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KitchenAid Tweets Highly Offensive Joke About Obama’s Dead Grandmother During The Presidential Debate

Last night during the Obama v. Romney Presidential debates.  KitchenAid posted a nasty and poorly spelled comment on its Twitter feed about President Obama’s grandmother, who died shortly before he took office.

It read: “Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 b bad! ‘She died 3 days b4 he became president,’ “ along with the #nbcpolitics hashtag.

The post which was quickly deleted did not go undetected and has created a firestorm of critisim against the giant appliance brand.

Cynthia Soledad, senior director at KitchenAid, told AdFreak.com in a statement:

“During the debate last night, a member of our Twitter team mistakenly posted an offensive tweet from the KitchenAid handle instead of a personal handle. This tasteless joke in no way represents our values at KitchenAid. This person will no longer be tweeting for us and appropriate actions are being taken.  That said, I lead the KitchenAid brand, and I take responsibility for the whole team. I am deeply sorry to President Obama, his family, and our consumers for this careless error.”

Kitchen Aid has not released the name of the person responible or eleaborated extactly what “the appropriate actions” are.