.

Prom?  Sacred?  Is there something scared about getting drunk, puking your guts out and then getting laid? 
As ABC continued its report, Derrick, who is an honors student, was labeled a “controversial student.”

ABC then trotted out Bobby Duskin, who was labeled a “worried father, ”and  was one who organized the rally against Derrick.

“I’m going to speak out. Because I’m a father, and I’m proud to be a father and I’m going to look out for my kids no matter what and I’m going to stand up for them no matter what,” Duskin said because his daughter “Amber” (Why are ALL nasty bitches named Amber?), a senior who refuses to go to the prom because Derrick will be there with his boyfriend.

“It’s not just his prom, it’s my prom too and everybody else’s at the school,” Amber said.  but the dumb sow doesn’t seem to realize it’s also Derricks.

Some students are now going to organize a private prom, ABC reported. (That’s code for a “gay free” dance at which they’ll probably wear white sheets, burn crosses and serve Dortito sandwhichs on white bread with mayo.

Derrick do yourself a favor.  After prom grab your boyfriends hand, get in the Limo and drive to a major city and get the hell out of that hateful homophobic town where bigoted ignorant parents teach thier children to hate and to grow up to be just as vile as they are. 

“You’ve got to be taught
To hate and fear
You’ve got to be taught
From year to Year
It’s got to be drummed
in your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught”
“You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught” – South Pacific by Rodgers and Hammerstein

WATCH Gay Teen Derrick Martin Talk About His Prom And Gay Rights – Donation’s For Derrick Information Included (Video)

Gay Georgia teen Derrick Martin, whose parents kicked him out of the house following media attention surrounding his school’s decision to allow him to bring a male date to prom:
PayPal Donations can be sent directly to Derrick for Prom and Living Expenses can be sent via PayPal to martinrd2@mgc.edu or via Clicking THIS LINK

“Its the same thing as African Americans wanting their right or any minority group wanting their rights. Every person is a human being, and they deserve their rights.”

Georgia High School Student Derrick Martin Won The Right To Take A Gay Date To The Prom And Then His Parents Kicked Him Out

After asking Bleckley County, Georgia school officials permission in January to take another boy to the prom, Derrick Martin got word last week that his high school will allow it. Yea for Derrick right?

Well while Derrick has received tons of support from the internet and from gay rights groups, things have not turned out all that great because of the media attention, Martin’s parents have kicked him out and the teen is staying with a friend.

Clearly what Martin’s parents did  that was the Christian thing to do.  Stupid, ignorant, bigoted assholes.

Hang in there little brother!  We;re all going to try our best to help you out.

Lesbian Student Constance McMillen That Was Denied Her prom Talks To Wanda Skyes – Group Donates 20K To Throw Prom For ALL Students (Video)

Constance McMillen the Mississippi lesbian high school student who was not only denied by school officials in Itawamba County to take another girl to the prom but in wake of the media attention the school also canceleed the prom for all students.  Constance talked with Wanda Skyes on her show Satrurday night

Wanda is receiving the Stephen F. Kolzak award from GLAAD at their L.A. awards show on April 17, and invited Constance and her girlfriend to present it to her.

Also The American Humanist Association has recieved $20,0000 in donations from two of its members to hold a prom for all the students in small minded Itawamba County Mississippi.  Talks about logistics are underway.